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What is the business content of SIer sales (SI sales)? Explains the difference from SaaS companies

SI sale
SI sales

“SIer (System Integrator)”, which develops and provides systems that solve customers’ worries, is a challenging job because it requires high skills. What is important for companies that run SIers is “SIer sales (SI sales),” which is the contact point for selling their systems. Since the products sold by SIer sales are intangible, it is necessary to listen to customer issues and provide solutions that match them. Also, please note that there are some differences from SaaS sales, which are sold in a subscription format.
This time, I will explain the outline of SIer sales, the difference from SaaS sales, the work content, and the flow of work.


table of contents

  • 1. What is SIer sales (SI sales)?
  • 2. Explain the difference between sales positions of SaaS companies and SIer companies!
  • 3. Knowledge and skills required for SIer sales (SI sales)
  • 4. System sales are not the only job! Explaining the flow of SIer sales (SI sales)
  • 5. Use the matching service to develop new SIer sales (SI sales)!


What are SIer sales (SI sales)?

SIer sales referee a sales method that sells “computer technology related to IT” as a product. Due to its nature, it is also called “system sales” or “solution sales”. Companies that provide SIer not only develop and provide systems, but also perform operations such as “system operation and maintenance”, “outside dispatch of in-house resources (engineers)”, and IT advice (consulting). It is also a point that there are cases where we are undertaking.

In other words, when working as a Sar salesalespersont only communication skills as a salesalespersont also “specialized knowledge about the system that the company can provide”, “consulting after understanding the system”, and “solutions that are not limited to system development”. Skills such as “selecting and providing” are also indispensable.

Therefore, if you worked as a male salesperson have a lot of knowledge about IT systems, or if you are originally involved in development in the engiengineeringartment and have high communication skills, you can say that you are familiar with SIer sales.

By the way, SIer companies often develop systems suitable from scratch based on customer issues. Therefore, in SIer sales, the ratio of sales staff involved in product development is larger than in normal sales where ready-made products are handed over and sold (sales hear issues from customers, and the development department develops based on them.

Explain the difference between sales positions of SaaS companies and SIer companies!

From here, I will compare the sales positions of SaaS companies and SIer companies and explain the differences.


● For SaaS sales

To put it simply, SaaS is a “system type that collectively provides servers and software running on them in the cloud.” SaaS is based on the form of a subscription, and the fee is deducted from the customer at regular timing such as monthly or annual. Sales of companies that offer SaaS must first focus on having long-term relationships with their customers without lowering the churn rate.

SaaS sales are simply calculated as “number of contracts x plan price x duration”. The reason is that if the number of contracts decreases in the long run, it will directly affect sales. Another point is that SaaS incurs a large amount of cost in the preparatory stage of offering a subscription, so if the churn rate increases and only short-term contracts can be obtained, the possibility of recovering the cost will be low. ..

In our sales and recover costs in a short per period sales, the side needs to take the following measures.

  • Deeply dig into customer feedback and reflect it in system functions
  • Supporting customers to use the system smoothly
  • Propose cross-selling and up-selling according to the customer’s stage

You will be doing business differently the traditional sales where you just sell the product and the relationship ends with the purchase. Regardless of your subscription model, doing business that keeps you in touch is a necessary skill in modern times, so if you’re short on it, hone your skills.


● Characteristics of SIer sales

There are two main types of SIer sales: “account sales” and “solution sales”.

Sales with an account focus on customers. Specifically, the point is to first hear the customer’s issues directly and propose and provide suitable solutions in-house.

It also includes tasks such as “relating to each department of the customer” and “encouraging client companies to invest more in their solutions”. The characteristic of account sales is that there is a strong direction to deepen the relationship with the acquired customers and grow the profits of the company, rather than the direction to increase the number of new customers acquired.

Solution sales, on the other hand, also focus on the customer, but the point is that a specific solution is already available. It will be a sales position to increase the number of new customers by proposing solutions to multiple target companies. In solution sales, the rewards that can be earned per company are small. Therefore, the point is to increase the service usage continuation rate while having relationships with as many companies as possible. In that respect, there are some similarities to SaaS sales.

Just because it’s important to increase the number, don’t force yourself to sell to customers who aren’t your target.

Knowledge and skills required for SIer sales (SI sales)

To become a SIer sales representative, you will need the following knowledge and skills.


● Knowledge of in-house services

In many cases, SIer develops and sells a system that meets customer issues from scratch. So you have to know what services your company can offer to your customers. In addition, flexible responses such as “explain to clients who are not familiar with IT” and “explain to clients who are not familiar with IT while handling technical terms” are also required. Even if you have communication skills, if you can not clearly explain why your service is good and what you can solve for your client, you can not do SIer sales.


