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Mechanism for operating home appliances with smart speakers No need to replace home appliances

For those who want to introduce home appliances that incorporate the IoT technology “Internet of Things”, which is a hot topic these days, but are reluctant to replace them, there is actually a way to switch to IoT without replacing the current home appliances. The answer is simple: install smart speakers and smart remote controls.

In this article, we will introduce popular products as well as how to operate home appliances by voice with smart speakers and smart remote controls, connection mechanisms, precautions for introduction, etc.


What is a smart speaker?

A smart speaker is one of the home appliances that use IoT technology (Internet of Things). The difference from ordinary speakers is that they are smarter and have various functions. Smart speakers are also called AI speakers because they are equipped with an AI assistant that can operate voice like an iPhone or smartphone. If you are familiar with “Siri” and “Google Assistant”, you may find it convenient.

With smart speakers, you can operate everything hands-free and quickly by voice without having to unlock, touch the screen, or enter characters.

What you can do with smart speakers

Besides listening to and listening to music, smart speakers have many other functions. The more you learn, the easier it is to use AI, and the range of functions and uses is expanding. Now, let’s take a look at the main functions that can be achieved with smart speakers.

・ Music playback

Even when listening to music as a speaker, there are conveniences unique to hands-free. By adjusting the volume, you can perform not only operations such as “larger and smaller”, but also all operations that are normally performed by hand, such as “from the beginning”, “next song”, and “larger bass”. If it is a Bluetooth speaker, it can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone or computer and played as a high-quality speaker.

However, it is the music streaming service that smart speakers support that really shows its true potential as a smart speaker. You can easily select songs using free or paid content, such as randomly playing songs from your favorite artists, playing music that will help you work, or listening to popular songs with rankings.


・ Time management by voice

You can check the time and operate the timer function with just your voice, such as “What time is it now?” And “Set a timer for 3 minutes.” For those who want to concentrate on their work, it is also possible to manage the time for concentration and breaks.

There are also programs such as simple gymnastics and exercises, so you can move and refresh yourself. It is convenient to be able to operate the timer set for boiling and steaming even when cooking without using your hands.


・ Call/video phone

Early smart speakers were able to talk to each other, but not to smartphones. However, recently, smart speakers that can make calls with smartphones have also been released.

With a smart speaker, you can have a hands-free conversation even if your hands are full, and you can also use your smartphone while talking on the phone. With a smart speaker with a display, you can enjoy hands-free calls with family and friends who live far away without any telephone charges.


・ Home appliance operation

By linking the smart speaker and smart remote controller, you can operate the voice of home appliances. Not only can you turn on and off the power of home appliances, but you can also easily perform the operations performed by the remote control dedicated to each home appliance by simply talking to the smart speaker. It is epoch-making that you can control hands-free with one smart speaker without having to change the remote control of the air conditioner, lighting, TV, Blu-ray recorder, etc.


How to operate home appliances with a smart speaker

Nowadays, the amount of “home time” has increased due to refraining from going out and teleworking, and the introduction of smart speakers will make life more comfortable. Here, we will explain how you can operate home appliances.


Even when it’s dark and you can’t take your hands off, just say “Turn on the lights” to your smart speaker. If you want to make it brighter, you can use voice operations such as “make it brighter”, if you want to make it a calm light bulb color, make it a “warm color”, and if it is too bright, make it darker. You can adjust it as you like.

For example, with the + Style ceiling light “Smart LED Ceiling Light”, you can control various functions by voice from the smart speaker. You can freely set the light bulb color and brightness according to your mood, such as brightness suitable for studying and reading, and warm color instructions that are ideal for relaxing time.

If you have a Wi-Fi environment, you can use it immediately without the need for construction work such as a dimmer switch by simply attaching a smart LED ceiling light to the wiring device on the ceiling without a hub. If you have a smartphone, you can operate it from your hand without using a smart speaker. In addition, since you can remotely control the lighting on and off with your smartphone from outside, it is also effective as a crime prevention measure when you are away.

・ Air conditioner

If you have a smart speaker, you can operate the air conditioner without having a remote control for the air conditioner. If you have a smart controller “Smart Multi Remote Control”, you can operate it by voice without operating it with the remote control attached to the air conditioner.

There is no need to replace it with a dedicated air conditioner with a Wi-Fi function, and any air conditioner operated by remote control can be used with most manufacturers’ models. Even when you are sitting or in bed, you can control the smart speaker with just your voice, such as “turn on the air conditioner” or “set to dehumidification mode” without using a remote control. If the voice assistant installed in the smart speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can operate it in Japanese.



With a smart humidifier, you can turn the power on and off by simply talking to the smart speaker without moving from the spot. The + Style (plus style) “smart humidifier”, which has a cute square shape, is an original product that has the functions of an aroma diffuser and multicolored lights while being a humidifier.

Despite its compact size, it can operate for up to 26 hours with a single water supply. From your smartphone, you can set the schedule timer and dimming/color steplessly. When you go out, it knows your current location and automatically switches the power on and off, so you don’t have to worry about extra electricity bills.

The smart speaker can also control the robot vacuum. With the + Style “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G300”, you can start and stop cleaning just by speaking to the smart speaker.

