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What is the new customer contact point using the LINE mini app?


Do you know the “LINE mini-app” used in LINE, which is an app that everyone knows? I think there are many people in charge of companies who are in trouble, saying, “I want to do CRM using the app, but I don’t know what to do”.


The LINE mini-app has been attracting attention in recent years, and the number of companies introducing it is increasing.
In this article, we will explain the LINE mini-app in an easy-to-understand manner while introducing the differences between the LINE official account, which is easily confused, and the advantages of using the mini-app app.
This is a must-see for business people who want to increase new customer contact points digitally.

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What is the LINE mini app?
・Apps that can be used in LINE ・Differences from LINE official accounts
・How to make LINE mini apps

Advantages of using the LINE mini-app ・ Advantages
of users ・ Advantages
of companies ・ Advantages
of development

Examples of LINE mini-apps
・City hall mini-apps
・JINS mini-apps
・Sushiro mini-apps
・Jordan transfer guidance mini-apps

Reasons why LINE mini apps are suitable for modern times
・Digitally increase contact points with customers
・Realize OMO
・Suitable for agile development


What is the LINE mini app?

While the number of real contacts with customers is decreasing in Korona-ka, I think that the number of people who want to make digital contacts by introducing apps is increasing.


When you hear the word app, many people may think of a “native app” that is downloaded from the app store, but the LINE mini-app has slightly different characteristics and has been attracting attention as a new customer contact point in recent years.
First, let’s check the outline of the LINE mini-app.

An app that can be used in LINE

The LINE mini-app is an “app that can be used within LINE.”
By the way, LINE is called a super app because it can be used not only as a messenger app but also as a payment function, taxi dispatch function, news function, etc.
Unlike native apps, the LINE mini-app does not need to be downloaded from the app store. In short, the advantage is that the installation hurdles are very low for users.
LINE, which many people use daily, is attracting attention as a new customer contact point because it can use the same functions as other native apps.

Difference from LINE official account

The official LINE account is often confused with the LINE mini-app.
LINE official accounts are used by companies and stores to increase contact points with users.
This is to send messages to users who have registered as friends and encourage them to visit the store and use the service.


On the other hand, the LINE mini-app only provides services on the app and cannot send messages to users.
The LINE official account and the LINE mini-app are different, but they work together to create a synergistic effect.

How to make a LINE mini app

When creating a LINE mini-app, basically ask LINE Biz Partner to develop it.
Since LINE opened an entry window in July 2020, it is possible to undergo screening without going through LINE Biz Partner.
However, since it is an application that is started on LINE, it may not pass the examination in the same development as the native application.
If you are new to making LINE mini-apps, you may want to talk to your LINE Biz Partner.
By the way, the development cost can be made at a lower cost than the native application that needs to develop on both iOS and Android.

Benefits of using the LINE mini app

The LINE mini-app brings many benefits to businesses and users.
Let’s check the benefits of using the LINE mini-app from the three perspectives of users, companies, and development.

User benefits

The biggest benefit of users using the LINE mini-app is that they don’t have to download many native apps.
As long as users have LINE installed, they can use the same functions as native apps by using the LINE mini-app. Since it does not download many native apps, it does not overwhelm the capacity of smartphones and tablets.
In addition, since you can access various services by opening LINE, it may be more convenient for users and the usage rate may increase.

Benefits of the company

The advantage of using the LINE mini-app is that it increases the possibility of connecting with LINE users, who boast an overwhelming number of users.
Registered mini-apps will be listed in “Services”, so you will be able to reach more users at a lower cost than doing your promotional activities.
In addition, even if the service was not downloaded by the native app, the user may be interested in the flow of “If it is a LINE mini-app”.
One of the merits is that it is easy to deliver messages to users by linking with the LINE official account.

Benefits of development

LINE mini-app development can be cheaper than native apps.
It is also possible to develop only the minimum functions first and gradually expand the functions while watching the user’s reaction.
It can be said that the fact that it is suitable for agile development in this way is also an advantage of using the LINE mini-app.

Example of LINE mini app

Many companies and stores are introducing the LINE mini-app.
Let’s check the actual case of the LINE mini-app.

City hall mini app

Local governments are also actively introducing LINE mini-apps.
In Nara City and Kumamoto City, we have introduced the LINE mini-app and distributed digital numbered tickets to visitors.

You can avoid the crowds and wait in line, and when they turn approaches, you can receive notifications on LINE.

JINS mini app

Glasses brand JINS has also introduced the LINE mini-app.
With the LINE mini-app developed by JINS, if you complete the process from product selection to payment in advance, you can receive your glasses at the store without waiting.
It can be said that we are developing comfortable services for users beyond the boundaries between online and offline.

Sushiro mini app

Sushiro, a major conveyor belt sushi chain, is developing a LINE mini-app.
You can share reservations and reception numbers when you come to the store on LINE, which will make it easier to communicate with family and friends who are meeting.
By linking with your LINE official account, you can also receive information on seasonal recommended menus.

Jordan Transit Information Mini App

Jordan Transit is a train and bus timetable app that many people use even in native apps.
You can share the results of the search in the transfer information of the LINE mini-app to your friends on LINE.
It can be said that it is a popular LINE mini-app because it can be used when meeting with friends.

Why LINE mini apps are suitable for modern times

The LINE mini-app is a service that companies and stores should utilize in the present age when user needs are changing rapidly.
Here are some of the reasons why the LINE mini-app is suitable for modern times.

Digitally increase contact points with customers

The lifestyle of users has changed drastically due to the Korona-ka.
The use of EC sites and online supermarkets has increased dramatically, and the number of real contacts with users has decreased.
Companies and stores that focus on real customer contact need to increase digital customer contact to secure sales.
By using the LINE mini-app, you will be able to increase your digital contact with customers.
In addition, it is possible to accumulate user data using these apps and utilize them for improving services and developing new services, and it is expected to play an active role in customer service support at physical stores.

Can realize OMO

In today’s world where digital customer contact is increasing, the idea of ​​OMO (Online Merges with Offline), which eliminates the barrier between online and offline, is important.
By developing services that combine online and offline, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks that can place mobile orders, we will be able to provide better experiences to our customers. Improving the customer experience by making full use of these digital technologies is the essence of DX, which many companies are now challenging.

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Suitable for agile development

The LINE mini-app, which utilizes the existing platform called LINE, is suitable for agile development.
Since it is cheaper to develop than developing a native app, it is also possible to first create a LINE mini-app with a minimum function on a trial basis, see the response, and switch to the native app.
The LINE mini-app is also suitable for seeing the reaction of many users.


In today’s diversified user needs, it is important to increase contact points with customers digitally.
By utilizing the LINE mini-app, it may be possible to increase the possibility of providing better services to users.
It is expected that the number of users of the LINE mini-app will continue to increase and become widespread, so why not consider a digital strategy that utilizes the LINE mini-app?

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