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Slowly at home on rainy days ♪ IoT goods to spend the rainy season meaningfully

The rainy season is finally here. If the weather isn’t good, going out even on holidays can be a hassle. If you feel like that, why not spend a fulfilling day at home, refraining from going out forcibly?

Therefore, this time, we will introduce IoT goods that make rainy holidays meaningful. Watch the hottest VR content, work on learning English, enjoy making music, etc. Take advantage of your time at home and take on various challenges.

▼ VR to enjoy on your smartphone

VR videos and VR games that appear one after another. “I want to experience it, but the hurdle seems to be high …”. Is there anyone who thinks that way?

Therefore, I would like to introduce the simple VR goggles “NOON VR”. You can easily enjoy VR content just by setting a 4.7-5.7 inch smartphone in the main unit. The point of interest is that you can operate the menu screen by tapping the main unit. No external input device such as a remote control is required. You can select the video you want to watch from the list while wearing the headset.

The headband with adjustable length and the blue light cut lens that does not tire your eyes are also attractive to the user. You can use it for a long time without stress. “NO ON VR”, which is perfect for getting started with VR, is on sale for 7,538 yen (tax included).


▼ Exclusive English conversation trainer

“Charpy Chocolate” with a cute expression. This is not just a stuffed animal. It is a robot equipped with artificial intelligence that allows you to enjoy conversation in English.

The lovely charming looks like a child only, but it supports conversations at Eiken Level 1 and TOEIC 700 points. It can be used by children from 8 years old to adults. It speaks according to the user’s English ability, so it helps learning like a teacher at an English conversation school.

If you install the dedicated application “Charpy station”, you can use contents such as “English proficiency test” and “pronunciation check” that diagnose your English level in 12 steps. The learning data is stored in the cloud, and the learning situation and conversation content are analyzed, and the charpy gradually grows. Even if you are tired of learning English and cannot continue studying English, you can enjoy studying with Charpy every day.


▼ For demo sound source production ♪

Lastly, I would like to introduce the external microphone “Lolly” that is compatible with iOS devices. This device is definitely recommended for those who make music at home or in the studio.

Sound is collected in three directions: front, left, and right. Since the direction, distance, and spread of the sound are captured, the space and environment of the recording site can be recorded delicately and three-dimensionally. Another major feature is that it is compatible with music production software such as “GarageBand”. You can edit the recorded sound source immediately.

“Lolly” can be used simply by inserting it into the charging port of an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. No need to install a dedicated app or set up Bluetooth. It runs on the power of the connected device, so there is no need to charge it. + Style is available in 4 colors: silver / black / gold / blue.


So far, we have introduced three goods. If you want to know more about the function and design, please visit each product page.



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