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[Review] Make a smart home with Hachikyupa! + Style What can you do with “Smart Home First Set Omakase Home Appliances Pack”?

With the advent of smartphones and smart speakers, smart homes have become a familiar event. However, when you make a smart home for the first time, you will be wondering what to install and how to set it. Therefore, a recommended set has appeared for the introduction to smart homes.

+ Style started selling “Smart Home First Set” on August 18, 2020. For those who are new to smart homes, three types of smart home first-time sets can be selected according to their purpose. The ” Living / Kitchen Pack ” and ” Security Measure Pack ” can turn your living room and kitchen into a smart home at once, and the most affordable 8980 yen ” Omakase Home Appliances Pack ” among the three types of sets. We will introduce the contents of the Omakase Home Appliances Pack and how you can make it a smart home with this pack.


What is the “Omakase Home Appliances Pack”?

The Omakase Home Appliances Pack is, so to speak, a basic pack for “smart homes”. The smart speaker “Google Home Mini” is included in the combination of “Smart Multi Remote Control” and “Smart Wi-Fi Plug”, which are convenient for making home appliances smart as they are.

The price is 8980 yen, which is 18% off compared to the case of purchasing 3 products individually, which is a very reasonable price for promoting smart homes. Let’s start with the products in the pack.

■ Smart multi-remote control

The + Style ” smart multi-remote control ” that is perfect for starting smart homes is the so-called “smart remote control”. Allows you to operate home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners from your smartphone app.

A compact “smart multi-remote controller” with a diameter of 60 mm. The power supply is micro USB, which is convenient to stick on the wall. In this way, one of the attractions is that smart homes can be promoted from small places rather than large scale.

Furthermore, linking with smart speakers makes it even easier to create smart homes. Voice operation is also possible. For example, you can change the channel by saying “OK Google, set TV to 5 channels”.

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It is compatible with many home appliances that support infrared remote control, which is a nice part of smart homes. More than 500 types of settings for each manufacturer and model are registered in advance. It is also convenient that it has a built-in temperature/humidity/illuminance sensor. For example, it is possible to automatically set according to the room environment, such as “Turn on the air conditioner when the room temperature reaches 30 degrees or higher”. By advancing smart homes, we can literally get a more comfortable environment.

Another feature is that it can be linked with + Style smart home appliances. For example, by combining it with a ” smart sensor (door/window) “, you can set “turn on the TV when you open the living room door in the morning”. .. With smart homes, operations can be changed depending on whether there are people or not.

In addition, it contributes to smart homes through cooperation such as linking the installed ceiling lights with + Style smart lighting. You can also use the smart speaker to turn on both the ceiling light linked with the remote control and the desk light of the smart light bulb by saying “OK Google, turn on the lights in the bedroom”.

In summary, the strength of smart multi-remote controllers is that they can be upgraded at once, such as “smarting existing home appliances,” “operating home appliances by voice,” and “automating in cooperation with smart home appliances .” Let’s start here as the first step toward becoming a smart home.

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■ Smart Wi-Fi plug

The Wi-Fi environment is something that we definitely want to make smarter with smart homes. The ” smart Wi-Fi plug ” makes you realize its convenience when you use it. It is an item that can be remotely controlled and automated to be turned on and off with the outlet.

The smart Wi-Fi plug is an item that can automate power operation and monitor power consumption. Smart homes also have the function of omitting unnecessary operations and energy.

For example, if you incorporate it into the power supply of a lamp for indirect lighting, you can turn it on and off with your smartphone without having to approach the lamp and operate the switch. You can also turn on the lamp with your voice by combining it with a smart speaker. The real thrill of making a smart home is to eliminate such extra work.

The depth of the + Style smart Wi-Fi plug lies in the fact that depending on how you use it, you can do more than just remote control. There is a wattmeter function that visualizes the amount of electricity used from the app, and it is possible to automate such as operating other home appliances according to the power consumption. For example, you can install a plug on the TV, and when the TV is attached, the indirect lighting on the back of the TV will also be turned on. In addition, you can use a mechanism to measure power consumption to automate things such as “notify the app when the laundry is finished”. Smart homes can be “infinitely diversified by combining existing functions.”

If you combine it with a smart multi-remote controller, for example, if you turn on the clothes dryer with the multi-remote controller, it is convenient to start the circulator in conjunction with it. You can also use the thermometer function on the multi-remote control side as a trigger to start the fan when the room temperature rises. A smart Wi-Fi plug that can meet many demands depending on the device will be an important key item for making homes smarter (smart homes).

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■ Smart speaker “Google Home Mini”

“Google Home Mini” included in the smart home set for the first time is a smart speaker made by Google and is the most popular product. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the first step in making a smart home.

Smart speaker “Google Home Mini”. Indispensable for smart home

With the slogan “OK Google”, you can listen to the weather, play music, and operate home appliances. You need an Android smartphone or iPhone to set it up, but once you set it up, you can operate it without a smartphone as long as you are connected to your home Wi-Fi. It’s visibly convenient, so once you get used to this voice operation, you can’t go back.

There is also a function to easily listen to information such as “Tell me the news” and “Is there a Chinese restaurant nearby?” And play music, but the most convenient thing is the operation of home appliances. When combined with + Style smart appliances, you don’t have to hold the remote control in your hand.

This smart speaker is also a representative product for smart homes. If you place it in each room, the smart speakers in the nearby room will respond to improve listening accuracy, and if you combine the two, you will also have the ability to play music in stereo. When it comes to smart homes, it is convenient to have one, and it is even more comfortable to have multiple.


The possibilities are endless depending on the idea

The ” Omakase Home Appliances Pack ” is a convenient set for making home appliances at home smarter. Smart multi-remote controls and smart Wi-Fi plugs are very convenient as devices that can make home appliances smart and smart homes, but on the other hand, apps alone satisfy frequently used home appliances (TVs, air conditioners, lighting, etc.). It is not the best to use it.

However, if it is a combination of the ” Omakase Home Appliances Pack ” that comes with a smart speaker, smart homes will be promoted at once. You can easily operate “I want to turn the power on / off quickly” by voice without looking for remote control, and by setting it properly, you can “shorten” the operation of home appliances many times more than before. It is perfect for people who want to start smart homes in the future.

In the video below, you can see the actual situation of smart home conversion. This is a scene in which the TV is turned on / off using a smart multi-remote control with a smart speaker in the Omakase Home Appliances Pack. Such simple power ON / OFF can be operated immediately by setting the + Style account and Google account in cooperation with the application “Google Home”.

By the way, for those who “already use smart lighting but want to make it more convenient! Want to achieve a smooth smart home!”, This set is definitely worth considering. This set should show you the depth of smart homes, not just the operation of lights.

If you would like to try smart homes more deeply, please also refer to the article series ” + Style Home Appliance Automation Method “. Why don’t you try to find your own smart home with the ” Omakase Home Appliances Pack ” set for the first time in smart home?




Toru Ishii


Mobile / IT writer. He became a reporter for a specialized medium for mobile phones when he started collecting collections because he was addicted to early iPhone / Android smartphones. He works as a freelancer after working in the Japanese editorial department of Engadget. He likes home appliances that work with smartphones and has a wealth of knowledge about smart homes. He’s been addicted to automating home lights with smart light bulbs and smart speakers these days.



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