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“Support DX Summit 2022” 6 companies nominated have been decided!

The Support Digital Association (abbreviation: SDI), which promotes the digitalization of the customer support industry, will hold an event “Support DX Summit 2022”, the nominated companies that will appear in the final screening have been confirmed.

The nominated companies are 6 companies recommended by SDI through a rigorous screening process, and will take the stage as presenters on the day of the event to participate in the final screening.


Table of Contents

  • What is Support DX Summit 2022?
  • 6 Nominees and Keynote Speakers Decided

What is Support DX Summit 2022?

At the Support Digital Association (Support DX Initiative), companies and volunteers who lead the promotion of DX in the customer support industry gather to share and discuss advanced DX cases.

Unlike the previous nomination method, this second event will be open to the general public from June 1, 2022 (Wednesday) to recruit companies that are working to improve the customer experience on digital channels.

As with last year, the judges will include leading companies in the customer support industry, people who are active on the front lines of customer success, as well as creative and business experts, who will be judged from multiple perspectives.

The customer support industry still has a strong impression of being a point of contact for complaints, complaints, and cost centers, and the current situation is that the evaluation axis emphasizes numerical improvements such as “cost reduction” and “improvement of KPI”.

In addition to giving customers an experience, in addition to emphasizing the original position of customer support, which is an important point of contact that is directly linked to corporate evaluation and brand image, technology that makes “wow!” and “convenient!”・In addition to the perspective of design and convenience, we have added the perspective of fun and surprises such as “cool!”

6 Nominees and Keynote Speakers Decided

Support DX Summit 2022 is based on the concept of “The ‘new’ support starts here” and focuses on companies’ efforts to provide a new support experience by bridging the gap between users and companies. Continuing from last year, the Support DX Summit selection committee has selected six nominated companies as companies that provide excellent customer experiences through digital channels.

On the day of the event, the following six companies will participate in the final judging and will be on stage as presenters. Please pay attention to the excellent customer support efforts of each of the nominated companies.

  • Asoview Co., Ltd.

We provide an electronic ticket system that allows you to enter sightseeing, leisure, and cultural facilities without queuing. In order to realize a “new customer experience”, we have succeeded in building a customer support system that can solve problems in real time without making customers wait by linking chatbots and CRM.

  • Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.

“STAFF START” provided by Vanish Standard is a Staff Tech service that makes it possible to DX the staff belonging to the store and provide online customer service on their own EC site and SNS. The EC sales achieved through postings by staff are visualized and used for evaluation as the performance of individual staff and the store to which they belong.

  • Big Robe Co., Ltd.

Biglobe, an internet service provider, offers extensive omnichannel customer support. Chat support realized “retention” response, which was considered difficult other than by telephone, by designing communication that is close to the customer’s psychology.

  • Money Forward Co., Ltd.

We provide a cloud-type expense settlement system that can significantly reduce troublesome work related to expenses. In the system provided by Money Forward, the E-learning program allows accountants to study regardless of location or time. At the time of introduction, we also provided support such as organizing business operations of the company, and realized “business standardization”.

  • Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd.

Residents of the digital twin will serve as room tour guides to introduce the “special lifestyle” of the model room “SUPER MODEL ROOM”. In cooperation with CyberAgent, we opened a special site for the virtual space “SUPER MODEL ROOM” of the newly built condominium “The Parkhouse” where the “digital twin” Ai Tominaga will move in from July 28th. During the room tour, you can post questions and comments about your lifestyle to the guide.

  • Minna no Bank Co., Ltd.

We have established a bank (the first digital bank in Japan) that can be operated simply and intuitively with a smartphone, pursuing ease of use for the digital native generation.

In addition, in the keynote speech after the presentation of the nominated companies, Mr. Gaudiy Atobe Co., Ltd. will take the stage on the theme of customer support provided by the “fan community” in the Web 3.0 era.



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