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How to use Slack?


I think many people use chat tools as a means of communication inside and outside the company.

One of the chat tools, Slack has useful features that are useful in your daily work.


By mastering abundant functions such as creating a to-do list that is also effective for time management, it is possible to carry out business more smoothly.

You can also integrate with other apps such as Salesforce and Zoom to make online meetings easier and use the keyword notification feature to prevent important contacts from being overlooked.

This article introduces the free features of Slack

Table of content 

    1. Convenient features available in Slack
      • Creating a to-do list
      • Cooperation with other apps
      • Reservation transmission settings
      • Refined search
      • Keyword notification function
    2. 6 input methods that can be used when adding formats
    3. summary

Convenient features available in Slack

Creating a to-do list

Slack has a reminder feature that reminds you of unfinished tasks using the “/ remind” slash command.

This can be used by simply writing “/ remind” in the regular text.

By using this function, it is possible to grasp each business as a to-do list.

Since you can select yourself, a specific person, a team, etc. as the reminder destination, you can use it properly depending on the situation such as sharing a to-do list.

You can freely set the timing of reminder notifications.

This function is recommended for those who are worried about forgetting to do work or who want to always check what to do.

Cooperation with other apps

By linking with various apps, Slack can be used more efficiently for business.

If you are using multiple apps for business, it is recommended to check if any of the apps you are already using can be linked.

However, if you have a free plan, you can only set up 10 apps, so be careful.


With Slack, it is possible to link with the application “Salesforce” that can be used for sales, marketing, services, etc.

With Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack in 2020, Slack has become a more innovative tool that can also be used for marketing, sales, and more.

By linking apps, you can share Salesforce records, set alerts, and send messages from Slack.

By linking Salesforce with Slack, a new function to view records on Slack has been added by linking apps.

Sending records to Slack can be completed by simply pressing the “Send to Slack” button.

In the alert settings, you can set three types of records, one for yourself, one for channels, and one for batches, and this is a function that you want to use to prevent oversight of record changes.

It is also recommended for those who want to reduce the amount of clerical work and spend more time on sales.

Cooperation with Google Drive

With Slack, you can easily link with Google Drive by following the steps below.

  1. Select “Move more apps (or add more apps)” from the “Recently used apps” item in the sidebar on Slack.
  2. In the list of recommended apps displayed, click “Add” on Google Drive.

Google Drive is a handy tool for editing slides, editing documents, and sharing files online.

If you use Google Drive regularly, we recommend that you work with Slack.

Cooperation with Zoom

Slack can be linked with the online conferencing tool “Zoom”.

When Slack is linked with Zoom, you can use the slash command “/ zoom” to easily hold an online meeting on Slack.

Recommended for those who frequently hold online meetings with members on Slack.

Reservation transmission settings

Slack has a reservation sending function that sends pre-created sentences at a specified time.

You can customize the time to send the message yourself by clicking the arrow icon to the right of the paper plane mark when sending the message.

It is recommended for those who want to contact the other party during a period that takes into consideration their living time, and those who want to make settings so that important content can be sent before they are forgotten.

Refined search

In Slack, you can use the refined search function.

You can quickly find the information you are looking for, even in a difficult amount of messages to trace back.

Here, we will show you how to refine your search by channel, person, period, and message.

Narrow down the channel

If you belong to multiple channels, you can narrow down the channels by searching for “in channel name”.

Even if you use various channels according to your purpose, you can search for information efficiently.

Squeeze people

If you want to narrow down the search to a specific member, you can search more efficiently by searching for “from @person name”.

Also, if you want to search from the posts you sent, you can search only for your posts by searching for “from: @ your name”.

By narrowing down the search target to specific members, it can also be used to quickly find the cause when something goes wrong.

Narrow down the period

If you want to specify the search period, you can search for “on: (date and time you want to search)”.

In addition to the date and time, you can also use search methods such as today and tomorrow.

By specifying a period and searching, you can also use it to look back on that period.

Keyword notification function

Slack can add text formatting when sending a message.

By remembering the keystrokes, you can create more efficient and easy-to-understand messages.

6 input methods that can be used when adding formats

Slack can add text formatting when sending a message.

By remembering the keystrokes, you can create more efficient and easy-to-understand messages.

setting Format
Bold setting * Target text *
Italic setting _ Target text _
Bullet settings
  • Option + 8 for Mac
  • For Windows, use the numeric keypad to Alt + 0149
Citation settings Enter the greater-than sign (>) at the beginning of the sentence
Source code settings `Target text
Customize emoji
  1. Upload images corresponding to emoji
  2. Give the image any name


In this article, I’ve introduced you to Slack’s features that will make your business more efficient if you know it.

If smooth communication can be realized, smooth information sharing will be possible, and various merits such as the efficiency of development work and sharing of defective information will be created.

The functions introduced this time are simple and convenient, so we recommend that you try them out.

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