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Recommended for summer! 3 waterproof IoT goods

Swimming in the sea or pool, barbecuing in the river, camping, etc. In the summer, you will have more opportunities to spend at the waterside.

Therefore, this time, we have picked up waterproof IoT goods that are safe even if they get wet! We will introduce three types of smart watches that do not require charging, a Bluetooth (R) tracker that prevents the loss of valuables, and a smartphone case that can be used as a screen on the back of the iPhone.

Please use waterproof products when you spend your time at the waterside so that your items will not be “submerged and broken …” during your vacation.

▼ Smart watch that does not require charging

The “Matrix PowerWatch X” introduced at the beginning is a smart watch with “200m water resistance” specifications. It is a product with waterproof performance that can withstand water pressure at a depth of 200 m. It seems that you don’t have to take it off your arm when you enter the sea or the pool.

“Matrix PowerWatch X” is equipped with a healthcare function and can measure calories burned / steps / sleep time. If you pair it with your smartphone, you will be notified of incoming calls by vibration.

The biggest feature of the product is that it does not require any charging despite being a smartwatch. With heat power generation technology, it is a mechanism to generate power at the user’s body temperature. + Style also sells a low-priced version of the same product, “MATRIX PowerWatch” (water resistant to 50m), so please check it out as well.

▼ The best tracker for the outdoors ♪

Bluetooth (R) tracker “Tile Sport” that finds what you are looking for. If you attach it to something important, even if you lose it, you can locate it by playing the “Tile Sport” sound from your smartphone.

On the contrary, please use “Tile Sport” even in the situation of “Where is your smartphone ??”. If you press the logo button in the center of the main unit twice quickly, you can ring the paired smartphone. You can hear the sound even if your smartphone is in silent mode.
The maximum communication range by Bluetooth (R) connection is 60 m, and the volume is 98 decibels, which is about twice that of the conventional product, assuming outdoor use.

You can’t miss the performance equivalent to “IP68”, which is dustproof and waterproof. As it is a durable product, it can be attached to various goods such as outdoor rucksacks, bicycles, and motorcycles.

▼ The back of the iPhone is the second screen!

Lastly, I would like to introduce the smartphone case “Ink Case i7” for iPhone 7. Equipped with a display, you can use the back of your iPhone as a second screen.

The “Ink Case i7” display uses “E Ink technology,” which is easy on the eyes. It supports ePub & txt format files, making it an ideal device for reading ebooks.
Also, by pairing your iPhone, you can always display the task list and calendar. You’ll be able to quickly see your important requirements without having to launch the app.

The display is water resistant, easy to see even in direct sunlight, and resistant to scratches, so you can enjoy reading gracefully at the beach or by the pool.

Until August 21st (Tuesday), “InkCase i7” will be on sale at a sale price of 7,980 yen (tax included). Please take this opportunity to check it out.

Each product page introduces the functions and usage in detail. If you find any goods that interest you, please check them out.




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