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The procedure for switching to a cheap smartphone is so easy. It also explains the points to note.

There are many people who are worried about the price of smartphones, such as “it’s too expensive and I’m not convinced” or “can I make it cheaper?” If you are such a person, please consider switching to a cheap smartphone. In fact, you can easily switch if you find out what you need and prepare for it. This article also introduces specific steps to switch to a cheap smartphone, so please refer to it.

What is a cheap smartphone in the first place?

A cheap smartphone is a smartphone that can be used with a plan that has a lower monthly charge than major carriers (mobile phone companies) such as NTT DoCoMo, Softbank, and au. Specifically, it means a service that uses a cheap SIM provided by an MVNO by inserting it into a compatible model smartphone.

MVNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator) is a so-called cheap smartphone company such as UQ Mobile, Rakuten Mobile, and BIGLOBE Mobile.

How cheap will it be if you switch to a cheap smartphone?

How much it will be cheaper if you switch from a major carrier’s smartphone to a cheap smartphone depends on the MVNO you are transferring to and how you use it, on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, the monthly smartphone charge can be reduced to about 25% of that before switching. Here, let’s look at the estimated amount of money that can be obtained for the two main usage patterns. vinegar. the prize.


・ People who use less telephone and internet

This also applies to people who do not use the phone or the Internet very much in the first place, and also to people who often use the Internet in a Wi-Fi environment or make calls with a free calling application.

For those who use their smartphones for less than 10 minutes and don’t have much internet access, they can save around 1,000 yen a month and 10,000 yen or more a year.


・ People who use a lot of telephones and the Internet

This applies to those who often make calls for 10 minutes or more using a smartphone line, those who frequently use the Internet in places without Wi-Fi, and those who often watch videos and have high data communication charges.

If you choose the one that suits your usage from the many plans offered by each MVNO company, the difference may be around 2,000 yen per month, or even 20,000 yen or more per year, compared to before the switch.

Things to prepare for switching to a cheap smartphone

Before switching to a cheap smartphone, prepare what you need. There are four main things you need:

・ SIM-free smartphone or smartphone with SIM-unlocked
・ MNP reservation number
・ Identity verification documents
・ Credit card

Each is explained in detail below.


・ SIM-free or SIM-unlocked device

You can purchase a SIM-free device that does not have a SIM lock set from the beginning at home appliance mass retailers or the online site of the device manufacturer. On the other hand, if you purchased a smartphone from a major carrier, you need to unlock the SIM with the carrier.


・ MNP reservation number

If you want to transfer to the MVNO with the same phone number you have been using, you need to complete the procedure with the carrier before the transfer and obtain the “MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Reservation Number”. The methods for obtaining an MNP reservation number at NTT DoCoMo, Softbank, and au are introduced below.


・ Telephone (9: 00-20: 00)
・ DoCoMo shop store (business hours depending on the store)
・ Carrier website (9: 00-21: 30): You can complete the procedure from “Docomo online procedure” in My Docomo.


・ Telephone (9: 00-20: 00)
・ SoftBank shop store (business hours depending on the store)
・ Carrier website (9: 00-20: 00): Procedures can be made from My SoftBank


・ Telephone (9: 00-20: 00)
・ au shop / Toyota au dealer store (business hours depending on the store)
・ Carrier website (9: 00-20: 00): Procedures can be performed from My au

* Please check the official website for each phone number.


・ Identity verification documents

The identity verification documents required for the procedure differ slightly depending on the cheap SIM provider (MVNO). Generally, you only need one driver’s license, My Number card, Basic Resident Register card, etc. that has not expired. In the case of passports and health insurance cards, you may be required to show a resident’s card or utility bill receipt as supplementary documents.


·credit card

If you don’t have a credit card, you need to make one in advance because some cheap SIM providers use only a credit card as the payment method.

The specific flow of transfer to a cheap smartphone

You want to switch to a cheap smartphone, but you don’t know what to do, and you hesitate to say “it looks difficult”. There are some differences in the flow when switching to a cheap smartphone depending on whether you are switching to a smartphone terminal or not. The specific procedure for each is explained below, so please refer to it.


・ How to change terminals

First, select a company (MVNO) that offers a cheap SIM. Many MVNOs offer a variety of price plans, so it is recommended that you choose the plan that suits your usage. It is recommended to consider based on the “call time, the person to call”, “data traffic”, etc. per month.

Next, select a smartphone terminal. We also check the specifications of the smartphone (storage size, display size, and resolution, camera function, whether it is compatible with the application you really want to use, etc.) according to the main unit price of the terminal.

Finally, apply to a cheap SIM provider.


・ How to use it when you do not change terminals

First, select the MVNO. The points to choose are the same as when changing terminals.

