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Special sale is being held! Five products compatible with smart speakers, such as vacuum cleaners and desk lamps, are now available

5 IoT goods are now available at + Style! We have prepared various products that are useful for daily life, such as robot vacuum cleaners, table lamps, aroma diffusers, and mosquito traps.

The point of interest common to all five products is that they can be operated with a smartphone app or smart speakers such as “Amazon Echo” and “Google Home”. You can switch the power on / off by voice operation, change the settings with the app, and control smartly.

The following articles introduce the functions of each product. To commemorate the release, we are also holding a sale that you can purchase at a great price until August 3rd (Friday). Please take this opportunity to check the details!

▼ Smart vacuum cleaner that plays two roles

First, let’s introduce a “smart robot vacuum cleaner” that supports wiping with water in addition to sweeping.

There are three cleaning modes: auto (zigzag), spot (local), and edge (near the wall). To change the mode, please use the “Smart Life” app for iOS / Android. Radio control operation using the app is also possible.

If you want to use the smart speaker for voice operation, just say “Alexa, turn on the robot vacuum”. Until Friday, August 3, it is on sale at a special price of 14,800 yen (tax included).


▼ Would you like to change the lighting in your room?

The “smart room lamp” is a desktop lamp that expresses 16.77 million colors of light. This product is perfect for those who want to change the color of the room according to their mood! Cool blue on hot nights and soothing green when you want to relax. Color your room in a variety of atmospheres.

You can turn the power on / off and change the brightness and color with the “Smart Life” app and smart speaker.

High-quality glass material is used for the main body. The soft, rounded and simple design should fit into any room! During the sale period, you can purchase at a reasonable price of 3,300 yen (tax included). The number of items sold is small, so please check the details before they are sold out.


▼ The room becomes a fashionable space

If you want to change the color of your room, please also pay attention to “BR TLX Smart LED Striped Light”.

This is an LED tape light that works as an indirect lighting. It is possible to reproduce 16.77 million colors. If you install it on the back of the TV / under the bed / in the corridor, you can create a nice space like a model room or a hotel.

You can also perform various operations using the app or voice. The price during the sale period is 2,800 yen (tax included).


▼ Summer essentials!

Next, I would like to introduce the “Smart Mosquito Killer (mosquito trap)” that exterminates mosquitoes. The blue light attracts mosquitoes, and the fan sucks them into the saucer to catch them. It does not use any chemicals and does not emit odors or smoke. You can use it with confidence even in homes with babies and pets.

Since it is driven by a USB connection, it can be used outdoors if a mobile battery is used. It is also useful outdoors such as barbecue and camping. Of course, it supports operations using smartphone apps and smart speakers. You can purchase it for 2,500 yen (tax included) during the sale period.

▼ To a healing space with light and scent

“Smart aroma diffuser” that brings a relaxing effect with moisture and scent. You can turn the power on / off and set the timer using the app or smart speaker.

Mist water with ultrasonic waves and spray 30 ml per hour. Moisturize your room. Add your favorite essential oil (sold separately) to the water and enjoy a variety of scents. A safe design that automatically stops when the water runs out is also a nice point.

In addition, the main body is equipped with an LED light that can reproduce 16.77 million colors. Please heal the tiredness of the day slowly with the effect of scent and light. The selling price until August 3 (Friday) is 4,300 yen (tax included).

So far, we have introduced five products. On each product page, videos and specifications that introduce the functions are described. If you have a product that interests you, please visit that as well.



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