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that? Where’s? Smart home appliance remote control that disappears. Thorough explanation of merits and setting methods

Have you ever searched for “no TV remote control”? Sometimes you can’t find it when you want to use it, and you’ll find it for a few minutes. Also, there are many remote controls for TVs, air conditioners, lights, etc., so you may not know which remote control you need when you need it, and the tabletop is cluttered, so you may want to organize it neatly.

For those who have trouble with remote controls, we would like to introduce “Smart Home Appliance Remote Controls” this time. With this, you can combine the functions of multiple remote controls into one, and you will no longer feel stressed with the remote control. 


What is a smart home appliance remote control?

Since the advent of smartphones, our lives have changed dramatically, and the number of items called “smart 〇〇” such as smart speakers and smart homes has increased. On the other hand, I think there are multiple remote controls at home, such as TVs, HDD recorders, and air conditioners. Do you know a smart remote control that can operate such home appliances all at once?

The smart remote controller has the function of consolidating the remote controllers of multiple home appliances (remote controllers that operate with the infrared function) into one remote controller. In addition, you can use the Wi-Fi environment to combine with Alexa and Google Home compatible speakers. By doing so, you can easily operate the remote control by simply asking the remote control by voice, such as “Raise the temperature of the air conditioner once”.

Furthermore, when linked with the app, you can operate the remote control with your smartphone, and you can easily operate home appliances with your smartphone.


Mechanism of smart home appliance remote control

A normal remote control is a mechanism that operates home appliances by emitting infrared rays from the remote control. On the other hand, in the case of a smart remote controller, when the operation is first performed with the smartphone app, Internet communication is performed using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the smart remote controller operates the home appliances by infrared communication.

When operating by voice, the first instruction is not a smartphone but a smart speaker, and the smart speaker goes through the smart remote controller and operates the home appliances by infrared operation. In this way, the smart remote control gives instructions to home appliances instead of the remote control for each home appliance that you usually use, so it is convenient to be able to operate home appliances anytime and anywhere if you have a smartphone at hand.


What you can do with a smart home appliance remote control and how to use it

It is a smart home appliance remote control that makes it easy to operate home appliances, but I am wondering what kind of functions it has and how easy it is to use. From here, we will introduce examples of what smart home appliance remote control can do and how to use them, so please refer to them.

・ You can operate home appliances with your smartphone

The biggest merit of introducing a smart remote controller is that you can operate home appliances all over the house with one smartphone. The smart remote controller has a function that allows you to combine the remote controller functions of each home appliance you normally use.

When giving instructions to home appliances that do not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it is necessary to operate the dedicated remote control and the buttons on the home appliances, which causes time and effort and wasted time each time. However, if you install a smart remote controller, you can save the trouble of finding the remote controller and not having to move to the place where the remote controller is located.


・ You can turn home appliances into smart home appliances

One of the merits of using a smart remote controller is that you can transform existing home appliances into smart home appliances without doing anything special. Normally, if you want to link the remote control of home appliances to your smartphone or operate voice like when using a smart remote control, you need to purchase a new smart home appliance that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

However, if it is a home appliance that supports infrared operation, it will be possible to link with a smartphone and operate voice by simply installing a smart remote controller, and ordinary home appliances can be easily converted to smart home appliances, so it is necessary to newly upgrade home appliances. there is not.

・ You can operate home appliances from outside

You can operate home appliances from outsideYou can operate home appliances from outsideYou can operate home appliances from outside

With the introduction of a smart remote controller, you can operate home appliances from the outside. In summer and winter, it takes time for the room to cool down and warm up after returning home. Such problems can be solved using the smart remote controller. You can keep the room temperature comfortable by turning on the air conditioner when you go home.

Also, even if you have a pet with an answering machine, you can operate the air conditioner according to changes in the outside temperature, so you can spend your time comfortably. Even if you are away from home for a long time on a trip or business trip, you can also use it to turn on the lights at night and take security measures. Depending on how you use the smart remote controller, you can say that it is an item that can enrich your life.


How to set up smart multi-remote control

I think that there are many people who find it difficult to set up a smart multi-remote controller equipped with convenient functions. The setting method is explained using the + Style (plus style) smart multi-remote controller as an example. The steps are as simple as 5 and even beginners can set them smoothly, so please refer to them.


Step1. Installation

Connect the USB cable to the main unit, connect the USB AC adapter at home, and turn on the power. When adding a device to the smart remote controller, please be assured that the router setting information will be retained even if the power is turned off after connecting to Wi-Fi. Since a Wi-Fi environment is required for device addition work, it is better to perform it in a place where the Wi-Fi environment is stable and easy to work.

The key to installing the remote control is to install it in a position where the infrared rays emitted from the remote control reach the home appliances. The range of infrared rays depends on the receiving home appliances, so test it several times to determine the installation location.


Step2. Install the app ・ Register an account

Turn on the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and install the “+ Style” app from the App Store or Google Play. You can download it smoothly by searching “Plus Style” on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Once downloaded, tap “Create a new account”, read and agree to our privacy policy, and allow your location to be used. Location information is needed to get weather and temperature information for the area, so turn it on as much as possible. Obtain the verification number by email or phone number, set your own password, and the account registration is complete.


Step3. Group setting (registration of room information)

Tap the + mark at the top right of the app, then tap “Create Group”. Next, set the group name and location (location). When you tap “Set location”, the location information of the Wi-Fi you are currently using will be entered, so it will be smooth if you connect your smartphone to your home Wi-Fi in advance.

Finally, select or add a room and press “Finish” to complete the setting. You can change the settings even after the settings are complete. When the setting is completed, the room information such as the living room and bedroom and the surrounding weather information will be displayed, so please check if it is registered.


Step4. Add device

Add a smart multi-remote control (device) to the app. First, make sure your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi. Next, add a device, but check if the LED of the smart multi-remote control is blinking blue at this time. If it is not lit, press the reset button for about 5 seconds. Finally, check the Wi-Fi name you want to connect to displayed on the smartphone app, and enter your home Wi-Fi password to complete the device addition.


Step5. Register each remote controller

The final step is to register the remote control for each home appliance. We will register various types of remote controls such as TVs, air conditioners, lights, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, electric curtains, power switches, and humidifiers. Some home appliances are registered in the preset list, so in that case you can easily register by selecting the type, manufacturer and model of the home appliance from the preset list of 750 types. For home appliances that are not in the preset list, select manual learning to register.




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