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Refresh your mind and body! IoT goods useful for measures against May disease

A new year in which motivation for work and study naturally increases. However, after Golden Week, the tiredness gradually builds up, and the number of people who tend to feel depressed saying “I’m not motivated …” is increasing. Therefore, this time, we will pick up IoT goods that will blow away such “May disease”.

Introducing products that refresh your mind and body, such as glasses-type devices that support a comfortable sleep experience, smart watches equipped with health care functions, and robots that you can play with your pet.

▼ When you want to make your feelings crispy

A life rhythm that tends to get disturbed when you get busy. Some people may be working while fighting drowsiness because of lack of sleep.

“I want to reduce drowsiness during the day” “I want to be more crispy”. In such a case, “AYO”, a glasses-type device that adjusts the body clock with the power of light, comes into play.

By emitting blue light that is gentle on the eyes, it suppresses the action of the hormone “melatonin” related to sleep. It helps to relieve drowsiness. You don’t have to close your eyes when wearing it, so you can use it while working.

Please use “AYO” even if you have trouble falling asleep at bedtime. Contrary to the previous one, the effect of light leads to a natural fall asleep. Get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy day.


▼ Change your mood with moderate exercise ♪

Moderate exercise is the best way to relieve stress. However, even if you start walking or running, it is quite difficult to continue every day. Therefore, I would like to recommend the smart watch “CITY” that can measure the number of steps / running distance / calories burned.

The measurement data is summarized in graphs and can be checked from the dedicated app. Keeping a daily record of your exercise will help you stay motivated. It’s also convenient to be able to easily measure data just by wearing a wristwatch.

In addition, you can measure sleep data. You can check sleep time / depth / awakening time / number of awakenings, which is useful for daily health management.

“CITY” is a design that can be used without problems even in the business scene. As of mid-May 2018, it is on sale at 20% off the list price. Please take this opportunity to check it out.

▼ Relax by playing with pets

The last item, “easyPlay,” is a toy for pets that can be operated remotely. You can change the speed and direction of the ball’s movement through the dedicated app.

The main body is equipped with a camera and speakers. You can check the state of your pet and play with it from outside. It is a product that I want you to use as a break during work.

When you roll it, a snack will come out from inside, so dogs and cats who are on the answering machine will play without getting tired.

If you don’t have time to operate the main unit, you can set it to “automatic mode”. Instead of the owner, “easyPlay” will play with your pet.

Each product page introduces the design and functions in detail. If you find IoT goods that you want, please check the details.



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