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Transform into a drone and radio-controlled car for shooting ♪ “Petrone” is a fun way to customize the aircraft

The hobby drone “Petrone” is a product that allows you to enjoy competitive games using two or more aircraft. It also has a unique charm of “custom function”. By replacing the parts, you can change the mode to a drone or radio-controlled car that supports aerial photography. This time, I will actually use “Petrone” to “transform” the aircraft.

▼ Easy to replace parts

Now, let’s change the basic state of “Petrone” (battle mode) to a drone that supports aerial photography. In that case, use “FPV (camera) KIT” (sold separately). Inside the package are the parts of the aircraft that incorporate the camera module. By attaching this to “Petrone”, you will be able to take videos and photos during flight.

First, remove the propeller guard, propeller, and cover on the top of the “Petrone” while looking at the instruction manual with the figure that describes how to replace the parts.

Some may think it’s difficult, but you don’t need any special tools or knowledge. Since “Petrone” is a module type without a cord, parts can be easily attached and detached. You can prepare while having fun like a plastic model.

After that, just attach the “FPV (camera) KIT” to the aircraft and attach the propeller. Since the weight is heavier than in “Battle Mode” due to the built-in camera, leave the propeller guard removed. This completes the transformation to “FPV (camera) mode”!

▼ You can control and shoot from the app screen ♪

Even in “FPV (camera) mode”, you can control the aircraft from your smartphone through the dedicated app “Petrone”. This point is the same as “Battle mode”, but the connection method with the smartphone is different. In “FPV (camera) mode”, connect via Wi-Fi.

After completing the settings, open the control screen from the app. Then, the image from the camera of “Petrone” should be displayed in real time on the screen. If you fly the drone as it is, you can enjoy the live view from FPV (first person view). I feel like a pilot. To shoot videos & photos, tap the “Video” and “Camera” icons on the screen.

▼ Transform into a radio-controlled car !!

If you want to transform it into a radio-controlled car, “DRIVE KIT” (sold separately) comes into play. Compared to the “FPV (camera) mode” mentioned earlier, the amount of replacement parts is larger, but it is not so difficult to install. When I actually tried it, I was able to change the mode to “drive mode” in less than 10 minutes.

In “drive mode”, you can quickly run through the ground with two front tires and a rear wing. The front part also has an LED light, so you can drive even in dark places. Also, if you combine it with “FPV (Camera) KIT”, it will be a radio-controlled car equipped with a camera.

“Petrone” not only allows you to fly, but also allows you to enjoy aerial photography, custom aircraft, and competitive games. There are many ways to play, so it’s a perfect gift for curious children. Adults can also enjoy it together.

In addition, in “+ Style NOTE”, a review article introducing the basic specifications of the drone and the battle mode is also posted. Please check it along with the product details.



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