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Motion programming and transformation are also possible! 3 types of hobby drones that parents and children can play with

A hobby drone that you can easily play indoors. Did you know that there are various products on the market, such as not only being able to fly, but also being able to program movements and transforming the aircraft?

So this time, we picked up a hobby drone with unique functions. We will introduce three items: “Airblock” suitable for STEM education, “SKYKICK” that is particular about safety, and “Petrone” that is a transformation battle drone. All of them are drones suitable for parents and children to play together!

If you are thinking “I want to fly a drone!” Or “I want to let my child fly”, please take this opportunity to check out the products ♪

▼ Autopilot by programming is also possible!

First, let’s introduce “Airblock”, which is perfect for children’s education. What a drone that can program movements in flight. If you program in advance from the dedicated app, you can fly by autopilot. You can move the aircraft as you like, such as takeoff and landing / turning / somersault.

When programming, please use the dedicated application “Makeblock”. Even children can easily operate it by simply dragging and dropping the block on which the command is written on the screen. You will be able to acquire the basic knowledge of programming while playing.

Another feature is that you can freely customize the shape of the aircraft. The “Airblock” is assembled with a modular block that can be easily disassembled, so it can be freely transformed. You can rearrange the aircraft to your favorite shape, such as the drone type as well as the “hovercraft type” that advances on the surface of the water.

▼ Safety is perfect!

Next, I would like to introduce “SKY KICK,” whose aircraft is covered with a spherical guard.

Even if it collides with something, it will not hurt the people or things around you. Even if you accidentally drop it, it will protect the aircraft from the impact. It will also prevent your fingers from getting caught in the propeller.

The dedicated controller is equipped with a button that allows the drone to take off and land just by pressing it. In addition, it is equipped with an auto hovering function that automatically maintains altitude and a 6-axis gyro that enables stable control and control, and various measures have been taken to make it easy to maneuver. This product is recommended not only for children but also for beginners who are not accustomed to operating drones.

▼ Enjoy a heated battle with a drone ♪

Finally, pick up “Petrone”. This is a product called “Transformation Battle Drone”. Let me explain in detail.

“Petrone” that can be operated with a smartphone can play a battle game that shoots lasers on the application screen using two or more aircraft. Of course, the laser is invisible, but you can enjoy the feeling of battle with the sound and vibration of your smartphone. Even if you crash during a battle and the aircraft is turned over, you can return to the battle immediately with the “Turtle Turn” function that gets up with the touch of a button.

Furthermore, if you rearrange the parts of the aircraft (sold separately), you can change the model to a radio-controlled car or a drone that supports aerial photography! It is also possible to customize it to a radio-controlled car equipped with a camera.

Each product page explains the functions and specifications in detail. If you find a drone that interests you, be sure to check the details. If you want to use the purchased drone outdoors, please follow the laws, ordinances, or local regulations.



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