● Knowledge of customers and industry

Knowledge of customers and industry is also essential. For customer understanding, for example, “persona settings” that are often used in website development are useful.

  • What kind of industry are you in?
  • What are the tare scale of business and annual sales?
  • What challenges do you currently have?
  • What kind of service are you considering?

By digging deeper into such points and building a persona, it will be easier to efficiently select target customers and lead to orders and continuous use acquisition.

Especially in account sales, where you need to make a deep commitment with your customers, you may need to understand more details such as organizational department structure and employee personality as well as customers and industries. Try to understand your customers well and show their attitude to be close to their worries.


● Ability and technical ability to proceed with the project

In introducing and using the system, it is necessary not only to make proposals but also to have various communication skills such as the following.

  • Smoothly close deals and decide orders
  • Coordinate between development department and client
  • Report the progress of development to the client one by one
  • Communicate so that you can work smoothly on site

In addition, as IT-related technologies change rapidly, we must take a proactive stance of regularly purchasing the latest information and updating it. Be careful not to leave your customers as if you only have old knowledge about IT. Since the main development is done by the engineer, please make good adjustments so that the engineer does not have to worry about other aspects of safes.


System sales are not the only job! Explaining the flow of SIer sales (SI sales)

From here, I will explain the business flow in SIer sales.


● Hearing of customer issues

SIer sales are the contact point for customers, so if you receive an inquiry via the website or telephone, you need to respond. Customers are also checking how to deal with potential ordering companies to determine whether they can request a job. Therefore, it will be necessary to have IT knowledge and technology and to respond appropriately so that you can place an order. As a person in charge, be aware that you may influence your brand.


● Introduction of in-house products

Introducing our products is also important as a business of SIer sales.

If you can share experiences such as past cases and achievements with customers, the persuasive power of the product will increase. Check the information of the other party and prepare the information you want to share so that you can introduce cases and achievements tailored to the customer. However, there are cases where SIer companies do not have fixed products. Therefore, when creating a system from the proposal stage, do not forget the feeling of creating products with customers.


● Proposal of system planning

Planning proposals are an important task in general sales, but in the case of SIer sales, the point is that it is necessary to perform simulations so that appropriate system introduction can be promoted. To perform a simulation, it is necessary to hear from the customer, imagine how the company’s service can solve it, and incorporate it into the proposal. If we can already sell the product as a package, we will propose the introduction, and if not, we will develop it and bring it to the stage where we can provide it.

If the client is only vaguely thinking about the project, as a SIer sales representative, let’s support clarifying the content of the project.


● Collaboration with the development department

Sales bring in business negotiations and win orders, but it is the development department that develops the products. Therefore, SIer sales need to discuss with the engineers in the development department, adjust the system development content, budget, development period, etc. and propose it to the client.

Also, depending on the business negotiations, there are cases where a sales assistant accompanies the role of explaining the system as an engineer called “pre-sales”. If the presales are in the business negotiations together, try to work together to win the business negotiations.


● Closing of business negotiations

Even if the business negotiations proceed, you will not be able to earn profits unless you bring the order. Therefore, if you work as a SIer salesalespersonu need to make final adjustments with the customer to close the opportunity. There is also a need for “I need an additional system, so I would like to make an additional request” even if I do not go to the closing. Therefore, it is also necessary to properly manage information including customers who did not go to closing so as not to lose customers. For customer information management, it is recommended to introduce a management tool such as “SFA”. You can retrieve a huge amount of information whenever you need it and use it for marketing, rather than managing it manually. If you want to win business negotiations according to the needs of each company, let’s introduce it.


● Operate and manage the system

Think of it as the production of SIer sales after the system installation is completed. We will move to the work of operating and managing the system to lead to a long-term contract.

You will need to create an operation manual to support the person in charge of the other party so that the system can be used smoothly, perform regular system checks, and check for any problems. Regarding the operation manual, we will select the content and wording, taking into account the skills of the person who operates it.

Also, even if there are no problems with the regular check, if there are any points that are likely to occur, change them in advance so that the problems do not become large.


Let’s use the matching service to develop new SIer sales (SI sales)!

For SIer companies to acquire new customers and maintain long-term contracts, a sales force is required. However, it is difficult for the company’s employees to centrally perform appropriate customer issues, closing, and managing customer information. So let’s take advantage of the matching service. Matching service is a service that mediates between system development companies and clients, and has merits such as “reducing the burden of sales” and “checking order information allows you to check what kind of projects are trending”. there is.

There are two types of SIer sales: account sales, which emphasize strengthening relationships with customers, and solution sales, which specialize in acquiring new customers and maintaining contracts. Let’s implement an appropriate sales method according to the service content of your company. Matching services are recommended for reducing sales man-hours and improving efficiency. If you have a problem such as lack of sales resources, please use it.

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