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Ring-type device / call recorder compatible with voice assistant etc. 3 selections of goods that work with smartphones

Ring type device “ORII” is now on sale! In addition to being able to activate the voice assistant of your smartphone, this is a Suguremono that allows you to make calls by simply putting your finger on your ear. It is a futuristic product that turns your finger into a smartphone.

This time, let’s explain the functions of “ORII” in detail and introduce two types of products that can be used in cooperation with smartphones.

▼ You can multitask with one finger and voice

Siri and Google Assistant can do various tasks just by talking to your smartphone. Wouldn’t it be very convenient if you could use these voice assistant functions and smartphones in your bag or pocket?

The ring-type device “ORII” supports cooperation with Siri & Google Assistant. Simply tap the button on the “ORII” side, place your finger on your ear, and say “What’s the weather like today?” Or “Wake up at 7am” and the voice assistant will work on your smartphone. ..

The function to make a call with the same operation is also attractive. Because it uses bone conduction technology, the sound is delivered directly to the inside of the ear through the finger from the “ORII” body. It’s like a movie that you can talk on the phone with your finger on your ear.

“ORII” has a notification function for phone calls, SMS, and LINE, and waterproof performance that is safe even if you wash your hands or sweat. A total of 10 different ring sizes are available, and I’m glad that you can choose the one that fits best.

It’s a popular item, so it’s a chance when it’s in stock!

▼ For those who want to ensure the security of their home!

Why don’t you make effective use of your old smartphone sleeping at home? The “DAVV” that I will introduce next is a smart cradle with a built-in motor. You can use it as a security camera just by setting a smartphone with the dedicated application installed.

If you install the dedicated app on your smartphone, you can check the state of your home from a remote location. It is also equipped with a function to rotate the “DAVV” body 360 degrees and talk to children and pets who are on the answering machine using the two-way call function. When it detects movement around the camera, it has a function to start automatic recording and send a notification, and security measures are perfect.

If you are looking for a home camera, pet camera or baby monitor, please check the details.

▼ Call recording quickly even on iPhone

The last “Stickphone” is a Bluetooth recorder that can record voice calls on smartphones. Even iPhones that do not support call recording can record conversations in MP3 format.

Very easy to use. If you have already paired with your smartphone, recording will start automatically. Another feature is that you can answer incoming calls to your smartphone with the “Stickphone” itself. If you change the mode switch to “VOICE”, you can use it as a general voice recorder.

With a built-in USB terminal, it also supports direct connection to a personal computer. You can back up the recorded data to your computer and play / save / edit it. With a thickness of 11.5 mm and a weight of 20.5 g, it is slim and lightweight, so you can hang it from your neck or put it in your chest pocket.

Each product page provides detailed information on design, features, and prices. If you find the goods you are interested in, please check the details.



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