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Introducing the merits and demerits of the minutes creation tool and recommended tools!

How do you record meetings?

In the past, it was done by paper or computer input, but in recent years, many companies have adopted tools for creating minutes. By incorporating tools, you can streamline the progress of the meeting and utilize it after the meeting.

This time, we will introduce the merits and demerits of introducing meeting minutes creation tools, and six recommended services.


  • What is a minutes creation tool?
  • Advantages of Meeting Minutes Tool
    • Reduce the burden of creating minutes
    • Quick and easy to share
  • Disadvantages of meeting minutes creation tools
    • Need to maintain proper recording environment
    • Final verification required
  • Points for choosing a minutes creation tool
  • 6 recommended services
    • AmiVoice ScribeAssist (free trial available)
    • ProVoXT
    • AmiVoice Minutes Writer
    • VMeeting
    • Smart Writing (free trial available)
    • COTOHA Meeting Assist
  • summary

What is a minutes creation tool?

It is a tool that automatically converts the voice exchanges of the meeting into text and creates minutes.

The minutes creation tool has a built-in high-performance AI that achieves highly accurate transcription.

In addition, depending on the tool, it is rapidly evolving, such as recognizing technical terms used in the company, not converting spoken words such as backhands and “eh” into text, and increasing accuracy as the AI ​​learns the more it is used. .

Advantages of Meeting Minutes Tool

Reduce the burden of creating minutes

It is possible to greatly reduce the human cost and burden because it saves the trouble of writing it down.

In addition, you can concentrate on other tasks during that time, which will lead to faster and more efficient projects and corporate activities.

Quick and easy to share

With the conventional method of creating minutes, it took a lot of time for the person in charge to create the minutes.

However, since the automatic creation tool will transcribe it on the spot, the contents of the meeting can be shared instantly with employees who are not participating in the meeting.

Disadvantages of meeting minutes creation tools

Need to maintain proper recording environment

If there is a lot of noise around the meeting room or if the person speaking is soft, the transcription will be inaccurate.

Try to maintain an appropriate environment, such as not allowing anyone other than the speaker to speak at the same time.

Final verification required

Even if you use a minutes creation tool, final confirmation and corrections must be done manually.

Still, it saves a lot of time and effort, so I recommend introducing it.

Points for choosing a minutes creation tool

When choosing a meeting minutes creation tool, make sure that the following three points are taken into account.

  • Does it have an AI voice recognition function?
  • Is it easy to operate?
  • Do you have good data management?

First of all, please use the free trial and word of mouth to investigate and consider the operability and accuracy of text conversion.

6 recommended services

AmiVoice ScribeAssist (free trial available)

It is a standalone application that can use multiple terminals for online meetings.


  • It can be used in a wide range of face-to-face and non-face-to-face situations such as web conferences, business negotiations, and press conferences.
  • AI speaker identification function
  • Word registration function
  • There is no risk of information leakage because it is a stand-alone type that can perform voice recognition offline (not connected to the Internet).


  • Inquiry required


It is a type that uploads voice on the web and performs voice recognition processing.
Since a dedicated terminal for speech recognition is not required, it can be used outside the company, such as external seminars, interviews at business trips, and important meetings with external clients.


  • No limit on number of users
  • A cloud service that can be used anywhere with a PC and internet environment
  • Can also be used in outdoor scenes


  • Inquiry required (Prices can be selected from metered or flat rate depending on the operation)

AmiVoice Minutes Writer

It is a stationary system that does not require a network.
AmiVoice, a proprietary AI speech recognition engine, automatically converts remarks at meetings, lectures, interviews, etc. into text with high accuracy.


  • Extensive implementation experience and reliable know-how
  • Dictionary function for high recognition accuracy
  • You can edit recognition results while listening to what is being said.


  • Inquiry required


This is a SaaS type meeting minutes creation service.
You can check the voice and text at the same time while automatically converting the conversation content to text. Browser-based and easy to operate.


  • Machine learning by AI for unique in-house words
  • Accurate recognition rate
  • Wide range of compatible devices


  • Inquiry required

Smart Writing (free trial available)

The operability is easy to understand, and the security is strong, so you can rest assured.
Even if it is a remote meeting, recording the meeting makes it easier to review and create meeting notes later.


  • Easy recording from smartphones and tablets such as iPhone/iPad as well as PC
  • Transcription in real time or by importing audio files, and supports automatic translation of multiple languages
  • Easy output to Excel, Word, and text
  • Realize smooth editing such as adding headings and co-editing


  • Standard plan: 100,000 yen/month (excluding tax) No initial cost, no limit on number of users, contract period 1 year (automatic renewal)
  • Security plan: 120,000 yen/month (excluding tax), no initial cost, no limit on number of users, 1 year contract period (automatic renewal)
  • Municipal plan: Inquiry required

COTOHA Meeting Assist

It is a cloud service that can be easily used with a PC, smartphone, or an externally connected microphone.
AI speech recognition converts meeting remarks into text in real time, and can be used in conjunction with general web conferencing services.


  • Supports both real-time and audio files
  • Pinpoint re-listen and edit text
  • The automatic translation function allows you to display the translated text even if you speak a different language.
  • AI automatically recognizes statements that are likely to be homework items, such as “I will create a proposal by tomorrow,” and labels them as “tasks,” supporting the classification and organization of content.


  • 50,000 yen per month (up to 50 hours)
  • Initial cost 0 yen


By introducing a meeting minutes creation tool, you can create various effects such as greatly reducing the burden of creating minutes, reducing labor costs, and speeding up the project execution.




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