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Let’s introduce a motion sensor to the entrance lighting, which is bright when you get home.

When you return home from the outside and stand in front of the entrance, the light turns on brightly, and when you enter the house, the light turns on automatically. If you purchase a light bulb with a motion sensor, you can easily achieve this. increase. For those who are considering incorporating a motion sensor, this article will explain in an easy-to-understand manner what a motion sensor is used for entrances, etc., and also explain how to install it and how to select products.

What is a motion sensor?

A human sensor is a sensor that can detect the presence of a person. For example, motion sensors are used in familiar places such as automatic doors, automatic faucets in toilets and kitchens, and sensor lights installed in buildings and gardens. There are several types of motion sensors. Infrared sensors that detect human heat, touch sensors that detect static electricity generated when people touch them, and sound sensors that respond to noise. There are also types of products that combine these to improve the detection range and accuracy. In addition, like a surveillance camera, analyzing a video to detect a person is distinguished as a motion detection sensor. Of these, infrared sensors are often used for lighting entrances and the like. Due to its low price and miniaturization, products that can be installed not only at the entrance but also in various places are on sale.

Benefits of incorporating a motion sensor into the front door light

If you install a light with a motion sensor, the light will come on when you get home. It also saves electricity bills because it lights up only when needed. We will explain each of these benefits in detail.

A bright light welcomes you!

In the case of a detached house, the front of the entrance is unexpectedly dark. It is often stepped or stepping stones, and some people may have experienced stumbling or falling while walking in the dark. The motion sensor lights up shortly before you arrive at the front door, so you don’t have to worry about this. Also, when looking for a key in a bag or inserting a key into a keyhole, it will be helpful if the lights come on quickly. It is also possible to add a motion sensor to the lighting of the front door in the house. You can put your shoes away, take off your coat, or put your car or bicycle key in the accessory case at the entrance without having to reach for the switch. In fact, in front of the entrance, the hands are often the most occupied, such as holding heavy luggage in both hands. Above all, I’m glad that the bright light welcomes me when I get home.

For crime prevention measures

The motion sensor also responds when a suspicious person approaches. For example, a criminal who approaches the front door to pick is also sick when the light comes on. You may find that you have caught the eye of your neighbors and lose your motivation. It seems simple, but brightening the front of the entrance is still one of the effective security measures. Among the lights with motion sensors, there is also a type with a blinking function called “flash on type”. For example, if it keeps detecting that there is a person for a certain period of time or more, it has a function such as switching to blinking mode.

You won’t forget to turn it off and it will save electricity.

The motion sensor detects the movement of a person and turns the switch on and off, so you will never forget to turn it off. It turns on the light only when needed. People who often leave the lights ^ _ ^ on when they come home at night can expect a power saving effect. If you leave it on all day, how much will it cost you to pay for electricity? Calculating the case of 60W lighting with the average unit price of electricity, “Electricity = power consumption (W) ÷ 1000 x usage time (hours) x 21.78 (yen / kwh) = 60 ÷ 1000 x 24 x 21.78 = about It is “31 yen”. In addition, the motion sensor can be installed not only at the entrance but also in various places such as toilets, bathrooms, and corridors, and a great saving effect can be expected.

Precautions before replacement

I think there are many people who use online shopping. This is all the more so because lighting with motion sensors is only sold to large consumer electronics retailers. However, please note that you may not be able to install it unless you carefully check the type and size of the lighting. Here are some checkpoints before purchasing.

Check the type of lighting

There are different types of lighting. Care must be taken when installing lighting with motion sensors, such as downlights (types that are embedded flat in the ceiling) or hook ceilings (types that have a power socket / plug for hanging from the ceiling). I will explain each point to note.

For downlights

The downlight is a small lighting embedded in the ceiling. The feature is that there is no feeling of oppression because the ceiling is flat. There are two types of downlights, the “replaceable type” that allows you to replace only the light bulb, and the “integrated type” that allows you to replace the entire lighting fixture. Of these, the integrated type cannot be replaced with a light bulb or lighting fixture with a motion sensor. Also, even if it is a replaceable type, it is necessary to check whether the light bulb with a motion sensor fits in the closed type.

For hook sealing

A hook ceiling (hook ceiling rosette) is a power socket and plug for installing indoor lighting on the ceiling. These also serve to hang lighting fixtures. This type of lighting can be changed to a small ceiling light with a built-in motion sensor.

Check the size of the light bulb

The size of a light bulb can be determined by measuring the diameter of the base (connecting part) of the light bulb, which is called the base. A light bulb with a diameter of 26 mm is “E26”, and a light bulb with a diameter of 17 mm is “E17”. Most on the market are either of these types. However, some products include E14, E12, and E11, so you need to know which light bulb you currently have. As I will explain later, light bulbs with motion sensors generally have the same base, but the size of the light bulb is large. Please note that it may not fit if there is a lid or frame.


How to attach a motion sensor to the front door?

To attach the motion sensor to the front door, you can either replace only the light bulb or replace the entire lighting fixture. It is also possible to control the lighting by attaching a motion sensor to the switch part. I will explain each method in detail. It also explains the points to note when installing.

Install a light bulb with a built-in motion sensor

This is a method to replace the light bulb with a built-in motion sensor. This is the easiest method, but it may not be possible to replace it with a sealed appliance with a cover. This is because a light bulb with a built-in motion sensor may not fit because there is a protrusion with a built-in sensor at the tip of the light bulb. In addition, the protruding parts may impair the design. + Style ORIGINAL smart LED bulbs have small protrusions and can be replaced by most luminaires. The size is E26. It is a type of “smart home appliance” that can be operated and set from a smartphone, and is connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi communication.

