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“I don’t want to go out because it’s hot …” Recommended home appliances that enhance “home time”

It’s finally summer in 2020. When it’s hot, you don’t feel like going out, and you naturally spend more time at home. If you spend your time at home, why not make that time more enjoyable and elegant?

This time, we have picked up smart home appliances that enhance “home time”. From coffee makers that automatically grind beans to fashionable, high-quality wireless speakers, we have the latest exciting home appliances.

How about freshly brewed coffee?

I think there are many people who want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home like in a cafe. However, when it comes to brewing coffee from beans, special tools are required and it takes time and effort. A convenient home appliance is the ” [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Maker (2-year warranty for peace of mind) ” that allows you to “leave it to us” from the point of grinding beans. You can choose how to grind the beans and how strong the coffee is, so you can brew a cup that suits your taste.

” [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Maker (2-year warranty for peace of mind) ” has the advantage of being able to be operated from a smartphone using the app “+ Style”. Coffee is prepared with just one tap on your smartphone. In addition, you can set a timer via the app, and if you set beans and water before going to bed, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Other things that can be set from the app are how to grind beans / the strength of coffee/the number of cups. You can brew up to 6 cups at a time, so you can make a batch for the whole family. Since it is a type that uses a mesh filter instead of a paper filter, you can enjoy the rich taste that contains the oil of beans.

” [+ Style ORIGINAL] smart fully automatic coffee maker (2-year warranty for peace of mind) ” that is convenient as a single unit, but with + Style smart home products such as ” smart sensor (door/window) ” and ” smart LED ceiling light ” By using it for, it will automatically grind coffee without operating the app. “Random operation” of the coffee maker according to the morning routine, such as “Turn on the coffee maker when the room light is turned on”. Coffee is made when you wake up … You can experience such a smart life from today, not from the future. (Related article: A story about how happiness increased a little after automating a coffee maker )

Adjust with a smartphone for easy-to-see light

Reading in a refreshing brightness during the day. Relax in warm colors before going to bed at night. Even with the same lighting, it would be convenient if the colors and brightness could be illuminated according to the time of day and the usage scene.

+ Style ” Smart LED bulb (dimming / coloring) / E26 ” is a product that allows you to switch the power on / off and dimming/coloring with your smartphone. ” Smart LED light bulb (dimming) / E26 ” which can only operate dimming and is a little cheap, and “Smart LED light bulb (dimming/toning) / E17 ” which can be dimmed and toned even with a slightly smaller E17 base. , We have a lineup of 3 types to choose from.

With the toning compatible model, you can choose your favorite white from light bulb color (2700K) to neutral white (6500K), so “lunch white that makes it easy to see the characters when studying or reading” “natural color when relaxing or eating” You can use it according to your daily life, such as “light bulb color”. As an LED bulb, it has a lifespan of about 40,000 hours, which makes it a great point to continue using it for a long time.

This smart LED bulb also supports cooperation with the ” [+ Style ORIGINAL] smart fully automatic coffee maker (2-year warranty for peace of mind) ” introduced earlier. For example, if you set “Turn on the light bulb and coffee maker at 7 am”, you can spend a luxurious morning time, such as waking up in the gentle light of the light bulb, drinking freshly ground coffee, and relaxing. You can also do it ♪ (Related article: Smart fully automatic coffee maker and home appliances work freely ♪ How to automate your morning routine )

Play music streaming directly with speakers from the UK ♪

You want to enjoy listening to music at home with high sound quality. ” Ruarkaudio MRx ” is a wireless speaker born in the United Kingdom that has both a beautiful appearance and high sound quality. Adopting the Bluetooth 4.0 version of the ApTx codec, gives you a clean and clear sound comparable to a CD while being wireless.

One of the features is that you can directly play music streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music on the main unit by connecting to Wi-Fi or wired LAN. The back of the main unit is equipped with a USB terminal / Memory Stick / external HDD compatible terminal that can charge and play at the same time, and you can enjoy various formats of music such as MP3 / FLAC / WAV. It can be connected via Bluetooth®, and it also supports connection with smart speakers and TVs.

High-quality speakers that allow you to enjoy music in any way you like according to the mood and environment of the day are rare. There are two color variations, “Walnut” using natural wood and fabric, and sophisticated European-style “Soft Gray”, which can be placed vertically or horizontally. Please use it in your favorite style that fits into the interior of your room ♪



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