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This is recommended for new generation fans and air conditioners! 3 Goods to Make Your “Home Time” Comfortable in the Summer of 2021

This year too, the hot summer will come when you can’t let go of the fans and air conditioners. It is not uncommon these days for “hot days” when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, and the air conditioner cannot be turned off. Air conditioners and electric fans are indispensable to survive the summer.

While various cheap electric fans and air conditioners have appeared, a variety of convenient products have also appeared. For example, there are electric fans that are equipped with batteries and can be used cordlessly, smart plugs that turn your air conditioners and circulators into “smart home appliances”, and personal coolers that can be powered by USB.

Not only electric fans and air conditioners but also convenient items that make it easier to spend your time at home in the summer. As we spend more time at home this summer, we have picked up products that are eco-friendly and convenient.

A cordless and easy-to-carry fan ♪

Don’t you think that fashionable and convenient electric fans are expensive? Contrary to its smart appearance, the ” Smart Fan 2S ” is an affordable fan at 11,980 yen.

What’s more, the “Smart Fan 2S” has a built-in battery, which is cordless and can be used for up to 20 hours when fully charged. No matter how stylish the fan is, a fan with a long power cable tends to get messed up and ruin the atmosphere of the room.

However, if the fan does not have a cord, it will look neat, and it is OK to use it to cool down without the fan cord for a few hours with visitors. Even in practical use, if you place a fan in the garden or at the entrance, you can stay cool even in places where there is no outlet, and above all, this fan weighs 3.5 kg, which is relatively lightweight and easy to carry. Is also a nice point as a fan.

A fan that not only looks but also has very smart functions. If you use the Android / iOS app “Mi Home”, you can turn on / off the power of the electric fan, adjust the air volume in 100 steps, and set the timer of the electric fan. Of course, the fan itself also has a power button, so even if you don’t have a smartphone at hand, you can use it as a fan by operating the buttons in the same way as with conventional fans!

Another point is that this fan is equipped with a “DC motor” that is becoming widespread mainly in high-end models. In combination with the 7-blade design, it is a fan that achieves high quietness and can be operated at a volume similar to whispering. It also has a “child lock” that prevents it from being operated from the fan itself, so the ” Smart Fan 2S ” is a recommended fan for families with children.

Make your existing electric fan smarter!

The fan at home is still active, so I’m not thinking about buying a new one … For such people, we recommend the + Style ” Smart Wi-Fi Plug ” among the smart plugs that have recently become a hot topic without buying a fan. Let’s teach you a cheap and convenient way to use this plug to enable the “app operation” of electric fans such as Smart Fan 2S.

This is a convenient product that quickly transforms home appliances such as circulators and electric fans, which are turned on and off with analog switches, into “smart home appliances.” By simply inserting a Wi-Fi-connected “smart Wi-Fi plug” between a home appliance such as an electric fan and an outlet, you can switch the power of the electric fan on and off from the smartphone app instead of electric fan.

Have you ever had a cold when you were lying on the bed with a fan on and thought “I want to turn off the fan!” In addition to operating the fan from the app, if you have a + Style device, you can operate the fan by voice control with the word “unplug” just by linking your account with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Also, if you use the “Schedule” function that allows you to set the fan timer from the app, you can set the alarm clock such as “turn on the fan at 7 am on weekdays” and “turn off the fan at 6 pm at night”. You can also use the fan according to the time and daily rhythm. You can switch the power of the electric fan on and off without having to start the smartphone app.

There are other interesting ways to use it other than electric fans. Many people say, “I’m worried about the electricity bill …” when I use a lot of air conditioners, which cost more electricity than the fan, but the amount of electricity consumed by the fan and air conditioner on that day and the monthly amount. You can also check the cumulative power consumption from the “Electricity usage” item in the app. The + Style ” Smart Wi-Fi Plug ” is also recommended for those who want to save money and want to reduce their electricity bills.

Compact size air cooler (air conditioner)

Lastly, I would like to introduce a small personal cooler (air conditioner) ” evaCHILL “. I sometimes hear stories about the temperature of the air conditioner being used by families who are hot or cold. This air conditioner product solves such a problem.

The operation of this air conditioner, which cools only the personal area such as around the desk, is very simple. You can adjust the strength of the air conditioner fan in 3 steps by simply pressing the button on the air conditioner. Since it keeps the natural air with moderate humidity, it can be used with confidence even for those who tend to dry their skin with other air conditioners that tend to dry.

Not only is the air conditioner body lightweight and compact, but it also has a handle that makes it easy to carry. Since it is equipped with a USB Type-C port and can be powered from a mobile battery or the USB port of a personal computer, ” evaCHILL ” seems to be fully useful as an air conditioner even in telework ♪

Fan and air conditioner. We recommend all of these products as the best products for your time at home, where you can spend this summer conveniently and comfortably!



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