Next, check the website of the cheap SIM company to see if the smartphone terminal you want to continue using is a compatible model that has been confirmed to work with the cheap SIM company that is considering switching. If you are not sure, we recommend contacting support such as phone, email, and chat. If you have an MVNO with a physical store, you can also consult at the store.

If you do not check this carefully, even if you switch to a cheap SIM, you will not be able to use it on the same terminal, and you may incur the cost of buying a new terminal, so please be careful.

After confirming that it is compatible with your smartphone terminal, apply for a cheap SIM provider.


Precautions when switching to a cheap smartphone

When switching to a cheap smartphone, the timing of “when applying for a cheap SIM” and “when canceling a major carrier” is very important.

It may take several days from the time you apply for the MVNO to the time you receive the cheap SIM. If you cancel the carrier before the transfer too early, you will have a period when you cannot use the telephone or the Internet, so you need to confirm “when you can use it” in advance.

Also, depending on the plan before the transfer, a cancellation fee may be incurred if you cancel the contract in a month other than the contract renewal month. In particular, if you have a “2-year tied up” plan contracted before October 2019, you may need to pay a cancellation fee of about 10,000 yen, so be careful. is. It is necessary to check in advance “when will the cancellation fee not be charged”.


If you are a cheap smartphone, this model is recommended

Cheap smartphones range from cheap to expensive terminals. Among them, there are many high-performance models that are as good as smartphones sold by major carriers. Here are 5 models recommended by + Style.


・ TCL10 5G

Supports download speeds up to 2.3Gbkps and ultra-high speed 5G. It is a high-performance model equipped with a QC3.0 quick charge battery and compatible with OTG reverse charge. By strengthening the display, you can enjoy photos and videos with clear images that are close to reality. Equipped with super Bluetooth, it can be connected to 4 audio units at the same time. It is a stylish design equipped with a high-performance quad camera.

Click here for details on “TCL10 5G” of + Style


・ HUAWEI P40 Pro

This model is packed with features recommended for those who want to take photos and videos. Equipped with Leica Ultra Vision Quad camera system, ultra-large pixel size 1 / 1.28-inch sensor, and high resolution up to 50x zoom. With AI Portrait Studio and HUAWEI Golden Snap AI Best Moment, anyone can shoot at a high level.

With IP68 water and dust resistance and quick charging support, you can take pictures outdoors without worry. It also supports face recognition and the highest level of security recognition with CC EAL 5+.

Click here for details on the + Style “HUAWEI P40 Pro”


・ Xiaomi Redmi Note9S

It is a smartphone that can be used continuously for a long time, is equipped with a multifunctional camera that supports shooting of all scenes, and allows you to enjoy games with beautiful and smooth images.

Equipped with a large capacity battery of 5020mAh (type), it also supports 18W quick charging. The quad camera consists of four eyes: a 48-megapixel ultra-high-resolution camera, an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and a 5-megapixel macro camera.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor delivers fast, smooth graphics. Equipped with a 6.67-inch FHD + Dot Display, you can immerse yourself in the video with an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Click here for details on the + Style “Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S” https://plusstyle.jp/shopping/REDMINOTE9S


・ OPPO Reno3A

Although it is lightweight and thin, it is a smartphone equipped with various functions such as a high-spec and multifunctional quad camera, a long-time battery and quick charging, Osaifu-Keitai, and waterproof and dustproof functions.

Equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens, 48-megapixel out-camera, and ultra-night mode, you can take beautiful pictures anytime, anywhere. You can also shoot movies with electronic image stabilization. The battery has a large capacity of 4,025mAh and supports quick charge.

With 6GB of high-speed memory and 128GB of large-capacity storage, multitasking is smooth. You can enjoy smartphone games smoothly with Game Boost 2.0. The organic EL display, which suppresses flicker in dark places, has a large 6.44-inch screen and is perfect for watching videos.

Large-screen fingerprint authentication also improves the speed and accuracy of authentication.

Click here for details on “OPPO Reno3A” of + Style


・ Punkt. MP02 4G Mobile Phone

It is an evolutionary mobile phone that is easy to use due to its size and shape that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, a battery that can be used for a long time, and good sound quality. In addition to making calls, you can share your data capacity to your tablet or laptop. The advantage of using two Punkt. MP02 4G Mobile Phones and other terminals is that they are easy to type and easy to see on a large screen.

Click here for details on “Punkt. MP02 4G Mobile Phone” of + Style



When it comes to switching to a cheap smartphone, you may have the image that the procedures procedures are complicated and troublesome. However, if you are well prepared, it is not so difficult and you can save a lot of monthly smartphone bills with a single effort, so it is better to switch.



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