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DX! Implementing a rich world with over 300 DX running!


ABEJA Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is an DX startup company that is currently attracting attention, providing solutions using IoT, big data , and artificial intelligence technology to many companies.

ABEJA, centered on the AI ​​platform “ABEJA Platform”, boasts a track record of more than 1,000 stores and 150 companies that have introduced retail/wholesale AI and marketing AI, and has been the industry share leader for three consecutive years. We are developing services such as ABEJA Insight.

This time, while introducing the outline and business contents of ABEJA, I will explain the company’s strengths and trends.

Table of Contents

  • About ABEJA Co., Ltd.
    • Company overview
    • Vision
    • History
  • Business contents of ABEJA Co., Ltd.
    • ABEJA Platform
    • ABEJA Insight
  • Characteristics of ABEJA Co., Ltd.
    • Institutions that conduct more specialized research “Labs”
    • “Operations” for stable operation of thousands of IoT devices and servers
    • “Engineer culture” that flexibly incorporates new and better things
  • Latest trends of ABEJA Co., Ltd.
    • Started providing consultation services on AI ethics
    • Started providing “ABEJA Platform” package for companies facing challenges in digitizing business processes and utilizing data
  • Recruitment information of ABEJA Co., Ltd.
    • Open position
    • Application overview
  • Lastly

About ABEJA Co., Ltd.

Company overview

company name ABEJA Co., Ltd.
Established September 10, 2012
location Bizflex Azabujuban 2F, 1-1-14 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
representative Representative Director and CEO Yosuke Okada
number of employees 66 people
capital 5,399,974,043 yen (including capital reserve)


“Change the world with innovation”

The fourth industrial revolution is taking place with new innovative technologies such as AI. ABEJA will lead the way in innovations that will revolutionize existing social structures, and from a global perspective, will transform not only Japan but also the world.


September 2012 Established ABEJA Co., Ltd.
July 2014 Completed fundraising through third-party allotment
December 2014 Agreed on a capital and business alliance with Salesforce
January 2015 Planex Communications Co., Ltd.Agreed on a strategic business alliance
May 2015 Isetan Mitsukoshi HoldingsIntroduced ABEJA data analysis technology
October 2015 Store analysis platform using deep learningOfficial release of “ABEJA Dashboard”
June 2016 Started collaboration with Daikin and entered the manufacturing industry for the first time
July 2016 Business alliance with Uhuru in the IoT x AI area
March 2017 Established “ABEJA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.” in Singapore
October 2017 Started business alliance with Nikkei Research
February 2018 Signed MOU with National University of SingaporeReleased official version of “ABEJA Platform”
April 2018 Joint investment with CyberAgentEstablished CA ABEJA Co., Ltd.
June 2018 Started capital and business alliance with Musashi Seimitsu Industry, Topcon, and Daikin.Started collaboration with the SBI Group in the financial field
September 2018 Started providing area extraction, video, and text annotation functionsStarted business alliance with NTT Plala
October 2018 Japan Enteric Examination Co., Ltd. started a business alliance with Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.
December 2018 “ABEJA Platform” is the first in JapanCertified as an AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner

Funding from Google

February 2019 Started business alliance with RPA Technologies
March 2019 Daiwa Logic and Daiwa Living ManagementStarted business alliance
May 2019 Released new service “ABEJA Insight for Contact Center”
June 2019 Started business alliance with CAMPFIRELaunched “DX Workshop” to support business implementation of AI
August 2019 Started business alliance with ALBERT
October 2019 Established ABEJA Technologies, Inc. in Silicon Valley, USA
April 2021 Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Sompo Holdings
November 2021 Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Hulic Co., Ltd.
July 2022 Mitsubishi Corporation and Industry One Co., Ltd.Concluded a business alliance agreement

Business contents of ABEJA Co., Ltd.

We have developed a variety of solutions based on the knowledge and know-how that we have gained from over 200 companies in the manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, and retail industries that have introduced AI, such as product classification, maintenance support efficiency, and behavioral analysis of skilled workers. I’m here.

ABEJA Platform

“ABEJA Platform” is a cloud service that utilizes AI, especially deep learning, and is an AI platform that allows comprehensive use of the 10 processes required for continuous AI integration in an open environment.

Normally, when a company develops an environment for utilizing AI as a business solution, it will develop its own infrastructure and peripheral systems in each process centered on the cycle of data acquisition, accumulation, learning, deployment, inference and re-learning. must be maintained. However, the ABEJA Platform is a necessary tool for adapting AI to business.

  1. Acquisition (collection) of large amounts of data from IoT devices and existing systems
  2. Accumulation of acquired data
  3. Confirmation of accumulated data (validation)
  4. Creation of teacher data (annotation)
  5. Building the model
  6. Learning (training)
  7. Model evaluation
  8. Deploy
  9. Inference
  10. Operation

In addition to being equipped with 10 processes, the environment associated with each process has also been developed, making it possible to significantly reduce labor and automate the implementation and operation of AI.


ABEJA Insight

“ABEJA Insight” is a solution brand that utilizes the ABEJA Platform, and is a DX tool that analyzes behaviors leading up to purchase from data. As a store analysis service based on the acquisition and analysis of customer behavior data such as visitor attributes, flow line analysis, and repeat estimation, it boasts a track record of over 1,000 stores and 150 companies in the retail/wholesale AI and marketing AI markets. No. 1 market share for 3 consecutive years.

ABEJA Insight has three features. The first is that it is possible to “visualize customer behavior from entering the store to purchasing”. Using deep learning, it is possible to visualize consumer behavior such as the number of visitors, age, gender, and traffic volume based on data from cameras and sensors installed in stores.

The second is to support the implementation of improvement measures and verification of their effects. With the facility registration function, you can build a database of store measures and easily verify the effects of the built store measures.

