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[Review] Air purifier “Turned Kay” with photocatalyst sterilization and deodorization, and noiseless design

The rainy season in 2020 seems to have lasted much longer than usual. The hot summer has come this year as well, but when it gets hot, the smell of the room becomes a concern. Do you have any idea? When I returned to the room where the air conditioner was turned off, the unpleasant odor that came with the heat. Air purifiers ” Turned Kay KL-W01 (wall-mounted type) ” and ” Turned Kay KL-B01 (LED bulbs )” are effective products to prevent odors in unique rooms that you do not notice when you live, no matter how clean they are. Type) “.


Photocatalyst wall-mounted sterilization deodorizer

Caltech’s Turned Kay is an air purifier equipped with a unique photocatalytic function that is effective in deodorizing and sterilizing. It seems that Caltech is a company that an engineer from a major Japanese home appliance maker independently launched to bring out deodorizing and sterilizing devices using photocatalytic technology.

The main features are

  • ・ Sterilization and deodorization are possible only with a photocatalyst without an adsorption filter.
  • ・ “Noiseless design” that fits into various scenes
  • ・ Electricity bill is cheap

Such a place.

By the way, you’re not familiar with the word “photocatalyst”. The “catalyst” that I remember hearing in science experiments is a function that promotes the reaction without changing before and after the reaction, and the “photocatalyst” says that the reaction is carried out by light energy. thing.

It is said that this photocatalytic technology can be used to decompose organic matter stains and inactivate bacteria. There are some things that genuine literary people do not understand, but what is important is the effect. I actually used it!


Even one woman can assemble

The location of the Turned Kay KL-W01 (wall-mounted type) was placed opposite the air conditioner, which is described as an “effective installation location” in the included start guide and instruction manual. Originally, it can be installed by attaching it to the wall, but at my house, the entire wall I want to use has become a cupboard, so this time I decided to use an optional stand.

When mounting it on the wall, it seems that it can be easily mounted along the level and magnet navigation, and I am happy that the molding is included so that the wiring can be hidden. Even one woman who is not very good at machinery and assembly could install it.

When installing on a stand, screws are used, so a Phillips screwdriver is required.


I don’t mind the garlic odor

There is a kitchen near the installation location, so when I was cooking with garlic, the odor sensor detected it and the lamp turned red!

The odor sensor automatically detects the odor of the room and changes as follows.

Green: Not very odor
Yellow: Slightly odor
Red: Very odor

Manual operation button

The sensitivity of the odor sensor can be changed with the operation buttons on the side of the main unit, so for example, it is better to change it depending on where you put it, such as “high” in a home with pets and “low” in a bedroom with only nights. Regarding the garlic odor this time, with the sensor set to “high”, it changed to a green lamp in about 30 minutes, and by that time the odor was almost unnoticeable.

To clean it, just attach the filter once every few months and wash it. These items are difficult to maintain, and if you skip them, you will not have any children, so it is a big advantage that they are easy.


Lighting that has a deodorizing effect is also available for space saving such as toilets.

With extension socket

Turned K KL-B01 (LED bulb type) is ideal for saving space in toilets, entrances, and washrooms. It uses the E26 screw-in base used for general household lighting and has the advantage of being easily attached to toilets and washbasins.

The main feature here is

  • ・LED lights up with a motion sensor
  • ・ Deodorizing and sterilizing functions operate even when the lights are off.
  • ・ Easy to install

Such a place. According to the manufacturer, it has a deodorizing effect of 90% or more for ammonia in about 30 minutes.

It’s just an individual experience, but I got the impression that the deodorizing speed is faster than the conventional deodorizing machine. Because my pet’s toilet is placed in the room, I am always paying attention to odors and germs, and I am more concerned about odors. However, this experience, in which pets are relatively quick to use and deodorize to a level that is almost unnoticeable, has never been more.

According to the manufacturer, 99.9% of the influenza virus can be removed from the space in about 5 minutes. ” Turned Kay KL-W01 (wall-mounted type) ” and ” Turned Kay KL-B01 (LED bulb type) ” seem to be of encouraging items in the coming era.



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