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Check it out if you start living alone! IoT goods that realize a minimal life

Those who will start living alone from this spring when they go on to school or get a job. Of course, you will have home appliances such as refrigerators / TVs / washing machines that you need for your daily life. Why don’t you check out IoT goods that make your life more convenient, such as making home appliances operable with a smartphone and automatically cleaning the floor while you are out?

In this article, we have picked up 3 original + Style products that we would like to recommend to beginners living alone. In addition to the “smart multi-remote control” that makes home appliances “smart”, we will introduce two types of “smart robot vacuum cleaners” that can easily clean the room.

Not only those who are “preparing to live alone” but also those who want to enjoy “minimal life” in a neat and simple room, please check the article.

▼ Control home appliances with your smartphone!

Air conditioner / TV / lighting etc. Many home appliances are operated by remote control. However, when the number of remote controls increases, the impression that the room tends to be cluttered. However, once the remote control is stored, it is a little troublesome to go get it every time you want to use it.

The product that solves these problems collectively is the “Smart Multi Remote Control”. If you connect this to Wi-Fi and register the remote control model, you can operate various infrared remote control compatible home appliances from the “+ Style” app on your smartphone. Simply put, you can combine the remote controls for home appliances in your home into a single smartphone.

To use it, just tap the icon of the electric appliance you want to operate on the app. You can easily control home appliances from the “remote control screen”. By linking with a smart speaker equipped with Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa, it is possible to control home appliances by voice.

You can’t overlook the fact that it supports “remote control” of home appliances. If you find yourself forgetting to turn off the air conditioner or TV after leaving the house, you can turn off the power from the app. You can turn off your home appliances even when you’re on the go, and you can avoid wasting your electricity bill.

It is also convenient that you can set a timer for the home appliances you are currently using. If you set “Turn on the lights at 7 am”, the lights will turn on at the time you wake up! It helps prevent oversleeping and late arrival, which are worrisome when living in an unfamiliar new environment.

The “Smart Multi Remote Control” is a compact size that can be placed in the palm of your hand, so it does not require a large space for installation. You can use it in a small room for living alone without taking up space.

▼ No need for cleaning ♪

When you start living alone, you basically have to do your own things. One of the things that tends to be neglected is cleaning the room. “Because I’m busy” and “It’s a hassle”, I might put it off with a reason … The product that we would like such people to use is the + Style “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner”.

A “smart robot vacuum cleaner” that can perform suction cleaning and water wiping. It is equipped with a “fall prevention sensor” that automatically avoids falling from a place with a step, and a “collision prevention sensor” that prevents the vacuum cleaner from getting caught and stopping.

From the “+ Style” app on your smartphone, you can perform various operations such as adjusting the suction strength and setting a timer. If you set a timer to clean when you are out, such as at work or school, the floor of your room will be shiny when you get home. You can keep your home clean without any hassle or time.

From here, I would like to introduce the functions of the high-spec model “G300” and the entry model “B300”.

The high-spec model “G300” is equipped with a high-precision SLAM (laser sensor), which enables room mapping throughout the room while cleaning. Cleaning can be done efficiently in a short time.

One of the features is that you can pinpoint the place you want to clean from the app. If you use this function, you will be able to quickly clean the floor if you spill your food waste. On the contrary, you can specify and exclude areas that you do not want to clean.

The beautiful white body “B300” is an affordable entry model that can be purchased for the 10,000 yen range. With a thin design of 6.2 cm in thickness, you can clean spots that are difficult to clean with a conventional robot vacuum cleaner, such as under a bed or sofa. By attaching the attached magnetic tape to the floor, it is possible to specify a “cleaning prohibited area” and clean the floor.



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