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Japanese e-scooter sharing service

The New Normal era, when people have become a new lifestyle and have been moving more and more in the neighborhood. If you can make a little movement more stress-free than before, it will make your life more enjoyable. Therefore, this time, we would like to introduce the sharing service of e-scooters.


What is an e-scooter?

First of all, many people are not familiar with the word e-scooter, but it is a so-called “electric” kick scooter. The difference from a normal kick scooter is that it has an electric motor. In other words, it is a convenient vehicle that can be electrically accelerated and stopped simply by operating the lever at hand.

In Europe and the United States, this e-scooter is very popular through sharing services, and it is also very popular as a means of transportation for local residents and tourists.

Move smartly

Such an e-scooter-sharing service is starting to start in Japan. In Japan, companies that operate “LUUP,” “lobby,” “ema,” etc. are making efforts to conduct demonstration experiments and amend laws to realize sharing services.

Here is an example of “LUUP” as a way to use the service.

Step 1. Download the app on your smartphone

Step 2. Scan the QR code of the e-scooter at the port (bicycle parking lot) in the city

Step 3. Return the e-scooter and take a picture of it when parked

only this. It’s very easy.
The fare is 100 yen / 10 minutes for the first ride, and 10 yen every minute thereafter. Payment can be completed within the app simply by registering your credit card information. It’s very convenient for a little movement!

Electric urban transportation: the row of electric readies to ride scooter bikes with accumulators in the center of a city on the pavement stone with red electric bicycles behind,

Reasons for the popularity of e-scooters

The e-scooter sharing market is expanding around the world, including Europe and the United States, but it is expected to expand to a market size of 4 to 5 trillion yen by 2025 and is drawing a lot of attention. Why is it continuing to expand so far?

The main reason for this is the increase in road congestion in urban areas. Each country encouraged kick scooters as a means of daily commuting, especially as road congestion during peak hours was a problem. In addition, since it requires less space as a parking lot, it also has the effect of reducing on-street parking, which has greatly contributed to the reduction of traffic congestion.

The main users are also millennium generations aged 20-35, and it has become a popular tool for enjoying commuting. This generation has a stronger tendency to share than to own it, and there is a high need to use services for exploration and sightseeing in new places on a solo trip, so the demand for sharing services is at a stretch. It is said to have expanded.

Initially, the number of male users was overwhelmingly large, but recently the number of female users is increasing. Compared to other vehicles (bicycles, etc.), it is gaining popularity due to its design and it’s extremely lightweight, and ease of carrying.

Brunette girl riding an eco-friendly electric kick scooter in a park in sunny weather

Also for environmental issues

It is said that e-scooters can greatly contribute to environmental problems. This is because it emits significantly less CO2 than automobiles. Emissions per person per kilogram are said to be 1/40 of that of a car, and you can live an eco-friendly life by replacing a small amount of movement from a car with an e-scooter.

Improving the value of remote land

The spread of e-scooters will expand the range of human activities and increase the value of remote lands. For example, if a tourist spot is a little far from a train station or bus stop, you can expect an increase in tourists by installing an e-scooter port around it and creating an environment that makes it easy to access the tourist spot.


Current status of e-scooters in Japan

Since the e-scooter is equipped with an electric motor, it is treated the same as a moped under Japanese law. In other words, you are required to have a driver’s license, run on public roads, and wear a helmet. Therefore, LUUP Co., Ltd., lobby ride Co., Ltd., and EXx Co., Ltd., which promote the e-scouter sharing business, are conducting demonstration experiments in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Hyogo, Fukuoka, etc. to solve the problems. Participants in the experiment said, “I was able to ride more smoothly than I expected, and it was much easier to move.” And “The license plate is large relative to the car body, and my legs and objects may get caught. I hear various voices such as “I want to ride like a bicycle without a helmet.” As a result, the Micro mobility Promotion Council submitted a request to the relevant ministries and agencies to make it optional to wear a helmet, to drive without a driver’s license, and to identify the aircraft instead of a license plate.


Why don’t you join the test drive event?

In Korona-ka, micro-mobility such as an e-scooter that can be used to avoid crowds and is easy to ride is receiving a lot of attention. The three companies that are promoting the e-scooter sharing service mentioned above are holding demonstration experiments and test drive events in various parts of Japan. You can easily participate in this event, so why not join us for a society that utilizes e-scooters, which will someday come to those who are not interested in new vehicles and are satisfied with the current situation?



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