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Recommended for Father’s Day gifts! IoT goods that please your father

Father’s Day 2018 is Sunday, June 17th. Why don’t you give a present this year to convey your daily gratitude?

So this time, we picked up IoT goods that are perfect for Father’s Day. Introducing smart watches that do not need to be recharged / Bluetooth (R) trackers that prevent the loss of valuables / training equipment that eliminates lack of exercise.

All the products are convenient to use, so you should be able to see your father’s happy face. If you are worried about what to give, please check the article.

▼ No need to charge

Suddenly, what are your impressions of smartwatches? Some of you may have a negative image that “daily charging is troublesome”.

However, the “MATRIX PowerWatch” we are introducing is a smart watch that does not require any charging. It is a Suguremono that generates and drives electricity at the user’s body temperature. Even if you remove it from your arm, it will operate with the power stored up to that point.

This is not the only point to note. It also has a health care function that measures calories burned / steps / sleep time.

The measurement data can be confirmed on the main unit screen. If you connect your smartphone to the main unit via Bluetooth (R), you can manage various data from the dedicated app. If you check these data every day, your health consciousness will naturally increase.

▼ Inadvertently to my dad

Next up is the Bluetooth (R) tracker “Tile Sport” that prevents the loss of valuables.

Attach the product to something important that you don’t want to lose. If you operate the smartphone app, you can make a sound from the main unit so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

A notable feature is that it boasts durability equivalent to “IP68”. This means the highest level of dust and water resistance. It can be used not only for wallets and keys, but also for bicycles, motorcycles, backpacks, and other goods to be attached.

You can’t miss the fact that the communication range and volume are more powerful than the conventional products. It’s a very high quality tracker.

▼ Home becomes a fitness gym

“I want you to stay healthy forever.” With that wish in mind, why not give your father training supplies as a gift? Finally, I would like to introduce “Move It,” which is a set of multiple fitness equipment.

Included are a skipping rope, a push-up stand, an ab wheel that trains the abdominal muscles, and a resistance band that stretches and trains the muscles. Each device can count the number of exercises in cooperation with the smartphone app.

As a strict “personal trainer”, it also has a function to watch over training. For example, push-up stands for push-ups have infrared rays connecting the left and right devices. If you do not lower your chest to that position, the number of times will not be counted. In front of “Move It”, omissions are never overlooked. It’s the perfect device for those who want to get fit.


So far, I have introduced three IoT goods that I would like to recommend for Father’s Day. If you have a product that interests you, please check the details.



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