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I want to use it for Golden Week! IoT goods useful when going out

Golden Week is coming soon. Have you decided on your schedule yet? Whether you’re traveling with your family or going home, you’ll enjoy your vacation in many ways.

+ Style has a lot of IoT goods that are useful when you go out. Among them, this time, we picked up a camera that can shoot 360 degrees, a tire monitor that enhances the safety of the drive, and a home security camera that watches over your home while you are away. Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

▼ Record memories with 360-degree shooting!

Insta360 ONE, a 360-degree camera that supports 4K and boasts 24 million pixels. You can capture omnidirectional landscapes in photos and videos, not just where you point the camera.

You can use the product alone, but you can shoot while checking the display by connecting it to the Lightning connector of the iPhone. The built-in lens has an F value of 2.2 and can shoot 7K still images, 4K video, and 120fps slow motion video.

The body is lightweight and compact, weighing approximately 82g, making it easy to carry. If you take it to your destination, it will be a big success. Of course, you can post your photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram.

▼ It is safe to drive for a long time ♪

Golden Week, where many people go out by car. The scary thing is a traffic accident, isn’t it? It is natural to try to drive safely, but we want to be careful not to make any defects in the car.

The “ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor,” which we will introduce next, is a product that constantly tracks tire pressure and temperature. If you attach it to the valve part of each tire, it will send a notification to the app when it detects an air leak. Before it becomes important, you will notice it abnormally quickly.

Installation is completed in about 10 minutes, so even those who rent a car while traveling can easily use it.

▼ Watch over your home while you are away from your smartphone

I’m a little worried about leaving my house for a long time … If you are such a person, why not try using “YI DOME CAMERA 720”, which allows you to check the state of your home from your smartphone.

This is a home security camera with a horizontal rotation range of 345 ° and a vertical rotation range of 115 °. You can see the surroundings 360 degrees from the place where you installed it.

The ability to automatically track objects when motion is detected is also useful. It shoots a 10-second video and sends a push notification to your smartphone.

Another major feature is that it is equipped with a noise-cut microphone and high-quality speakers. Not only is this useful for crime prevention, but it can also be used to check the state of pets in the answering machine and talk to them.

So far, we have introduced three IoT goods. Each product page introduces the design and functions in detail. If you have a product that interests you, please check it out.



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