Install a lighting fixture with a built-in motion sensor

For downlights or hook ceiling luminaires, replace the luminaire with a built-in motion sensor. However, in the case of downlights, construction is required, and there are many cases where they cannot be installed as they are. In general, many downlight type motion sensors can only be turned on and off, and multifunctional ones are not often sold.

Mount the motion sensor switch on the wall

There is also a way to change the lighting switch to a switch with a motion sensor. Since there is a sensor in the control part, many products are multifunctional, such as those that can adjust the lighting time and brightness. However, wiring work is required for installation.

Attach the motion sensor to the ceiling

If you cannot mount the motion sensor switch on the wall, install the motion sensor on the ceiling and connect the wiring to the switch part. There are two methods, one is to install it inside the ceiling and the other is to install it outside. In either case, the disadvantage is that the larger the number of sensors, the worse the appearance.

Attach the motion sensor to the ceiling

Qualification may be required for installation and retrofitting

Wiring work is required except for the method of replacing the light bulb with a built-in motion sensor and the method of attaching a lighting fixture with a built-in motion sensor to the hook ceiling. Therefore, an electrician’s qualification is required. There is a risk of electric shock, electric leakage, and fire, so be sure to ask a professional with specialized knowledge. It costs about 1500-5000 yen to install lighting fixtures. Let’s also assume that it will take longer when installing many devices. If you want to keep costs down and install it easily, we recommend installing a light bulb with a built-in motion sensor.

How to choose a ceiling light

Ceiling lights are an important factor that influences the atmosphere of a room. Choose a warm color tone that is easy to relax, or emphasize cleanliness, and choose according to the room. Brightness is also important where you read and write. Here, we will first explain how to select the color tone and brightness, and also explain other points such as the sensing range and warranty period.

Decide on a color that matches the atmosphere of the room

The color tones of lighting are roughly divided into three types: light bulb color, neutral white, and daylight color. The color of the light bulb is a warm color close to orange and is said to have a high relaxing effect. It is also suitable for table lighting because the food looks delicious. The neutral white color is close to pure white and is characterized by its cleanliness. Bathrooms and bathrooms are generally neutral white. Because it is close to natural light, it is also commonly used in living rooms and entrances. Daylight is pale. It is suitable for children’s study rooms and study because it is hard to get tired even if you read and write. Each has its own characteristics, so choose the one that suits your room image. Some lights with motion sensors have adjustable color tones. If you want to change the mood between morning and night, or if you want to switch between relax mode and study mode, choose one that has an adjustment function.

Determined by brightness

Moderate brightness varies from place to place. Lighting around the front door does not require much brightness. If the entrance lighting is too bright, it will feel dark when you enter the room. Make sure that the brightness is moderate while ensuring the brightness for welcoming visitors and taking off and putting on your shoes. The “applicable tatami mats” may be written on the lighting equipment. If you want to reduce the brightness, lower the applicable number of tatami mats by one rank, and if you want to secure the brightness firmly, use a higher-grade product as a guide.

Other points when choosing

When choosing a light bulb or lighting device with a motion sensor, also check the sensor range. The detection distance and range (angle) should be written in the product specifications and manual. If it is easy to get away from people such as the ceiling or the corner of the room, it is safe to check it carefully. Also check the time from on to off. Many products turn off after a period of time, regardless of whether or not they are detecting a person. It is important to select a type that allows you to set the product and time according to the purpose and location. In addition, regarding product warranty, in the case of overseas products, some products cannot be guaranteed, so it is necessary to confirm it firmly. Also, there are some people who do not want to make holes in the wall as much as possible because they are rented. It is also an important point when choosing whether or not construction is necessary.


Do you know LED bulbs and sensors equipped with motion sensors?

The motion sensor is convenient because it automatically turns the switch on and off. Also, did you know that if you install it at the entrance, you can expect a crime prevention effect, and there are “smart sensors” that go beyond just functioning as lighting. The + Style ORIGINAL smart sensor is a sensor that can be connected to a smartphone with a dedicated app via a network. For example, if you install it in the entrance or toilet, you can see that a person came when the switch was turned on. It is convenient because you can watch over the lives of the elderly and check the return of children even when you are away from home. Depending on the installation location and detection frequency, you can choose whether to supply power using a battery or a microUSB cable (not rechargeable), so you can place it anywhere. In addition, the smartphone will be notified of the timing of battery replacement. Click here for details on + Style smart sensors. + Style also sells ” + Style LED bulbs (human feeling )” and ” smart LED bulbs (RGB toning )”. The + Style LED light bulb (human feeling) is a light bulb with a human sensor, and it is a product that allows you to easily change the light bulb in the entrance or hallway to a motion sensor. You can also perform dimming / coloring operations and remote control from your smartphone. Furthermore, if you use the + Style app, you can link the + Style LED bulb (human feeling ) and the smart LED bulb (RGB toning ) to turn on the lights throughout the house when you return home. Click here for details on + Style smart LED bulbs [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulbs (RGB toning) (2-year warranty for peace of mind) [+ Style] LED bulb (human feeling) (2-year warranty for peace of mind)


Lighting with a motion sensor that can detect the movement of a person and turn the switch on and off is very convenient when installed at the entrance. It also has a crime prevention effect, so it is recommended that you first try a + Style motion sensor or a light bulb with a motion sensor that can be easily installed. Of course, it is also possible to link with a smartphone.



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