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[Review] I tried using the + Style “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300”, which is convenient for wiping with water and has a cooperative function.

It’s hard to clean every day while being busy with work and housework. It would be nice if the robot vacuum cleaner could do the cleaning for you. It seems convenient, but robot vacuum cleaners are still expensive … Don’t you think that way?

With the + Style ” Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300 “, you can experience a comfortable life with a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans well for less than 20,000 yen.

Even the entry model has authentic performance!

+ Style smart robot vacuum cleaners include the high-spec model ” Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G300 ” and the entry model ” Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300 “. There is a difference in the mapping function that recognizes the shape of the room and cleans it efficiently, but in fact, it is a full-fledged model with performance that can not be underestimated even in the entry model.

Smart robot vacuum cleaner B300

The B300 can be used not only for “suction cleaning” of dust and dirt but also for “cleaning with water” by setting the tank and mop. It is a robot vacuum cleaner that plays a dual role, as it is usually used mainly for suction cleaning, but when the floor is sticky or has dirt that is difficult to remove, it can be thoroughly cleaned with a water wipe.

The height is about 6.2 cm and it is made short, so you can go into narrow gaps such as under the bed. It’s a difficult place to clean even with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, so it’s helpful to have people clean it without the hassle of moving furniture.

You can also wipe it with water by attaching a tank and mop. This is a rare feature for models under 20,000 yen.

Even though it is a round robot vacuum cleaner, it is a mechanism that can sweep firmly to the corners

Also, circular robot vacuums generally have the weakness of being difficult to clean the corners of a room, but the B300 has one long side brush on each side. The side brush is rotated to collect dust in the center, and the main brush on the back side sucks in gently, so you can save the trouble of supplementing small parts with ordinary cleaning.

In addition to cleaning the entire room, “edge designation” that focuses on cleaning stains that tend to collect dirt while surrounding along the wall, pinpointing only the area with a radius of about 50 cm when spilled food waste, etc. You can also use it as a “spot designation” for cleaning.

Avoid steps that are easy to identify, such as stairs. It is recommended to put the attached magnetic tape on a step as low as a few centimeters and tell the place where “no entry” is allowed.

He cleaned every corner of the furniture while avoiding complicated obstacles such as bicycles.

When robot vacuum cleaners for home use were still rare, there was a funny story that “robot vacuum cleaners started to clean up the room diligently to make it easier to work”, but recent robot vacuum cleaners have evolved. doing.

Even if you have luggage on the floor, you can search around and run so that you will not miss anything, and it looks like you are running vigorously and you will not fall down the stairs, but still attack to the last minute and clean it. increase. It seems that not only furniture but also unexpectedly complicated obstacles can be avoided, and although I have a road bike in my room, I also went into the narrow space between the tires and cleaned it.

To dispose of garbage, just open the lid and remove the dust box. The dust box can also be washed with water

You can overcome steps and carpets to some extent, and you don’t have to do “preparation before moving the robot vacuum cleaner” like the robot vacuum cleaner of a long time ago, you can start cleaning by operating the application whenever you think of it.

By the way, if there is a place where it is difficult to judge by the sensor, try using the attached magnetic tape. For example, if you put a magnetic tape in front of a place where you do not want to put a robot vacuum cleaner, such as a barrier-free entrance with a low step, a place where your child’s toys are left, or a kitchen while cooking, you can avoid it and clean it. Will do it.

Evolved into a more nifty “cleaner” by linking devices

The B300 is convenient as it is, but if you combine it with the app “+ Style” or other + Style home appliances / devices , it will evolve into a more nifty “cleaner”.

More convenient with the app

If you operate the app when you want to clean it, the rest is left to you, and cleaning is completed. Of course, I think this alone is easy enough, but it can also be a robot vacuum cleaner that “cleans itself” by going one step further.

If you move it into a room with people, it may hit you and disturb the efficient cleaning course, or you may be worried about the operating noise, so it is recommended that you have it cleaned secretly while you are away. Cleaning can be started automatically by using time and whereabouts as a key.

The simplest method is to use the “Smart Mode” of the app to set the cleaning to start at a fixed time and day of the week so that you can clean according to the time of absence such as commuting to work or school.

However, due to the recent situation, the time spent at home has increased due to remote work, etc., and many people should have an unstable time going out. If you’re at home and suddenly start cleaning, you’ll be distracted … In that case, you can use “GPS linkage”. This linkage function can be set to automatically start cleaning when the distance from the house is more than a certain distance by using the location information of the smartphone.

Can be used in combination with + Style products such as “Smart Multi Remote Control” and smart speakers from Google Home / Amazon Alexa

You can also combine it with other + Style home appliances and devices. For example, the ” smart multi-remote control ” that allows remote control of home appliances has an illuminance sensor, so you can judge whether you are absent or not by the brightness of the room.

If you set the room where the robot vacuum cleaner is placed to start cleaning when it gets dark (= when there are no people), you can use it not only when you are out but also when you sleep at night to clean the living room. You can do it ♪

Why don’t you start a convenient and comfortable smart home life with a smart robot vacuum cleaner?

Combining the affordable, high-performance ” Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300 ” with the “+ Style” and + Style app devices makes troublesome cleaning convenient and comfortable. + Style MAGAZINE introduces a lot of mastery techniques such as ” + Style Home Appliance Automation Method “, so please refer to it!

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