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Music listening / reading / sound sleep etc. A smart device that allows you to spend a long autumn night gracefully

It’s already September at the earliest. The time when the sun goes down is getting faster. How about spending a comfortable “long autumn night” with the heat softened?

This time, we have picked up 3 recommended smart devices for those who want to relax and enjoy the night. Read while enjoying the scent of the room diffuser. Listen to music with custom headphones. Introducing various ways to enjoy autumn nights by using + Style’s IoT products, such as reviewing the quality of sleep so that you can relax and sleep.

▼ Manage the scent of your room with your smartphone!

This season is also called “Autumn for reading”. On a quiet night, why not immerse yourself in the world of books while being surrounded by a gorgeous scent.

The “Scentee Machina UNO” introduced at the beginning is a room diffuser that allows you to perform operations such as on / off / scent intensity adjustment / timer setting from a dedicated app.

This product is used by inserting one “fragrance bottle”, which is the source of fragrance, into the body shaped like a plate. There are 12 types of scents, from natural scents such as cherry blossoms / cypress / bamboo to sweet scents such as red wine and chocolate. You can enjoy the scent up to about 20 tatami mats.

With “Scentee Machina Quattro”, which can insert 4 fragrance bottles, you can change the fragrance to be sprayed from the app. When you want to change the scent of a room, it’s convenient not to have to change the bottle.

The fragrance to be sprayed is nano-level ultrafine particle size. It is a specification that makes it difficult for scents to adhere to walls, furniture, clothes, etc. The fragrance flies in the wind, so you don’t have to worry about it mixing with the previous scent when you switch scents.

▼ Optimize the sound according to your hearing ♪

The next item to be introduced is the wireless headphones “nuraphone”. It has a unique shape like a canal type earphone attached to the inside of the headphones.

A major feature is that it produces the optimum “made-to-order sound” for each user’s ears. Let’s explain the function in detail, what exactly it means.

In fact, the bass / mid / treble range that can be heard by different people is different. In other words, even if you are playing the same music, the way you hear it is slightly different. Therefore, “nuraphone” customizes the sound quality according to the user’s hearing. By automatically measuring the user’s hearing with a unique function, music can be delivered with the sound quality that suits the person.

It may seem complicated, but the procedure for personalizing sound quality is very simple. Just follow the tutorial on the app and listen to the sound. It will be completed in about 1 minute.

“Social Mode” is useful in an environment where there are people around, such as at work or in the living room at home. Even if your ears are blocked by headphones, the built-in microphone of “nuraphone” captures external sounds, making it possible to listen to conversations around you. In this case, while enjoying the music, it seems that you will not miss the voices of your family and colleagues.

If you want to immerse yourself in your favorite song, we recommend using “Clean ANC”. You can experience the high noise canceling function that combines the double passive noise canceling function and the active noise canceling function.

▼ Resolve worries during sleep

Snoring, worries during sleep. Some of you may have had a hard time, such as being told by your family that you are “noisy” or waking up with your own snoring.

The item I would definitely recommend to such people is the ear-shaped snoring stopper “weatherly japan Snore Circle”. It is a smart device that can stop snoring just by putting it on your ear when you sleep.

Let’s briefly explain how it works. Accurately catch the sounds and vibrations that occur during snoring with sound recognition and bone conduction technology. It produces small vibrations and sounds to work on the “vagus nerve,” which controls the parasympathetic and pharyngeal nerves. This tightens the muscles of the throat that cause snoring and widens the airways. You will be able to breathe smoothly and snoring will be suppressed.

The number of snoring / the number of times snoring was stopped / sleep time etc. It is also noteworthy that you can check the data measured during sleep from the smartphone app. If you have a smartphone connected via Bluetooth, you can automatically synchronize the data just by opening the app.

On each product page, you can check the details of functions, prices, designs, etc. If you find an IoT goods that interests you, please visit it.



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