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Two screens !? Case type second screen for iPhone

It can store cards, can be used as a stand, etc. Recently, there are many smartphone cases that have various functions in addition to protecting the main body. The “Ink Case” series sold at + Style also has plenty of useful functions.

Attention is the display mounted on the back of the main unit. This allows you to use the back of your iPhone as a second screen when you attach it to your iPhone. This time, I picked up 3 types including new products. Be sure to check out what features are available.

▼ Can be used as an e-book reader!

* The photo is of “inkCase i7 Plus”.

First of all, let’s introduce from “inkCase i7 Plus” for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus.

This is a wonderful case where you can browse e-books and news articles. It uses “E Ink screen technology” that does not tire your eyes and “special anti-glare LCD” that absorbs sunlight and reduces reflections. The large 5.2-inch display is also a good size for reading.

Don’t miss the fact that the calendar / task list / weather can be displayed on the display. With a built-in battery, you can see this information without draining your iPhone’s charge.

With so many functions, some people may think, “It looks bulky …” or “Isn’t it heavy ??” But don’t worry. With a thickness of 4.5 mm and a weight of 62 g, it is compact in size and lightweight. It has a waterproof function equivalent to IP67 and high durability, and its ability as a protective case is perfect.

For iPhone 7/8 users, “InkCase i7” equipped with a 4.3-inch display is available. Although the display size is different, it is a product with the same function as “inkCase i7 Plus”.

▼ Display schedule and clock on the back of iPhone ♪

Next, I would like to introduce “Ink Case IVY”. A smartphone case for iPhone 7/8 with an E Ink screen that consumes no power.

Compared to the two products introduced earlier, the screen size is considerably smaller. The combination of colors such as black / white / wood / black and the display is beautiful, and the stylish finish is eye-catching.

Information such as calendar / task list / weather can also be displayed on the display. It also has a function to notify you of SNS messages and e-mails received from the person registered in the product. Recommended for those who want to filter the information sent. You can also display your favorite images and logos on the display. Customize the design of the back of your iPhone to your liking.

“InkCase IV Y” features good battery life that can be used for up to 2 months on a single charge, and high strength and impact resistance due to “Bubble Pro technology”. Please also pay attention to the affordable price of 4,980 yen (tax included), which is about half the price of “Ink Case i7”.

>> Click here to purchase “Ink Case IVY”

Because it’s an iPhone that you carry every day, you want to choose a case that’s easy to use. If you think so, please check out the “Ink Case” series.



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