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Must-see for music lovers! Four products of interest such as wireless earphones and high-resolution audio systems

Why don’t you enjoy listening to music smarter and with better sound quality? + Style has many products that music fans must see, such as wireless earphones that can be used by connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth (R) and high-resolution audio systems.

This time, we picked up 4 products from them. Let’s introduce noise canceling earphones and audio systems that can also play videos.

▼ Focus on music without worrying about ambient noise!

Those who often listen to music while commuting to work or school. Have you ever been worried about running noise or conversations with other people on a train or bus? 

The “HB-N50” introduced at the beginning is a wireless earphone with a “noise canceling” function. By cutting ambient noise by up to 28 decibels, you can concentrate on enjoying music even in places where noise is a concern.

It is also a nice point that the control button is mounted on the main body. You can adjust / play / pause / change the track even with the paired smartphone in your pocket or bag.

In addition, the “open ear control” function that plays the surrounding sounds picked up by the built-in microphone along with the music is also convenient. For example, even if you work while listening to music, you will be able to react immediately to calls from colleagues.

▼ Headphones that do not block your ears

For those who are concerned about the “open ear control” function, we also recommend the futuristic design headphones “Batband®”.

Since it uses bone conduction technology, you can just wear it on your head when using it. Unique headphones that can be used without blocking your ears. While listening to music, you will not miss the surrounding sounds.

Equipped with buttons and sensors on the left and right sides of the main unit, you can adjust the volume and change tracks with a simple tap and swipe operation. Please check it together with “HB-N50”.

▼ Video playback is also possible ♪

“ROSE RS-301” is a multimedia player that can play high-resolution audio sources. Equipped with a high-end audio DAC “ES9018 (Sabre)”, it supports sound source formats such as DSD / MQS / FLAC. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (R), and AirPlay, you can connect to various devices including smartphones.

In addition to music, you can also play videos on the 5-inch touch panel. Under the YouTube license, the originally developed application “RoseTube” is pre-installed, and you can search YouTube for your favorite music videos and watch them without commercials.

One of the features is the stylish appearance with no useless operation buttons. Equipped with a customized OS based on Android 5.0, you can easily operate it like a smartphone by touching the display. By installing the smartphone app “ROSEWARE”, remote control using a smartphone is also possible.

▼ High sound quality even with Bluetooth (R) connection!

If you want to enjoy music at home, check out “R2 Mk3”. This is a wireless music system that allows you to enjoy streaming playback via Bluetooth (R) or Wi-Fi connection.

Adopting “aptX technology” that maintains excellent sound quality even with Bluetooth (R) connection, you can enjoy listening to music with the same quality as CD playback. A major feature is that it is compatible with the flat-rate music distribution service “Spotify” and you can use the service directly from the main unit (a separate contract with Spotify is required).

“R2 Mk3” has an attractive warm design using natural wood. There are three main body colors available: walnut / soft white / soft black.

>> Click here to purchase “R2 Mk3”


Each product page introduces the functions and usage in detail. Please check the information such as the selling price.



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