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Introducing smart car accessories that help you to have a certain life in your car

When living with a car, I think there are some “common problems”.
For example, when you get lost, and when you encounter the “driving” that is currently in the spotlight.
These troubles are difficult to prevent, but did you know that car navigation systems and drive recorders can support you?

In addition, in Car Life, you may have been frustrated because you couldn’t find a solution to a trivial problem.
For example, “I don’t have the car key that I should have put in my usual place!”

Just before you go out, you will panic lightly.
Besides, in the parking lot of a large supermarket, I don’t know where I put my car … etc.
“Smart car supplies” linked with smartphones will lead to the solution of “certain troubles” that occur in such car life
. So this time, I would like to introduce in detail the smart car accessories that interest you.

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If you are considering a drive recorder in the road rage report, smart car supplies

I think there are many people who are thinking about purchasing or replacing a drive recorder in the recent news about “road rage”.
If you want to buy it anyway, I recommend the smart dashcam.

The more malicious the driver, the more legitimate it is.

Even if it does not lead to a traffic accident, a driver who drives in a tilt, interruption, or other dangerous driving is a nuisance because he is a person who is confident that he is right or that he is right.
Recording evidence by video is the most effective countermeasure.

Smart dashcam that supports you in case of emergency

However, accidents and troubles are extremely rare. There is no point in forgetting the operation method or making a mistake in a hurry in an emergency.
Therefore , “ZUS Smart Dash Cam” is recommended. Let’s start with the functions of the camera itself.

  1. It is compact enough to handle high temperatures in parked cars in the summer, has excellent visibility at night and on rainy days, and does not interfere with the driver’s field of vision when driving.
  2. It features a slim design.
  3. You can manage settings and recorded images on your familiar smartphone.
  4. It has a mechanism that automatically saves recorded videos when a shock is applied due to an accident, etc., and does not inadvertently overwrite important data.

It’s surprisingly daunting to learn how to set up and operate a new machine.
In such a case, it is a strong ally to be able to operate it in an easy-to-understand manner using a smartphone.

Supporting car maintenance for car enthusiasts, mecha enthusiasts, and troublesome enthusiasts

A properly maintained and tuned car not only enhances safety, but also improves fuel economy and saves on gasoline.
Tires that come into direct contact with the road surface most affect driving performance, safety, and fuel economy.
However, the management is really troublesome, delicate numerical management is required, hands get dirty, and the actual situation is that there is no maintenance place or time
. Smart car supplies can help.

The importance of tires

Let’s reaffirm the importance of tires.
Not only is it safe, but it also has a lot to do with the household budget. Tires are parts that are highly related not only to driving performance, but also to comfort (sound and shaking) and safety during movement.
Tires with improper air pressure can also carry the great danger of bursting on the highway in the summer.
Insufficient air pressure can accelerate tire wear and reduce gasoline consumption efficiency.
However, tire inspections such as air pressure checks are surprisingly troublesome.
It can also get your hands dirty, so you’ll need to change clothes and bring gloves.

Therefore, “ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor” realizes smart management of tires using smartphones .

Intelligence with sensors attached to tires and smartphones

The mechanism of “ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor” is very simple, just attach a small sensor paired with a smartphone to the valve opening that injects air into the tire. With that alone, the following monitoring becomes possible.

  1. Report abnormal tire pressure (low pressure, high pressure) to the driver’s smartphone in real time.
  2. It also detects air (slow leak) that slowly and unknowingly escapes over a long period of time.
  3. Time-series data of tire pressure and temperature is sent to the smartphone at any time.

As a result, not only safety is ensured, but also the air pressure can be maintained in the best condition at all times, so fuel consumption can be saved by about 3 yen by consuming 1 liter of gasoline.

It is a nice benefit to be able to get from living in the present age to support the prevention of accidents that are difficult to prevent with such state-of-the-art functions.

Smart car supplies are a function that answers the driver’s “I wish I had it”

Next, I would like to introduce a car accessory gadget that supports “I wish I had it” for female drivers who use it for shopping every day, even if they only drive on holidays .

How convenient it is just to have a smart function on the car key

Many of you may have had the experience of not finding your car key when you tried to go out.
Since the car key is small, even if you know that it is somewhere in the living room, you
may feel that 5 minutes or 10 minutes to look for it before you go out is a big loss of time.
Especially if you go out in a hurry, you may not be late for that, or in the worst case, you may not have an accident in a hurry.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the key chain type smart car accessory “ZUS Car Key Finder” .

The features of interest are as follows.

  1. The triangular shape is exactly the size of a key chain and has a fashionable design.
  2. It can be used for about one month on a single charge.
  3. Just install the free app on your smartphone.

And, in this way, the “ZUS Car Key Finder”, which is small but reliable in its functions,
will help you in the following situations.

In everyday car life

  1. The smartphone detects the location of the key that cannot be found.
  2. Notification to prevent misplacement, such as accidentally leaving it.
  3. You can record the parking position of the car and support the search in a large parking lot.

For leisure, accidents, and daily life

  1. A remote release function that releases the shutter of the smartphone camera from a remote location for group photos.
  2. Start the voice recorder of your smartphone from the key chain.
  3. If you can’t find your smartphone, you can ring it with a command from the keychain.

Just attach it as a key chain to the keys that you always have to carry with you when you use the car, and these functions will make
your car life more convenient.

Hands-free function while driving for safety and fan drive at the same time

Music is the companion for driving a car. Here are some audio items that are useful while driving. The name is “ZUS Universal HD Music Car Audio Adapter” .

This product can be said to be a smart interface for connecting drivers, such as being equipped with not only a car audio function but also a car navigation function for smartphones . The assist functions during driving that are of concern are as follows.

  1. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the AUX port and FM transmitter to connect the car audio.
  2. You can play music from playlists on your smartphone. Automatically turns on and off when getting in and out of the car.
  3. Siri gives instructions to the smartphone in the pocket with the voice of Google Assist and gives directions by voice.
  4. Hands-free calling with noise canceling function, even for sudden calls while driving.

This is not the story of the car of the future.
With smart car supplies, you can quickly get these convenient and secure driving environments in your current car.

Compatibility between a machine called a car and smartness

Cars are the crystallization of state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic components.
However, he still has a long way to go to improve the interface with drivers, share information, and utilize them in their car life
Rather than waiting for automakers to equip these interfaces as standard, there’s
also a way to make your car smarter with your own hands, with his handy and useful smart car supplies coming up one after another.

As a result, it may be possible to obtain great positive effects such as safety and security, and improvement of fuel efficiency.



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