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If you have trouble storing the remote control! How to get rid of the feeling of life from your room with convenient goods

A fashionable room that everyone longs for. Many people have made various efforts, such as purchasing high-quality interiors and matching color tones. However, even if you are particular about it, you will definitely get a sense of life.

For example, remote controls for TVs and air conditioners. If you leave it on the table or sofa, you get the impression that the room is cluttered. Some people don’t like it, and some people put the remote control under the table or hide it in a drawer to keep the room clean. However, the remote control is used so often that it can be frustrating if it’s not nearby when it comes time to use it.

Not only for those who want to spend time in a fashionable room, but also for minimalists who want to live a simple life, the remote control may be a source of trouble.

In this article, I would like to propose one idea to solve such a problem. The method is to “use the” smart multi-remote control “to combine remote controls throughout the house into one.”

▼ What is a home appliance remote control?

The + Style original product “Smart Multi Remote Control” is a so-called “home appliance remote control”. You will be able to turn on / off the power of products that support infrared remote control, such as TVs / air conditioners / lighting, from your smartphone.

The basic mechanism of the product is to memorize the signal of the infrared remote controller that is used all the time and send the infrared signal from the remote controller of the home appliance to the home appliance according to the instruction from the smartphone app. In other words, if you use the “smart multi-remote control”, you don’t need an infrared remote control all over the house, and you can control home appliances with just your smartphone.

A more convenient point is that the “smart multi-remote control” supports cooperation with smart speakers. This will allow you to control your home appliances with your voice.

In addition to this, there are also merits such as setting a timer so that home appliances start up at a fixed time, and being able to remotely control it from outside. Specifically, you can think of ways to use it, such as “automatically turn on the lights in the room at 17:00 for crime prevention” and “turn on the heating before returning home to keep the room warm”.

▼ Realize smart home

There is another feature that cannot be overlooked. That is, if you use the “smart mode” of the app, you can link other + Style original products and home appliances to automate the startup.

For example, in “smart mode”, you can make settings such as “when the” smart security camera “installed outside detects movement or sound, the room lights will turn on.” Also, “just tap a button to turn on the TV.” It is also possible to make settings such as “turn off all the air conditioners, air conditioners, and lights.”

In addition to the examples, you have a great deal of flexibility in customizing your settings so that products throughout your home work together.

A “smart multi-remote control” that not only makes your room cleaner by storing the remote control, but also makes your home appliances “smarter”. Despite having all these functions, the price is quite reasonable at 4,980 yen (tax included). Not only those who are worried about remote control storage, but also those who want to easily realize a smart home, why not consider purchasing it.



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