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Problems that occur in Web system development


What are the problems that occur in Web system development? Short delivery time !? Specification change !? Explain the points you want to be careful about!. In the Web system, problems such as not working as expected by the user and the layout of the site being broken may cause the user to leave. I would like to thoroughly test it before release. However, at the development site, due to the short delivery time and frequent specification changes, tests may be conducted near the delivery time, and it takes enough time to make fine adjustments to the screen and confirm usability improvements. It may

Web system
Web system

This time, we will explain the problems that tend to occur in Web system development, such as quick delivery and specification changes, and the points to be aware of to prevent them from occurring.

Web system
Web system

Problems that occur in Web system development

[Problem 1] There are many short delivery times and specification changes.

The system development schedule may have to be carried out with fewer resources than the system development company can tolerate to meet the client’s desired operating schedule and needs.


In addition, it is often difficult for clients to imagine how many resources are required for one modification or function expansion, so the originally agreed specifications will be changed later so that the delivery time will be shorter than usual. It is often desired.

Blindly accepting the schedule requested by the customer or allowing the insertion of tasks that ignore the risk not only puts a heavy burden on the developers in the field but also disadvantages everyone such as missing bugs. I will fall into a difficult situation.

[Problem 2] Bug correction / additional development occurs by insertion, and the expected man-hours cannot be taken.

A fatal defect was discovered after the system was delivered and had to be fixed at an early stage, or a requirement definition omission was discovered at the end of the development process, so it was necessary to repair or add functions to the system that was not planned. It often happens.
If such a situation occurs, the quality of the system will inevitably deteriorate due to the inevitable measures such as “not enough personnel can be allocated for the originally planned function repair” and “partial omission of the test process”. It will be.

[Problem 3] Increased development cost due to undeveloped documents

The structure of the system becomes complicated as the functions of the existing system are expanded and refurbished. At this time, documents such as specifications and design documents are indispensable to understand the intention of implementing the functions already developed and the code described.
In system development, members are often changed or teams develop, so it is essential to prepare documents so that anyone can understand the intentions and ideas of the developers at that time. ..

However, it is not uncommon for man-hours to be prioritized in the design, implementation, and testing of functions, and it is not possible to take time to create documents. In this case, the development burden increases due to de-recognition of the specifications and rework due to misrecognition, and the wrinkles appear as deterioration of the system quality.

[Problem 4] Frequent degradations due to repeated additions / corrections

While the system is operated for a long period and is repeatedly repaired and expanded, there is a possibility that incorrect corrections and function development will be made later because the original implementation intention is not communicated.
For example, “I don’t understand the intent of the code, I have a complicated implementation.” “The role of each process is not left in the comments of the code, and it cannot be understood by anyone other than the original developer.” There are things like that.

For services of a certain size or larger, serious degradation can occur when development members misunderstand coding rules and add or modify systems.

In addition, it is important to identify the range of influence when additions or corrections are made, but if this process is not sufficiently implemented due to man-hours, etc., it may become a hotbed of defects.

[Problem 5] Increased cost due to test implementation by developers and designers

Also, if a developer or designer who understands the internal structure tests and verifies, the test and verification will be biased toward the developer’s perspective, and if you do not notice the defect that could be detected through the black box test. There is also.
As a result, costs are incurred due to wasted man-hours for testing and verification.

Points to be aware of when developing a Web system

Match the specifications between the client, PM, and developer in advance (Problem 1 / Problem 2)

If the goals are not shared among the parties concerned, specification changes and insertions may occur after entering the implementation/verification stage of the development process.

Web system
Web system

To ensure that the specifications and requirements required for the system to be repaired/expanded are matched within a predetermined schedule, it is necessary to leave a text exchange such as a document or e-mail or to make it easier to find omissions in the description items. It can be said that it is effective to avoid troubles after the start of development as much as possible, such as unifying the format of the specifications and specifications.

Prepare documents from test design (Problem 3)

It is also useful for the test designer to conduct a careful hearing from the developer and maintain the documentation before conducting the test.
For example, by providing an item that summarizes the development background, specifications, and requirements in the test case format, the reason for development, the development content, and the verification policy/results for this can be summarized in one document. It will be easier to check if you need to refer to the document later.

Make rules for coding methods and judgment criteria for adding/modifying functions (Problem 4) (Problem 5)

At the stage of system testing, it is easy to look at whether the system meets the internal structure and specifications, but as a problem before starting implementation, how to establish development methods and judgment criteria is also an important point of view.
It will be a preventive measure to unify the naming rules of variables at the time of coding, how to leave comments, and the standards for dealing with merge tasks in each development process within the company.

In conclusion

This time, we have introduced the problems that are likely to occur in Web system development and the points to keep in mind. For problems such as quick delivery and specification changes, it is essential to share information between clients and personnel, prepare documents, and unify test perspectives. Let’s focus on the points mentioned in the article and aim to improve the quality of the system from a long-term perspective.

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