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Korona-ka make changes in Live that changes


About the live market in Korona-ka due to the influence of “New Coronavirus (COVID-19)” (commonly known as Corona), artists have been cut off from their income sources and are in danger of continuing the entertainment industry.

Entertainment companies also don’t know what to do with monetization, and the impact of canceling or postponing live concerts will be great. Therefore, it is necessary to establish new monetization.



As a summary of SNS monetization cases for artists, this article captures the changes in the live market in Korona-ka. It explains that the paid online live market is a new source of income and monetization method.

Then, I will introduce seven cases of online live concerts that increased in 2020 through the text.

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About the live market in Korona
-ka ・The live entertainment market is declining
・The paid online live market is growing rapidly

Monetization example of an artist in Corona Sorrow
・500,000 viewers, Southern All-Stars
・Overnight sales of 30 billion yen, Storm
・Super Chat 100 million, MSS Project unattended life
real-time viewers 120,000, Official Hige Male dism
・Approximately 990,000 people watched, BTS online performance
・Achieved the target amount of 7 million yen in 46 minutes, Megumi Ogata’s cloud funding


About the live market in Korona-ka

The live market is declining in Korona-ka, and we are shifting to active use of paid online live concerts. Therefore, in this chapter, we will introduce the decrease in the live market due to corona with the results of the survey.

The decline in the live entertainment market

With the prevalence of corona, the live market has declined significantly since 2020. According to the survey results released by Pia Research Institute, the live entertainment market size (2020) is expected to drop to 130.6 billion yen as of October 25, 2020. (Reference: ” The live entertainment market in 2020 will decrease by about 80% from the previous year. Pia Research Institute has revised the estimated value downward. “)

The estimated amount has decreased by 80% from the previous year, and the cancellation of large-scale live events that had to be limited in number and the reduction in the scale of implementation has led to a decrease in the market.

In addition, the size of the music pop festival market has decreased to 97.9% year on year, and the number of mobilization has dropped significantly to 93,000, a decrease of 96.8% year on year. In a survey of 200 artists in their teens and 40s, one in two (48%) of the artists in the Corona situation said they were “thinking of giving up.” .. (Reference: ” [Awareness survey on coronavirus and production for music and art artists] One in two artists answered that they are thinking of giving up their activities. To ”)

The background to this is the increasing strictness of continuing artist activities, such as postponing or canceling events, reducing income, and restricting practice locations. As mentioned above, the decline in the live entertainment market will be inevitable in Korona-ka.

The paid online live market is growing rapidly

While the real live market is plummeting, paid online live is growing rapidly. According to the survey results of Pia Research Institute, the total annual amount in 2020 is estimated to be 44.8 billion yen, and it is attracting attention as a market that will continue to expand due to corona. (Reference: ” The paid online live market will grow rapidly to 44.8 billion yen in 2020.-In the post-corona era, the style of participation in live entertainment will also diversify. “)

In particular, the electronic ticket-based paid online live market, which started around May 2020 due to event restrictions due to the self-restraint of Corona, has expanded rapidly to 37.3 billion yen in just two months from October to December. I showed you.

In addition, in response to the booming paid online live market, distribution platforms such as “CLOUD LIVE STATION” (Eplus, Inc.) and “LINE LIVE-VIEWING” (LINE Co., Ltd.), which have been newly launched, have been created. This is used to maintain promotional activities, live business continuity, and opportunities to connect with fans, if not full revenue recovery.

An example of artist monetization in Korona-ka

Many artists (idol groups) are forced to cancel or postpone tours and live performances in the face of Corona. From here, I will introduce about 7 concrete examples of monetization of artists who have dealt with Korona-ka.

Watched by 500,000 people, Southern All-Stars

Southern All Stars is a nationally popular artist, but a pioneer in monetization that represents the case of online live concerts in Korona-ka. An online non-audience live was held in June, attracting about 180,000 purchasers and 500,000 total viewers for a 3,600 yen ticket. This scale cannot be achieved at a regular live venue with paid online live performances.

Distribution is done from a total of eight distribution platforms, and it is a music live that sticks to the user’s perspective, such as choosing as you like after purchasing a ticket. Therefore, it is different from just a life without an audience. In addition, we have achieved monetization of approximately 600 million yen or more with the above-mentioned ticket purchase sales alone. It’s a case where you can see that paid online live not only values ​​the connection with fans but also plays a major role in monetization.

