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Should I have a sensor? Why should you stick to the lighting of the inner entrance?

What kind of lighting does your home entrance have? When I get home and turn on the electricity, it feels good to see the sensor react immediately and brighten up. If the sensor automatically turns on the light like this, it is convenient even when both hands are occupied. Some may be considering lighting with sensors for crime prevention. In this article, we will introduce the importance of lighting at the entrance and tips for choosing the best lighting equipment.

Why interior lighting is important

Some people may be wondering, “Isn’t it enough to turn on the lights?” Certainly, the inner entrance is different from the space where you can relax like a living room. It is not a place to wash your face or brush your teeth like a washroom. However, there are reasons why you should think carefully about your choice of lighting at the entrance.

Because it’s a place I use every day

When you go out or go home, you always go through the inner entrance. Although it is not a space that is used for a long time, it can be said that it is a place that is used almost every day. I often see it, so it feels better to have a nice space. You don’t have to leave the lights on for 24 hours, but even on a tiring day when you come home, it’s a relief if the front door is bright. You can also use a sensor light that turns on automatically to illuminate the interior entrance. The sensor light is useful when you come home on a dark night road. The moment you open the door of your house, it will brighten up and you will feel as if you were saying “Welcome back”. The area around the entrance is one of the spaces that are important even in Feng Shui. This is because the entrance is the face of the house and is considered to be the entrance to luck. Keeping the inner entrance bright at all times is also a good thing from a feng shui point of view.

Because it’s a place to welcome customers

The inner entrance is also the first space in the house that visitors to the house see. It can be said that it is a place where the first impression of the time spent from now on is decided by the visitor. Dirty or cluttered floors can make you feel unwelcome. It is important to keep the space clean and tidy so that you can feel comfortable. Lighting is also an indispensable point to make the inner entrance a nicer space. It is easier to welcome customers when it is bright to some extent than when it is dim. Even when inviting friends and acquaintances to your home, keeping the front door bright will allow you to spend a good time with each other.

What you want to emphasize when choosing the lighting for the interior entrance

There are different types of luminaires. Optimal lighting varies depending on the location, such as the living room, dining room, study, or children’s room. Then, what kind of lighting should be selected for the inner entrance, here we will introduce how to select a lighting fixture that is suitable for the inner entrance, has a good impression, and is easy to use. If you are interested in lighting, please refer to the following points.


It is generally said that the brightness of the lighting required for the inner entrance is 750 to 150 lux (lx). However, there are many people who prepare themselves at the entrance when they go out, such as checking for things left behind before putting on their shoes and checking their appearance in the mirror. In addition, detailed work such as confirming the address of the mail and signing when receiving the package may be required. It is necessary to choose lighting that is bright to some extent even if it is too dark. To make the whole house bright and nice, we recommend bright lighting of about 500 lux at the entrance. With this brightness, you can not only check your appearance before going out but also welcome visitors comfortably.

Light bulb color

Light bulbs come in different colors as well as brightness. In household fluorescent lamps, “bulb color” and “neutral white” have been often used. In recent years, LED-type lighting has become mainstream, but you can still choose the type of color. This is because which color is suitable depends on the place of use and the purpose of use. The light bulb-colored lighting has a slightly orange tint. The color is suitable when you want to relax, so it is generally used in the living room. You can create a warm atmosphere by changing the lighting of the interior entrance to a light bulb color. On the other hand, neutral white is a light that is close to the natural light of the sun. It has a clear impression, and it is easy to distinguish the difference in the color of clothes, etc. correctly. If you want to check your appearance before you go out, we recommend the neutral white color at the entrance.

Things that don’t get in the way

In a word, there are various types of lighting for the interior entrance, which differ in installation method and size. If you don’t choose the right lighting, it can get in the way when you put things in and out of your shoe box. Also, if your elbows hit you when you tie your shoelaces, or if you hit them when you open the door, you may not only be inconvenienced, but you may also be concerned about safety. In order to make effective use of the limited space at the entrance, it is important to choose lighting that does not interfere with operation.

It would be nice to have a motion sensor

When going out or returning home, it is often difficult to operate the lights. It can be difficult to reach the switch on the wall when you have luggage in both hands or when you cannot take your hands off because of the care of your child. For such cases, it would be convenient to have a light that turns on automatically. In addition, lighting with a motion sensor is recommended at the entrance of the house. When the sensor detects a person, it automatically switches on and off, so it brightens only when needed. Also, the fact that you don’t have to manually operate it is useful when you come home tired.

