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“ACES Meet”[2022]! Function to extract and summarize important remarks in the sales AI tool !


While more and more sales sites are moving online these days (ACES Meet), the burden of information sharing and training within the company has become an issue for sales representatives.


Therefore, ACES records online meetings on Zoom, automatically transcribes them for each speaker and visualizes important scenes through analysis using its own AI, contributing to an improvement in the closing rate of online business negotiations and a reduction in on-site man-hours. We have provided the sales support AI tool “ACES Meet” to customers in a wide range of industries.

This time, as a new function of “ACES Meet”, we have released the “AI Pickup” function that AI extracts and summarizes important remarks. Picked up remarks are automatically displayed as a list as “highlights”, so that important parts of the meeting can be understood at a glance, and the content can be grasped more quickly when sharing with non-meeting participants.

At the same time, we have added a topic display function that analyzes, classifies and visualizes each content spoken at the meeting. Topics classified by AI include BANTC information (budget, settlement, necessity, timing, competition), ice breaker, Q&A, explanation, closing, etc. By visualizing the length and ratio of each topic and the order in which they are spoken, you can efficiently compare and review with other salespersons. Contribute to sales enablement.

Also, as an advantage of using “ACES Meet”, voice recognition AI visualizes the ratio of speakers, speaking speed, and reactions, which is useful for improving business negotiations and improving the skills of sales people, and for transcription by AI It saves the trouble of creating meeting minutes, business negotiations on Zoom are automatically recorded, centralized management is possible, and sales knowledge is automatically accumulated.



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