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Let’s survive the slump after the holidays ♪ IoT goods that relax the mind and body

After the fun summer vacation, I can’t get into work … Even if you are refreshed enough, you may feel blue after the holidays. On the contrary, some people may be tired from going home or traveling.

Therefore, this time, we will pick up IoT goods that heal the mind and body. Introducing three devices: glasses-type devices that support comfortable sleep and active life, smart aroma diffusers, and watching cameras that allow you to interact with your pet from work. Please check the article below ♪

▼ Leave it to us to eliminate jet lag!

During summer vacation. Those who stay up late every day and say, “The rhythm of life seems to be disturbed …”. Why don’t you use the glasses-type wearable device “AYO”? 

This is a product that promotes and suppresses the action of the sleep-related hormone “melatonin” by emitting blue light that is gentle on the eyes. Equipped with 3 therapy modes, it adjusts the sleep cycle by the effect of light.

If you have difficulty sleeping even after night, please use the “sleep mode” to help you fall asleep at the desired time. On the other hand, for those who want to be crispy during the day, we recommend the “energy mode” for the purpose of alleviating drowsiness.

A “travel mode” is also available for those who want to eliminate jet lag caused by overseas travel. If you enter the flight schedule with the dedicated app, it will automatically generate the optimal therapy program for adjusting the body clock.

▼ The room becomes a healing space

If you want to relax in your room, try using the “Smart Aroma Diffuser (Ultrasonic Humidifier)”.

The water poured into the main body is turned into a mist with ultrasonic waves, and 30 ml is sprayed in 1 hour. Add essential oils (sold separately) to your liking and you’ll be relaxed with moisture and scent.

In addition, it is equipped with an LED light that shines in 16.77 million colors, and can be used as a night light to heal the tiredness of the day. One of the attractions is smart operability, such as being able to switch the power on / off via a smart speaker and setting a timer using a dedicated app.

>> Click here to purchase “Smart Aroma Diffuser (Ultrasonic Humidifier)”


▼ Communicate with pets from a distance ♪

If you’re having trouble getting your work done, why not take a break and interact with your pet while you’re away? The last “Petcube Bites” is a watching camera for pets. If you install it indoors, you can see the state of your dog and cat at home on your smartphone.

However, it’s a whimsical pet. It’s not always within the shooting range of the camera, but … “Petcube Bites” is equipped with a function to give treats to pets. By operating the app, you can pop out pet food from the main unit with a pawn.

You can also talk to your pet with two-way audio. If this is the case, it seems that he will always come in front of the camera.

The actual machine will be on display at Softbank Omotesando until August 31st (Friday). At the venue, a water supply device for pets “Fresco Pro” and a robot “easyPlay” that solves the lack of exercise of pets are also on display. Let’s take this opportunity to visit.

>> Click here to purchase “Petcube Bites”

Each product page introduces the functions and usage in detail. If you find an IoT goods that interests you, please check it out.



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