Southern All Stars Special Live 2020 “Keep Smilin’~ Thank you, everyone !! ~”

With overnight sales of 30 billion yen, Arashi

This is the case of Arashi, Johnny’s artist group that fascinates many women. Arashi will switch its live tour to online live at Korona-ka as the last year of activity until 2020. “Arafes 2020 at National Stadium” will be held on November 3, 2020, with no spectators. It has attracted about 5 million viewers and generated sales of 30 billion yen. This is an amount that slightly exceeds the sales of 2 billion yen with the initially expected mobilization of 160,000 people.

In addition, the repeat delivery will be delivered from November 6th to 8th, which means that 6 repeat performances will be held at virtually no cost. In this case, we’ve shown that online live performances can be even more efficient, as you’ll get six cost-free sales that wouldn’t be possible with a regular live concert.

“Arafes 2020 at National Stadium” special site

Super Chat 100 million, MSS Project unattended life

This is an example of a space (super chat) in which the MSS Project (four-member music unit) during a nationwide tour switched to an online live concert with no audience. The MSS Project realizes monetization by live-streaming on YouTube instead of the usual live and collecting support money of over 100 million yen from the throwing money of Super Chat.

The super chat was likened to a penlight, and the blue color was reproduced at the bottom of the screen to create a lively atmosphere. It can be said that it is a successful example of monetization of a non-audience life that finally collected over 110 million yen of super chat from more than 70,000 viewers who were worried about the activities and economic aspects of Korona-ka.

MSS Project Official Blog “3/4 Zepp DiverCity Live Streaming without Audience!”

120,000 real-time viewers, Official Hige Dandyism

Official Hige Dandyism is delivering the first online live “Official Hige Dandyism ONLINE LIVE 2020 – Arena Travelers-” on September 26, 2020. Life is a performance with the major 1st album “Traveler” pulled down. It was held in place of the live schedule in March 2020, but on the 26th, 19 songs were performed and 120,000 viewers were watching in real-time from the distribution platform. Furthermore, it is used for promotion and monetization, such as selling archived videos on their respective distribution media.

Official Hige Otoko de ONLINE LIVE 2020 – Arena Travelers –

Approximately 990,000 people watched, BTS online performance

This is an example of an online live concert delivered by BTS (Bangtan Boys), which is very popular in Korea. The online concert “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E” will be distributed to 91 countries around the world on October 10th and 11th, 2020, attracting 993,000 viewers to this concert alone. As a result, we have posted sales of over 4.6 billion yen.

Tickets are a set of virtual exhibition viewing tickets (61,000 won), limited 4K viewing tickets, and regular HD multi-view tickets (49,500 won), which were purchased by 993,000 people. The final sales are estimated to be 49,153.5 million won (more than 4.6 billion yen). In this way, there are cases where a large number of viewers are secured and used for monetization by conducting international online live concerts that are not restricted to regions by global distribution connections.


Achieved the target amount of 7 million yen in 46 minutes, Megumi Ogata’s crowdfunding

This is an example of crowdfunding through SNS by Megumi Ogata, who is famous as a voice actor and artist known for the role of Yu-Gi-Oh in the anime “Yu-Gi-Oh!” And the role of Kurama in “Yu-Gi-Oh!”. Megumi Ogata will hold her free online live “Her Appearance Anison & Yale Rock” (no audience) in June 2020 at the beginning of Corona to coincide with her birthday. In the process, she raised money for her live stream by crowdfunding on April 30th instead of paying for tickets.

In just 46 minutes, we will reach the target amount of 7 million yen and realize delivery on YouTube. Since we raised funds through crowdfunding, unlike in the case of tickets, we will return gifts, videos, and various items. It was used to cover the cost of canceling a live concert and to fund the next concert by crowdfunding, which is well funded. This is also an example of artist monetization in Korona-ka.

[Megumi Ogata] “Anison Cover & Yale Rock” unattended live performances worldwide for free


This time, we introduced an example of artist monetization in the paid online live market, which has expanded rapidly due to the decline in the live entertainment market. In both cases, instead of mobilizing to live venues with Korona-ka, the results of live performances that can be provided online have achieved higher sales and viewership than expected, leaving results that will change the live market in the future. It was.

Especially in monetization, a popular group has achieved sales of 100 million units. Overseas, a monthly subscription service for artists called ” Patreon ” has also appeared. It is a system where artists and creators can provide a paid subscription service for fans and earn a stable income from users. Some artists earn a stable income of 360,000 yen a month.

If you ever want to know about similar things, check out the Facebook page Maga Techs.



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