What design of lighting should you choose?

Lighting fixture designs are diverse. To choose the right lighting for your front door, it’s important to know what kind of lighting it is. Here, we will introduce the designs and features of four types of lighting fixtures with different installation methods.


A downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling. Indentations are placed on the ceiling, and light bulbs are attached to each to illuminate the space from above. The feature is that there is little oppressive feeling as an instrument, and the overall impression is refreshing. In addition, it can be said to be a versatile type of lighting because it can be used in any size by changing the arrangement. It is suitable when you want to brighten the interior entrance to every corner. However, construction is required to install the downlight. Once the construction is complete, the lighting layout cannot be changed. If you want to brighten the entrance with an easy method, it is not suitable.

ceiling light

A ceiling light is a type of lighting fixture that is installed by directly inserting a plug into a power supply installed on the ceiling. It is mainly used as the main lighting to illuminate the entire space. It can be used in large rooms such as the living room, so it is perfect for brightening the interior entrance. The characteristic of ceiling lights is that the shape of the power supply is determined by the standard. Therefore, as long as the type of plug matches, you can install it no matter which one you buy. Products with various designs are sold at home appliance mass retailers, and it is also an advantage that you can easily choose the one you like. The installation work is not difficult, so it is suitable when you want to easily replace the lighting.

Bracket light

Bracket lights are wall-mounted lighting fixtures. Speaking of lighting that is often used in hotel corridors, it is easy to imagine. The feature is that there are many fashionable items with high design. Since it does not take up an installation area, there is a less oppressive feeling. However, the bracket light is an auxiliary light that is used separately from the main one. To brighten the interior entrance, it is necessary to combine it with a ceiling light or the like. Also, depending on the design, it may look like it sticks out of the wall, so be careful not to hit it when opening or closing the door.

Stand light

A stand light is a type of lighting fixture that can be moved anywhere you like. There are floor stand lights that can be used upright on the floor and table stand lights that can be used on the table. There are many products with fashionable designs, so you can turn your interior into a nice space by choosing the one you like. However, it is difficult to install in a limited space, and it is necessary to devise a place to put it so that it does not interfere with the operation or it will be hit and knocked down. Be careful when handling the power cord so that your feet do not get caught when walking.

You can attach your own lighting equipment with a sensor

In order to introduce bright lighting to the interior entrance, it is not always necessary to replace the lighting fixtures themselves. The solution is to replace only the light bulb part of the lighting you are currently using with a brighter one. If you like the design and want to use your lighting fixtures as they are, we recommend that you consider the method. Another option is to replace the regular light bulb with a sensor. In this case, you can turn your favorite luminaire into a bright luminaire with a sensor. Most of the light bulbs available today are LEDs, so it’s nice to be able to turn them on instantly when you need them. However, in the case of a light bulb with a sensor, it is necessary to note that the type of lighting equipment whose light bulb part is covered with a cover, etc. may not be usable because the sensor is also covered with the light bulb.

Some light bulbs can be operated with a smartphone

Some of the latest LED bulbs can be operated from your smartphone. + Style (plus style) “smart LED bulb” is one of them. In addition to the stepless dimming function that allows you to adjust the brightness to your liking from the dedicated app, it also has a toning function that allows you to select the light bulb color or neutral white. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can also operate by a voice from smart speakers such as “Google Assistant” and “Amazon Alexa”. The series also includes those equipped with motion sensors and “smart LED ceiling lights” that can be directly attached to the ceiling power supply. By combining these, you can use it conveniently, such as turning on the lights in the house as well as the entrance when you get home. Click here for details on + Style (plus style) smart LED bulbs [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulbs (human feeling) (2-year warranty for peace of mind) [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulbs (RGB toning) ( 2 for peace of mind) Year warranty)


The first entrance you see when you come back from the outside or when you welcome a customer can be said to be the “face of the house.” If you install a light bulb or ceiling light that can be turned on and off automatically at the entrance, it will turn into a more convenient and ideal space. Why don’t you take this opportunity to consider introducing it? Please check the + Style site for details. Click here for details on + Style ceiling lights



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