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[Super easy] I made coffee jelly at home! Just mix the ingredients

There are days when it gets cooler in September, but
I think that there are many people who get very hot in the daytime or get sick due to the temperature difference.

How about refreshing sweets that you can eat smoothly even when you have no appetite?
It’s easy, so if you make it at night, you can eat it the next morning!


Ingredients (3 servings / large cup)

  • Coffee (this time I made it freshly ground from beans): 400ml
  • Gelatin: 10g
  • Sugar: 6 tbsp
  • Fresh cream: Appropriate amount
  • Mentha (if you like): 1


① Make coffee

This time, I brewed coffee from beans.
If you grind it from beans, it will be a coffee jelly that you can feel the aroma and taste of coffee more strongly! We used the [+ Style ORIGINAL] smart fully automatic coffee maker (2-year warranty for peace of

mind) that grinds beans just by brewing water and beans. Please brew a little strong coffee (about 80% of water).


② Transfer coffee to a container and add sugar.

Place in a large container.
The sugar is melted while the coffee is warm.
If you like sweetness, add more sugar.


③ Add gelatin

Add gelatin to the coffee made in ②.
If the temperature drops below 80 °, dissolve gelatin in boiling water
and mix with ②.

Mix well.


④ Put it in a container

Pour into a container and cool in the refrigerator.


⑤ When it hardens, sprinkle fresh cream on the verge of eating.

If you like, it’s very cute with mint ❤



Handmade sweets have many processes and have a difficult image, but
coffee jelly is very easy.
Just mix the ingredients!

How about making the taste of delicious coffee sweet?


The coffee maker used this time

The coffee maker used this time can be ground from beans [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart fully automatic coffee maker (2-year warranty for peace of mind)!

Would you like to wake up with freshly ground coffee from the morning?
But it takes a lot of time to grind, pour hot water, and start in the morning, so
I can’t drink freshly ground coffee on a busy morning!

A coffee maker that can be ground from beans is recommended for such people.
There is an electric mill inside the coffee maker, so if you put beans in the coffee maker,
it will grind them without permission, so it’s perfect for busy mornings.



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