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Improve Customer Experience (CX) with DX


“I renewed my e-commerce site as part of DX, but the effect I expected is not achieved …” “I have released a new product, but sales are not increasing …” Are you worried?
If you don’t get the results you expect, it’s probably because your customer experience (CX) isn’t improving, not your product.
In this article, we will introduce examples of improving the customer experience by utilizing DX such as digital technology.


What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Key points for improving customer experience using digital technology
・Working company-wide across departments
・Analyzing data to read customer needs
・Analyzing and reviewing customer experience

Cases of improving customer experience with DX ・ Cases
of Tokyo Gas ・ Cases of New Balance ・ Cases
of Starbucks ・ Cases of Orix Buffaloes


What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience is a term used to describe a series of experiences that a customer experiences before purchasing a product or service and after purchasing and using it.
Customer experience, often abbreviated as CX, can be said to be regarded as important in the present age when customer contact points are increasing due to the spread of SNS and smartphones.

Key points for improving customer experience using digital technology

Improving the customer experience is important for improving product and service satisfaction.
In this article, I will explain the points to improving the customer experience by utilizing digital technology.

Work company-wide across departments

Customer experience covers all customer contact points, from the stage when a customer considers a product or service, to the actual purchase and after-sales follow-up after purchase.
Improving a particular department or tool does not necessarily improve the overall customer experience, so it is necessary to work across departments company-wide.
You can improve the overall customer experience by reviewing all customer contact points, such as advertisements that place products and services, EC sites and real stores that sell products, and customer support centers that receive inquiries from customers.
As it crosses departments, management needs to have a clear vision for improving the customer experience.

Centralization of data is also important. Let’s aim to visualize customer information across departments by utilizing tools such as CRM and CDP.

Analyze data to read customer needs

DX is not just about leveraging the latest technology that leverages digital technology.
Data-based decision-making, that is, data-driven management, is one of DX.
To improve the customer experience, it is important to accurately grasp customer needs based on data.
By accumulating and analyzing customer information and behavior collected on EC sites and real stores as data, it will be possible to grasp customer needs.
You will also be able to understand which points of contact in the customer experience should be improved by listening to customer feedback through web surveys and other means.

Analyze and review customer experience

In today’s world, where smartphones and SNS have become widespread and anyone can easily access the latest information, customer needs are diverse.
As customer needs change from day to day, it can be said that our site and services also need to be constantly analyzed and reviewed.
It is important to regularly analyze and review the customer experience through data analysis to respond to changes in customer needs.
By subdividing customer behavior and analyzing and reviewing it in stages, it becomes possible to understand which part of the customer contact point is the issue.
It can be said that improvement measures can be seen by analyzing whether there are any problems in the process without focusing on the results.

Examples of improving the customer experience with DX

Here are some examples of how DX improved the customer experience.
Some companies are familiar to you, so please use them as a reference to improve your customer experience, such as trying it yourself.

Case of Tokyo Gas

At Tokyo Gas, the number of members has increased about 6 to 7 times by renewing the site ” myTOKYOGAS ” for general households.
It is thought that this is because the customer experience has been improved by introducing chatbots to guide various procedures for customers and implementing measures such as providing necessary content for each member attribute.
Due to the liberalization of electricity, competition among electric and gas infrastructure companies is intensifying.
It can be said that each company is focusing not only on price competition such as electricity and gas costs but also on improving services including its website.

New Balance Case

New Balance, a sneaker maker, is also improving its customer experience by refurbishing its site with DX.
Of particular note is the ” 1 step de order completion service “.
By registering your credit card information, you can purchase sneakers with a sense of speed with the service that you can complete your order with one click.
It is a service that aims to be able to buy immediately when you want to see the shoes of the person sitting in front of you on the train, but on the other hand, you can cancel for about 10 minutes after purchase, so it is also a user’s reconsideration. It can be said that it is taken into consideration.

Starbucks case

Starbucks, a coffee chain store that everyone knows, is also one that has improved the customer experience with DX.
In 2017, Starbucks started its point program, ” Starbucks Rewards .”
One point is collected for every 54 yen purchased by the customer, and the collected points can be exchanged for drinks and food. Also, Starbucks Rewards is more than just a points-giving program.
It is a specification that allows customers to write information such as the impression of the taste of coffee and the grain of coffee beans, and it also has the meaning of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
In addition, mobile orders and pays that can be used by registering as a member with the app are also popular with customers.
We were able to receive products without lining up during times of congestion, improving customer satisfaction.

The case of Orix Buffaloes

Orix Buffaloes, who won the 2021 Professional Baseball Pacific League, is also improving the customer experience with DX.
ORIX Buffaloes has introduced a CRM that centrally manages customer behavior at fan clubs, ticket sales, stadiums, and EC sites.
With the introduction of the system, the behavior history of core fans can be clearly understood.
It can be said that the strategy of creating free pass tickets for unreserved seats in the infield and outfield for fan club members was able to be taken by the behavior history of core fans that was seen with the introduction of CRM.


Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there are fewer customer contacts in real stores than ever before.
However, on the contrary, it is possible to improve the customer experience with DX which utilizes data and digital technology because the number of online customer contacts increases.
Let’s improve the customer experience with DX in your company by referring to the cases of each company.

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