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Nice to meet you everyone! by Shin









It is “Shin” who is a curator of products with + Style. I would like to have a dialogue with you through this occasion!


For me, who loves to play and watch sports, sleep deprivation suffered from the start of the Rio Olympics, high school baseball, and the start of the World Cup Asian qualifying round, and this summer when there were many sporting events. I think there were a lot of comrades who suffered.
One day, when I was watching high school baseball with my drowsy eyes, I remembered a manga called “Abare Hayabusa” that was more than 30 years old. I remember that the main character was to continue to defeat difficult enemies while creating magic balls one after another, and to face a confrontation with his nemesis at Koshien.
The opponent of several games is Gari Tsutomu High School, who is a sports enthusiast. But a baseball computer brought into the bench? Based on the prediction that is calculated instantly, the players hunt down the hero by hitting and throwing according to the instructions received through the helmet. (In the first place, I don’t think it’s great to throw or hit according to the instructions …)
It is prohibited by the rules to use wireless equipment while playing, but this is the use of technology for sports. Isn’t it the forerunner of IoT? I suddenly thought.

The NFL began using wireless helmets in the late 90’s. (One offense and one defense) Recently, sports and technology have been cut off, such as using tablets for volleyball, analyzing golf swings, using big data for soccer and baseball, and analyzing physical conditions using AI. I feel that the relationship is becoming inseparable.

A smart eyewear product called “Solos”, which was announced at the Olympic Games and + Style the other day, is being used as a training device by the USA Woman Team, and it seems that it has won two silver medals by turning powerful Europeans over there. ..

Don’t drink water during club activities without a solid methodology or scientific knowledge! Or, run the ground until you die! Looking back on the youthful times when it was said, it feels like a world apart.
An American professional athlete who needs to fly east to west every day during the season. Even within the same land, there is a time difference of up to 3 hours, and it seems that it is very difficult to adjust the conditions during the season when the battle continues. As a device to alleviate jet lag and condition players, it has been tested by the NBA team GSW (Golden State Warriors), which recorded 73 wins, which was the league record last season, to improve sleep quality. High-tech eye mask, ” Neuroon “.

It is a product that started in Poland and the United States and was developed and sold by a startup company that has an office in the same Bay Area as GSW.
Sleep, which occupies about one-third of our lives, is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in preparing our daily conditions, not only for athletes but also for us who are fighting through a difficult society. .. Can we also enjoy the benefits of new technology?
So, from the next time, I would like to send you a usage report of “Neuroon” in several times.

This product is a state-of-the-art eye mask that improves the quality of sleep. It’s hard to say that I’m getting a good night’s sleep, but what’s going on? Please look forward to.
Also, I want to know this! We also accept requests, so feel free to comment!




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