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Only the minimum required functions! Feature phone “Punkt. MP02 4G” for minimalists

Smartphones have become an indispensable item in our daily lives, such as becoming more cashless. However, there are many opportunities to hear words such as “smartphone dependence” and “SNS fatigue”. While convenient smartphones are appearing one after another, some people may think that “only the minimum necessary functions are required”.

“Punkt. MP02 4G”, which has an attractive minimalist design, is a new generation SIM-free feature phone that we would like to recommend to such people. Available functions such as calling / SMS / calendar are very simple. We support “digital detox” that keeps you away from such a life, such as being swayed by notifications or opening SNS. Let’s introduce the functions and specifications in detail immediately.

▼ Condensed necessary functions!

The discreet and stylish “Punkt. MP02 4G” was designed by product designer Jasper Morrison, who also worked on MUJI products. As it looks, the operation is very simple, just press the phonebook button to make a call and the message button to send a message. With a compact size of approximately 51.3 x 117.0 x 14.4 (thickest part) mm that fits in the palm of your hand, it is easy to operate with one hand.

In addition to calling and SMS, the functions that can be used include calculator / calendar / clock / various timers / memos with reminders. Only the functions that you really need are condensed tightly. The display is a monotone design with white and black as the main. Not only does it support Japanese input, but you can also use input prediction / user dictionaries.

▼ Equipped with tethering function

If you use the tethering function, you can access the Internet with a tablet or laptop using “Punkt. MP02 4G” as a router. For example, it will be useful when you have to reply to an email while you are out. You can keep a reasonable distance from the Internet by using it only when you need it.


▼ Long-lasting battery

You can’t miss the high durability and good battery life. The exterior is reinforced with glass fiber to provide a durable and abrasion-resistant texture. The screen is highly visible even in the sun, fingerprints are inconspicuous, and it is protected by gorilla glass that is easy to wipe off.

The battery capacity is 1,280mAh, the continuous standby time is up to 12.5 days, and the continuous talk time is 4.2 hours. If you use the included 1.0A charger, you can fully charge it in two and a half hours.

In addition to the USB Type-C cable / earphone included, the “Punkt. MP02 4G” is currently running a “Punkt. Original Tote Bag” gift campaign for the first 100 people only. If you would like to know more about the features, price, design, etc., please visit the following page. (* The design of the original tote bag is subject to change without notice.)




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