The third is “support for data utilization through customer success.” It not only acquires data from cameras and sensors, but also supports the utilization of unique data for each customer.

Characteristics of ABEJA Co., Ltd.

Institutions that conduct more specialized research “Labs”

ABEJA has a “laboratory” that conducts activities to commercialize research seeds (research that has a high possibility of flowering and bearing fruit in the future). In our laboratory, we research the latest research papers on a daily basis, and visit academic conferences, exhibitions, research institutes, etc. in Japan and overseas to actively exchange information with researchers around the world.

In addition, we invite world-class university professors as advisors to conduct research activities within the company. One of the strengths of ABEJA’s technology is its ability to conduct research and business development with an eye to the future, such as quickly discovering things that are still at the paper level, implementing them, and repeating verifications.

“Operations” for stable operation of thousands of IoT devices and servers

ABEJA develops its own cloud platform for efficiently controlling many IoT devices, including AI-based software and networks, as well as IoT device hardware.

In addition, we are developing operation tools that allow a small number of people to manage thousands of IoT cameras and servers, as well as developing advanced systems for analyzing aggregated data, and are actively improving these. increase.

As a result, engineers who are well versed in multiple technologies and fields and have high skills have been nurtured, and a large number of human resources have been gathered.

“Engineer culture” that flexibly incorporates new and better things

At ABEJA, we actively try out new technologies and quickly adopt operational tools and services into production. And if there is a need for a business tool that does not yet exist, we have a sense of speed to develop and use it on our own.

As a result, we have created an engineering culture that allows engineers to collaborate across multiple disciplines.

Latest trends of ABEJA Co., Ltd.

Started providing consultation services on AI ethics

ABEJA has started providing consultation services on AI ethics from July 26, 2022.

In 2019, ABEJA established the “Ethical Approach to AI” (EAA) committee, in which external experts (7 members as of July 2022) discuss issues related to AI from ethical and legal perspectives. In January 2022, we will unify our awareness of AI ethics with our customers and business partners and formulate our own AI policy with the aim of responding to AI ethics issues.

Through our efforts, we are accumulating knowledge within the company that we have cultivated through practice in terms of both technology and ethics/governance.

And this time, we will start providing consultation on AI ethics as a service to support the development and operation of AI systems that ensure fairness and transparency.

  • Outline of consultation service

ABEJA provides two types of consultation services: “AI Governance Construction Support Service” and “AI System Ethics Assessment Support Service”. “AI Governance Construction Support Service” is a service that supports governance for ideal AI ethics in light of the customer’s business and future vision.

In addition, the “AI system ethics assessment support service” is a service that supports the identification of ethical issues in individual AI systems, digging into them, and consideration of countermeasures. We are planning to formulate and formulate matters to be disclosed about the AI ​​system.

Started providing “ABEJA Platform” package for companies facing challenges in digitizing business processes and utilizing data

From July 26, 2022, ABEJA has started to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with the digitalization of analog information by utilizing Google Workspace and the function of using AI provided on the ABEJA Platform without code as a package.

Since its founding, ABEJA has worked to realize the social implementation of AI and DX in order to provide solutions in various industries, including retail and manufacturing.

However, I am interested in the introduction of ICT and digital tools such as document and project management tools, online meetings, and chats, which are the first steps in promoting DX for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, literacy and know-how are not sufficient, and there are many cases where solutions are not introduced or established.

As a result, data management and business tools are stuck with analog methods, and although tools and systems specialized for each department such as human resources and accounting have been introduced, cooperation between departments has not been considered. is becoming more difficult to achieve.

In order to solve these issues, ABEJA provides solutions to companies facing challenges in data digitization and utilization.

By introducing Google Workspace, we promote the digitization of various data in business processes, import data into the ABEJA Platform based on opt-in (prior consent of the user), and continuously learn the data by AI. We provide functions that contribute to labor saving and automation in the medium term.

Recruitment information of ABEJA Co., Ltd.

ABEJA Co., Ltd. is currently hiring for the following industries and occupations.

Open position

  • business job
    • Account Executive (Principal Class, Senior Class, Associate Class)
    • DX / AI consultant (senior class, associate class, data analyst)
    • B2B Product Manager (Senior Class)
    • Sales & Customer Success
    • DX/AI Solution Designer (Principal Class, Senior Class, Associate Class)
  • Creative job
    • Data engineer
    • Data scientist
    • Data Scientist (Expert Class, Manager)
    • Software Engineer
    • Software Engineer (Lead Class, Office DX)
    • SREs
    • Engineer open position
  • Corporate position

Application overview

Test period

3 months after joining the company


  • The company subsidizes up to 10,000 yen per month when purchasing books and online courses necessary for learning to achieve the mission
  • Congratulatory/condolence money
  • child allowance
  • Various insurance
  • Joined Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
  • Annual health checkup
  • wedding gift money


  • 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • national holiday
  • annual paid leave
  • A maximum of 3 days of refresh leave per year in addition to annual paid leave
  • Year-end and New Year holidays, 4 days are granted in addition to annual paid leave
  • maternity leave
  • Congratulatory or condolence leave
  • Nursing leave
  • nursing care leave

Recruitment flow

  • About 3 to 4 interviews
  • Casual interviews and online selection are also possible
  • There are technical issues only for data scientists and some engineer positions


This time, I introduced “ABEJA Co., Ltd.”

ABEJA provides diverse solutions in a wide range of fields using AI and deep learning in particular.

Its technological capabilities and possibilities have been recognized worldwide, such as being the first Japanese startup company to be invested by Google, and we will keep an eye on it in the future.

In The Players series, I write articles focused on AI-related companies. By comparing various AI companies, we may be able to see the laws of successful AI-related companies.



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