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What are the points to keep in mind when estimating a website production company?

webste production company

When thinking about launching a website, there is a way to ask a website production company.
Many people who start from scratch may not know how to look at a quote. It is also difficult to determine if the quoted amount is reasonable. Sometimes you don’t understand the meaning of the items listed, and you may be wondering if there is an excess or deficiency in the estimate.
Therefore, for those who want to get a proper quote for the website, we will explain the market price when requesting a website production company and points to note when requesting. If you are a person in charge of a company who wants to create a company website or product introduction page, please refer to it.


table of contents

  • 1. What is a website production company’s quotation?
  • 2. Website production price
  • 3. Points to note when requesting a quote for website production
  • 4. How to choose a company to request website production?
  • 5. Let’s compare the order of site production with multiple companies

What is a website production company quote?

Website quotes vary by the production company, but you need to understand the main items. Here are some common items on the website for quotes.

  • Progress management fee
  • KPI / concept
  • Site design
  • design
  • SEO measures/marketing
  • Responsive support


● Progress management fee

Depending on the company, the progress management fee may be described as “direction fee”, “planning composition fee”, and “project progress fee”. To put it simply, progress management costs are the labor costs of people called “directors” or “project managers” who are the contact points for website production. The presence of a director is important in web production, and it is said that the quality of a project depends on the web director.


● KPI / concept

KPIs are indicators for assessing behavior toward achieving goals. The KPI / concept represents the planning part of the project. Meeting fees are included in the KPI / concept because the decision is made by the web production company and the client in consultation.


● Site design

As the name implies, the site design cost is the cost of designing the site and creating the overall picture of the site. Website companies that focus on on-site design are listed alone in the quote as “site design costs”, but they may also be included in progress management costs and direct costs. In addition, if it is stated in the quotation and it is “0 yen”, it means that the site design is done by the client.


● Design

There are two types of design costs, one is a pattern that is roughly estimated on a page-by-page basis, and the other is a pattern that is estimated daily. As for the design, the PC version costs twice as much as the smartphone version. We often request designs by focusing on pages of high importance such as top pages and lower pages. In addition, please note that an additional fee will be charged when requesting logo production.


● SEO measures/marketing

SEO / marketing measures are indispensable when creating a website. We will analyze and investigate to be listed at the top of the search. It is important to cover and select frequently searched keywords.


● Responsive support

Websites vary from person to people, such as personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. It is necessary to create a website of a size suitable for each terminal, but the technology that automatically adjusts so that it is displayed normally on any terminal is called responsive. This responsiveness may be included in the coding. Coding is simply to add a heading and set a link to make it visible in the browser-based on the completed design. This is an important process because if you are not responsive, you will be removed from the site. After all, it is difficult to see, no matter how good the content is.


In addition to this, depending on the system company or designer you request, “material creation/purchase costs” and “environment construction costs” may be added. In the following section, let’s explain the market price of website production.


Website production price quotes

About website production, We will introduce four types of price quotes: “corporate site”, “EC site”, “owned media”, and “WordPress”.


● Compare rates on the scale of the corporate website

A corporate site is a site that conveys information such as products, services, and recruitment of companies. The cost of creating a corporate site depends on the size of the site.


Small site

In the case of a simple and small site, the market price is about 200,000 to 300,000 yen. For smaller scales, the original template is often used. Even if you ask a major web production company, it is often refused, so you will probably ask a freelance or personal production company. The production period is often about one week to one month.


Medium-sized site

For the production of a medium-sized corporate site, the market price is about 100,000 to 500,000 yen. In addition, it costs about 10,000 yen as a monthly operating cost.

You will have to ask a freelance or small and medium-sized web production company. It’s a good idea to think that the production period is about 2 weeks to 2 months. If you request logo production etc., an additional fee will be charged.


Large site

It costs about 500 to 1 million yen to create a large-scale site that contains company information. In many cases, the production company prepares the original design and image materials, so it is possible to create a highly complete site. The contents of the site will also be detailed, such as service information and employment information. You can ask a major web production company, and you can spend time interacting with the production company and the client, so you will be able to create a satisfying corporate site. It takes about 2 to 4 months to produce. It is possible to increase the number of customers from the Webby spending about 1 to 3 million yen.


● Compare rates by type of EC site

An e-commerce site is a website for selling products and services. The purpose is to sell products.



ASP is an acronym for Application Service Provider and refers to a business operator or service itself that provides services using the Internet. You can easily start an EC site on the net (browser) without installing software. It has the advantage of low construction and maintenance costs. The market price is free to 100,000 yen or less. The production period is about 1 week to 1 month. Typical ASPs include BASE and Color Me Shop.


Open Source

Open source is an EC site construction system that is open to the public free of charge. It can be customized freely, but it requires specialized knowledge. It is a good idea to ask a web production company that is strong in EC site systems. If your company has resources such as engineers, it is possible to build it for free. The cost range is wide, ranging from 100 to 1 million yen. It takes about 1 to 2 months to produce.