The smart robot vacuum cleaner G300 is equipped with various convenient functions other than voice operation. The high-precision room mapping function cleans every corner with lean movement. You can easily specify the area you want to clean, the area you do not want to clean, etc., and cleaning is completed efficiently in a short time.

If you set up a water wiping tank, it will suck in dust and dirt and wipe it with water at the same time, so you can always keep it clean. With the dedicated app, you can remotely control it from your smartphone while you are away from home, and you can clean it frequently even when pollen is scattered or at home with infants, so you can rest assured.

Mechanism and necessary items for operating home appliances with smart speakers

In the coming era, if you want to control home appliances by voice, we recommend the IoT-compatible model. By introducing a smart remote controller and smart speaker, it will be possible to operate the current home appliances operated by the remote controller by voice without any construction work. When you instruct the smart speaker to “turn on the TV”, the smart remote control receives the instruction via the Internet and sends an infrared signal to turn on the TV.

In other words, the smart speaker and smart remote controller work together to replace the remote controller for each home appliance, enabling remote control by voice.

Now you don’t have to keep the remote controls for all your appliances side by side within reach. You can easily operate it from anywhere within the reach of your smart speaker. The remote control of each home appliance can be easily registered with the smartphone app. Now you don’t have to worry about the remote control battery running out anymore

Wi-Fi environment (2.4GHz band), smart speaker, and smart remote control are required to operate home appliances with infrared remote control by voice. If you are already using a smart speaker, you can get a convenient life just by purchasing a smart remote control.


Pay attention to the operation range when operating home appliances with a smart speaker

When installing a smart remote controller, you need to be careful about where you put it. The smart remote controller sends infrared data signals to operate home appliances.

If there is a wall or obstacle between the smart remote controller and the home appliance, infrared rays will not reach. Therefore, if you want to operate all the appliances installed in the room, you need to put the smart remote control in a place where there are no obstacles. Moreover, it will not operate normally unless the Wi-Fi signal reaches the smart remote controller. In addition, the internet communication connection may be unstable due to weather conditions.


How to choose a smart remote control

The choice of the smart remote controller and smart speaker depends on the family structure, lifestyle, and how to use home appliances. I will explain the points of how to choose from what perspective you should choose without fail.


・ Select the function that suits your purpose

Think about how you want to make your life more convenient by using smart speakers and smart remote controls.I recommend that you do. Rather than focusing on detailed functions, first of all, do you want to keep it bright when you come home, do you want to keep the temperature comfortable for pets who are away from home, or operate home appliances when you can not take your hands off for childcare or nursing care By clarifying the purpose, such as whether you want to do it, you should be able to see the products you should choose?

If you only need to turn the power on and off, and you don’t need difficult operations, voice operation with a smart speaker is convenient. If you want to manage home appliances in detail by mastering the macro function and schedule function, try making detailed settings using the smartphone app.


・ Choose one that can reach a wide range of infrared rays

You can operate almost all home appliances with one smart remote controller. If the room is large and the number of home appliances is likely to increase in the future, we recommend a smart remote control that can reach a wide range of infrared rays. If you do not point the remote control of the TV correctly at the infrared receiver, the response may be poor. Similarly, if you want to operate many home appliances with one smart remote controller, you need to choose a product that can transmit infrared rays over a wide range.


・ Select a manufacturer’s product with a sufficient support system

If you are not sure about the initial settings, we recommend that you choose a product from a manufacturer that has a good support system. What I bought to use conveniently will become a treasure if I can’t use it enough because it is difficult to introduce. Once you remember the settings, you will often be able to set other home appliances yourself, but different home appliance manufacturers have different terms, which can be confusing.

Manufacturer support is a reliable tool in such cases. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, chatbot, etc. In addition, although there is a charge if you are a manufacturer who visits and installs on a business trip, even those who are not completely confident about machinery can purchase with confidence.


This is the recommended smart speaker. Aladdin Remoless

“Aladdin Remoless” is a smart voice remote controller that allows you to operate infrared-compatible home appliances with just a voice. In addition to operating “pop in Aladdin,” which is the world’s first projector with integrated lighting from the same manufacturer, other companies’ air conditioners, TVs, electric fans, robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, audio, and Blu-ray recorders, etc. It also supports AV equipment.

You can easily set up by downloading the dedicated Android and iOS application “pop Aladdin” and following the instructions on the screen. If you connect to the air conditioner, you can stop the operation of the air conditioner just by instructing “Remores, turn off the air conditioner” without using the remote control. With a TV, you can adjust the volume, mute the sound, and switch channels, such as “Remorse, turn on the TV” and “Remorse, turn up the volume”.

With the app, you can even turn on the air conditioner on the go to keep your room warm before you go home.


A smart speaker is a futuristic device that can not only play music and telephone functions but also operate home appliances by voice. It has a good reputation that it is so convenient to be able to operate home appliances by voice, which has been done manually until now.

You can feel the convenience only when you can’t take your hands off for cooking or hobbies. Also, if you use a smart remote controller, you can easily operate voice without having to buy a new home appliance. We recommend that you introduce it in order to enrich your life with functional life.



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