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Learn English and programming during the summer vacation! Pick up teaching materials for children

Your child’s summer vacation has started. How are you going to spend this summer? I think the school has a lot of homework, such as reviewing the first semester, preparing for the second semester, and reading impressions. A long vacation that makes good use of your time is a valuable opportunity to work on studies that are difficult to do normally.

So, this time, I picked up learning materials for English conversation & programming from the products on sale at + Style. Introducing the English conversation learning robot “Musio X” and the teaching material “Technology Magic School” where you can learn programming in the world of Disney.

It’s not a type of teaching material that spreads your notebook and studies at your desk, but all of them are unique ♪ If you are curious about what kind of product it is, please check the article below.

▼ You can improve your English while having fun ♪

Imagine being able to study at home as if you were at an English conversation school. The “Musio X” introduced at the beginning is a robot that understands the user’s pronunciation and enables two-way communication in English. Equipped with artificial intelligence, you can enjoy conversations according to the situation.

Another feature is that it comes with 18 teaching materials that are ideal for beginners in English. Please use these in combination with the robot “Sophy” and “Musio X” that read special teaching materials.

For example, if you touch the “flashcard” with the alphabet written with “Sophy”, “Musio X” will pronounce it. For children who say, “Suddenly a little conversation …”, let’s start by studying pronunciation and listening using special teaching materials.

+ Style also sells a bird-shaped English learning robot “Charpy Chocolate”. Check it out along with “Musio X”.

▼ Target age is from 6 years old!

Next, let’s introduce the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) compatible educational robot “[Makeblock] codey rocky”.

You can control the movements and functions of the robot by programming, such as moving the main body by voice operation or recognizing facial expressions and reading emotions. You can also create a program that connects “codey rocky” to the Internet and displays the weather forecast information on the LED.

If you think “it seems difficult to operate …”, don’t worry. No specialized knowledge is required because the software that can be programmed by simply dragging and dropping the block in which the code is written is used. The target age of the product is 6 years old and over, so even children in the lower grades of elementary school can use it.

>> Click here to purchase “[Makeblock] codey rocky”

▼ Learn the “magic” of programming in the Disney world ♪

“Technology Magic School” is a learning material that allows you to advance your adventure and learn programming like a role-playing game in the Disney world. If you want children in the upper grades of elementary school to learn programming, this product is recommended.

The product, which you can learn using a personal computer, has three courses: “media art,” “game production,” and “web design.”

While the original story set in the magic school unfolds, through lessons using 13 Disney works, you can dig deep into each course, learn across 3 courses and acquire comprehensive knowledge etc. You can study at your own pace. Appearing works include “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Frozen”, etc. ♪

For example, in “Web design” to acquire knowledge of homepage / website creation, there are various learning contents such as basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, photo display and how to color characters. Disney characters will navigate you through the lessons in a conversational format, and you will be able to check your comprehension in a quiz format, so you will be able to continue learning in a fun and game-like way.

So far, we have introduced teaching materials that are useful for learning English and programming. Did you find a product you were interested in? If you are interested in details such as features and prices, please take a look at each product page!



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