This is a method using packages such as “Orange EC” and “being”. Although initial costs and maintenance costs are incurred, it is highly customizable, so it is possible to respond flexibly. Since it is necessary to have the original function developed and it costs money to upgrade, it is not suitable when you want to reduce the cost.

The cost market is quite high at 1 to 5 million yen. It takes about 2 to 5 months to produce.


Full scratch

Full scratch is building from scratch without using existing code or apps. Since we are developing a completely original system, it is highly customizable, but it costs a lot of money. Since you can create your own, you can create whatever you want in terms of functionality, such as linking with other systems. It can be said that the cost market is 5 million yen or more and there is no upper limit depending on the addition of functions. There is no upper limit to the production period as well, but please consider that it will take about 4 to 8 months.



● Compare prices by type of owned media

Owned media, or owned media, is a medium that is suitable for attracting customers over the long term. Many people think that it refers to a blog-style website, but their official homepage is also owned media.


Simple site

You can keep costs down by using a simple site. There is a disadvantage that you have to do the creation of the original design and SEO measures by yourself. You can’t expect high quality, but it’s recommended if you want a light finish. The market price is free to 200,000 yen or less, and the production period is about 1 week to 1 month.


original design

If you create an original design without using the template of the simple site, you will be able to complete a high-quality design that is particular about the design. A website with an original design that is easy to use will help increase the rate of attracting customers. The cost market is as high as 200,000 to 1 million yen or less. The production period is about 1 to 2 months.


Including SEO support

By including SEO support in the production of the original design, you can expect higher-level sites of the site, so you can further increase the rate of attracting customers. SEO measures often take 3 to 12 months, and the cost is calculated by “initial cost + (monthly operating cost x number of months). The initial cost market price is 100,000 to 300,000 yen, and the monthly cost is 10”. It is about 500,000 yen.


● Compare the prices of pages using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open-source software in the world. It can be easily customized without specialized knowledge about the program and has the advantage of being easy to take SEO measures.


Use template

In WordPress, design templates are called “themes”. It is provided on the official WordPress website and the official website of the theme creator.

Costs are reduced by using existing free themes. You can create your theme, but if you request it, you will be charged. Even if you use a free theme, it will take a lot of man-hours to customize it, so you will be charged. The market price for using the template is free to about 20,000 yen.


original design

Since WordPress is used all over the world, it is said that there are more than hundreds of themes. However, in some cases, we request the creation of a theme with full scratch. With the original design, you can fully express your company’s individuality. If you reduce the number of design requests and make it simple, you will be able to reduce the cost. The cost market is just under 10,000 to 20,000 yen.


Large site

Larger sites require more man-hours and are more expensive. If you take the time and effort to make something that you are satisfied with, the price will increase accordingly. However, even if there are many pages, if you outsource by diverting existing themes and creating them, the fee will be reduced. Prices vary depending on the purpose. The cost market is about 800,000 yen or more.

Of course, the cost of creating a site will vary depending on the method of creating the site, the company you requested, and the functions implemented on the site. Keep in mind that the amounts presented here are just a guide. When requesting a site to be created, it is ideal to have a firm estimate and a “specific amount” calculated.

production company
production company

Points to note when requesting a quote for website production

Now that we have introduced the standard price, let’s explain the points to be aware of when requesting a quote. You can work smoothly by holding down the points.


● Communicate information concretely

Please provide specific information necessary for preparing a quotation. By communicating in detail the current issues and requests, expectations for the website, desired delivery date, etc., it will be easier to calculate accurate production costs with an estimate. Lack of information can lead to quotes, which can be a big difference when billed and can be a problem.


● Request a quote from several companies

When requesting a quote from a web production company, be sure to ask not only one company but two or more companies to compare. It’s difficult to determine the right price, but it’s important to make a comparison. Let’s tell you that we have requested multiple web production companies in advance so as not to cause trouble.


How to choose a company to request website production?

Finally, I will introduce the points of how to choose what to pay attention to when choosing a website production company.


● Check the achievements

Check out the track record of creating websites for the same industry. By actually looking at the website and checking it, you can see if it is close to your ideal. The more successful the company is, the more specific you will be able to hear.


● Use matching service

If this is your first time requesting website production, it is a good idea to use a website production matching site. You can find the ideal web production company in terms of conditions, areas of expertise, production costs, and so on. Try using multiple matching sites. Since you only need to enter the required items, it is attractive to be able to easily find a web production company without having to know about outsourcing.


Let’s consider ordering site production by comparing it with multiple companies

When requesting a quote from a website production company, make sure you have a track record of creating websites in the same industry.

It is safe to have a track record. Be clear about the purpose and target of your website and try to be as specific as possible. We recommend that you request not only one company but multiple companies to compare the quotes. The cost of creating a website varies considerably from about 100,000 yen to over 5 million yen. Please consider the additional charges and try to create them.

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