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Perfect for free study during summer vacation! Craft kits and teaching materials that make programming fun

Programming education that will be compulsory in elementary school from 2020. In response to this, some parents may think, “I want my child to learn programming!”

Summer vacation with plenty of time. For children, this is a great opportunity to try new things. Why don’t you take this opportunity to let your child experience programming?

+ Style has a large lineup of goods that are ideal for beginners in programming. Here are three electronic kits and teaching materials that will help you learn the basics of programming.

We also have products that can be used for free research and work during the summer vacation. If you want to make your child’s summer vacation meaningful, please take a look at this article.

▼ You can make various toys ♪

First, let’s introduce “[Makeblock] Neuron Inventor Kit”. This is an electronic work kit that includes 8 types of blocks with different functions such as buzzer / LED panel / gyro sensor / power button.

You can create up to 11 types of toys by connecting each and combining the included paper crafts. The toys are all unique, such as the “tail swing cat” that swings the tail when touched, and the “electronic guitar” that makes sounds.

Furthermore, if you connect each block to a Bluetooth module, you can connect to the programming application “Neuron”. This allows you to program the movement of the toy you created on the app.

The target age of “[Makeblock] Neuron Inventor Kit” is from 6 years old. It can also be used by children in the lower grades of elementary school.


▼ Things around you transform into musical instruments !?

First of all, please see the image above. It’s a strange sight, but when you touch the colorful vegetables connected by cables … You can play music!

The “Honey Comb Music Kit” introduced here is an electronic work kit that turns everything around you into an “instrument”. Any material that can be energized, such as vegetables and fruits, can be connected.

To play with a unique instrument, combine the four included blocks, such as the “touch block” with a touch sensor and the “music block” with 16 built-in sound sources. After that, you can connect the energizing material with the “touch block”. You can play various tones such as drums / organ / saxophone.

Each block can be easily connected with a magnet. No knowledge of electronics or coding is required. You will be able to intuitively learn the principles of programming.

▼ Learning programming through game production!

For children who like games, we recommend “IchigoCake JavaScript”. This is a teaching material that allows you to learn the programming language “JavaScript” through game production.

Let’s create an original game by programming and combining the prepared 8 types of background screens and pixel art characters. Since it is equipped with a sound graphic board, you can also output colorful pictures and sounds. You can also play your own songs.

To use it, please prepare two TVs, a keyboard, and a power cable (microUSB). Just plug them in, turn them on, and you’re ready to start programming. No complicated settings are required before use ♪ 

Each product page introduces the functions and usage in detail. If you find any goods that interest you, please check them out.



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