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Introducing 9 AI tools and software


With the AI ​​tools and software currently available that can be used for free, you can use a wide range of functions, including those that write sentences.

Recently, many high-performance tools have been released that allow you to draw pictures and create images that can also be used as backgrounds.

AI tools
AI tools

In this article, we will introduce 9 AI tools with interesting functions.

If you want to use AI more efficiently, or if you want to broaden your horizons, please refer to it.

Table of contents
    1. How to choose AI tools
      • Do I have to do unnecessary registration?
    2. 9 AI utilization tools that can be used for free
      • Writing AI “ELYZA Pencil”
      • Dream by WOMBO
      • Random Face Generator
      • akachanAC
      • AI
      • Rinna
      • UserLocal AI text mining
    3. summary

How to choose AI tools

When choosing an AI-based tool, it is recommended to pay attention to the ease of handling and registration of the tool.

Since many AI tools and software have appeared recently, you can choose the one that suits your purpose more by paying attention to the points when deciding which one to use.

Do I have to do unnecessary registration?

When choosing an AI tool, it is recommended to pay attention to whether registration is required to use it.

Many AI tools can use the service without registering an email address.

Not only is it a hassle to register, but once you register, you may receive a lot of unnecessary emails related to the tool, and some tools claiming to be free to use may be at risk of fraud.

Considering the risk of virus contamination of the entire work environment as a result of sharing the tool within the working team, we would like to avoid registering for free tools as much as possible.

Also, although I tried using the tool after registering, it is often not very easy to use and it takes time to cancel the registration.

Therefore, it is recommended that you first select an AI-based tool that can be used without registration.

9 AI utilization tools that can be used for free

Here, we will introduce the AI ​​utilization tools found by the Qbook editorial department that can be used for free.

Tools with various functions are available for free, from those that can create images to those that can generate sentences and those that can experience communication with AI.

Writing AI “ELYZA Pencil”

Sentence writing AI “ELYZA Pencil” can automatically generate sentences using the specified 2 to 8 keywords.

It can be used without registration, and it can be used according to the text you want to create.

The generated text is of very high quality, and it is possible to refer to the composition of the text and the development of topics.

You can improve work efficiency by reducing the time required for clerical work such as creating simple sentences.

Since it is possible to create news articles, emails, and resumes of work, it is recommended for those who want to create sentences that summarize only the requirements in a short time and shorten the time required to enter characters.

AI tools
AI tools

“Dream by WOMBO” is a tool that AI automatically draws a picture based on the entered keyword.

You can enter keywords of up to 100 characters, and you can choose from a variety of styles to draw.

The site is written in English, but you can also enter keywords in Japanese.

It is a tool that can be used without registration, and a very beautiful picture will be completed after a processing time of several tens of seconds.

The pictures are drawn with vivid colors and a delicate touch, and the quality is so high that even humans cannot reproduce them.

Even if the keywords are abstract terms, they are cleverly reproduced, so you can ask how complete the AI ​​is.

It is recommended for those who want to get inspiration from the keywords in their heads to imagine the design or to devise a concept.


“NVIDIA CANVAS” is a tool that allows you to create realistic landscape paintings based on drawings drawn with simple lines.

AI tools
AI tools

This tool requires software installation, but you can freely customize various materials that make up the natural scenery such as the sky, mountains, and rivers and generate highly accurate images.

It has the reality of actually shooting the background material, and it is possible to create the natural scenery as envisioned regardless of the weather.

Recommended for those who want to easily create a background or who want to create a material that matches the image they envision.

Random Face Generator

“Random Face Generator” is a tool that allows you to create a face photo of a person who does not exist.

You can create accurate facial photos of men, women, and children with just one click, and all images are sourced from open source, so you can rest assured about copyright.

AI tools
AI tools

It can be used without registration, and although the site itself does not support Japanese, it is possible to get a general overview in Japanese by using the translation function of the homepage.

It is recommended for those who want to feel free to create materials for facial photographs that do not have real names.


“AkachanAC” is a tool that can generate an image that predicts the face of a baby to be born based on the facial photographs of two people, the father, and the mother.

The image is created based on the facial features of the person in the photo.

Using this tool, it is possible to create an image of a baby that combines facial features even with people other than the actual couple.

AI tools
AI tools

It is recommended for those who are interested in what kind of facial features a child will be born with, or who want to use it as a reference to learn about the characteristics of human faces.


AI Berisuto” is a tool that AI automatically generates sentences based on the first specified sentence.

There is also a default mode in which AI freely creates sentences, and a mode in which lines are prioritized and local sentences are prioritized.

It can be used without registration, and the accuracy of the text is very high.

Recommended for those who want to come up with ideas for writing ideas or get inspiration from a new perspective.

In addition, this tool allows you to add more sentences to the response of AI, so it is also recommended for those who are interested in creating new things interactively with AI.

AI tools related to writing sentences are explained in detail in the following articles, so if you are interested in more details, we recommend reading the following articles.

You can cleanly remove the extra elements that are reflected in the background when you take a picture.

It can be used without registration, and it is also possible to combine a background photo if the background is transparent.

If it is a normal application, it takes time to select the part to be deleted by yourself, but with this tool, the work is done automatically by AI.

And since there is no charge, if you usually edit images as a business, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your work.

Recommended for those who create their background materials and those who want to easily process photos to be uploaded to SNS and homepages.


“Rinna” is an AI-based tool that allows you to have conversations with the image of Japanese high school girls.

A conversation engine that enables conversations based on context is adopted, and you can experience communication as if it were done in real-time by the response during nature.

Nowadays, it is used not only in conversation but also in various fields such as business and creation, and it is a tool that embodies the new possibilities of AI.

Recommended for those who want to experience the sophistication and prospects of current AI technology, those who want to get hints for new development, and those who want to enjoy conversation with AI.

UserLocal AI text mining

User Local AI text mining” is a text-mining tool that can gain new awareness by performing quantitative and qualitative analysis and visualization of huge amounts of text data on the cloud.

In word cloud creation, you can visually check the frequency of frequent appearances in a certain sentence from the size of letters and the arrangement of each word.

In addition, in the detection of frequent words, it is possible to extract the number of times each word was used and the numerical value of the ratio when viewed as a whole.

Recommended for those who want to numerically judge keywords in sentences and places that should be taken up as problems.

It is also recommended for those who are studying literary fields such as writers and stories.


The AI ​​tools introduced this time can be widely used in business.

The active introduction of useful and new tools can help you broaden your interest in doing business and broaden your horizons when thinking about things.

In addition to the recommended tools introduced this time, it is recommended to try using various AI utilization tools.

If you ever want to know about similar things, check out the Facebook page Maga Techs.



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