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Up to about 57% off! More than 20 products are holding a great Christmas sale

+ Style will hold a Christmas sale for 3 days from December 14th (Friday) to 16th (Sunday)! All 24 products are eligible for the discount. This is your chance to get a variety of products such as smart toys, hobby drones and smart watches at a special price of up to about 57% off.

We also have a large lineup of products that are perfect for Christmas gifts for children, families, and lovers. This time, we have picked up some of the products on sale and introduced them. The discount rate etc. are also listed, so please check it out.

▼ Have you decided on a gift for your child?

A perfect gift for curious children! First of all, let me introduce two products that you can learn about the earth. The globe “EARTH AR” and the notebook “Earth AR notebook”.

The feature is that both products are equipped with AR function (augmented reality). When you hold your smartphone with the dedicated application “Astroreality” installed over a globe or a notebook, a virtual earth appears on the screen. Learn about cities, weather, animal habitats, terrain and much more around the world. During the sale period, both will be sold at about 15% off the list price, and the “EARTH AR” will be 22,800 yen (tax included) and the “Earth AR notebook” will be 2,280 yen (tax included).

Also, pay attention to products that allow children to learn programming and electronics while having fun playing. “Marty the Robot” is a robot kit that can be used for everything from assembly to motion programming. You can make your robot walk or dance using a programming language for children. The recommended age is from 10 years old, so even elementary school children can use it. Currently, you can purchase it for 29,800 yen (tax included), which is about 13% off the regular price.

The electronic work kit “Honey Comb Music Kit” is on sale for 10,368 yen (tax included), which is 25% off the list price. This is a product that turns everything, including vegetables and fruits, into musical instruments. If you combine the four included blocks and connect them to a material that is energized, you can make sounds such as drums, organs, and guitars.

▼ Drone with family during winter vacation ♪

New Year holidays where you can spend a relaxing time with your family. Old-fashioned kites are good, but why not fly a drone in a warm room this year? However, some people may think that it seems difficult to maneuver.

I would like to recommend “SKYKICK” to such drone beginners. The maneuvering method is simple, such as providing a button on the dedicated controller that allows one-touch takeoff and landing. In addition, the auto hovering function allows you to enjoy stable flight. Above all, the spherical guard covers the aircraft, so even if you make a mistake in maneuvering, it will not hurt people or things around you. It protects the aircraft from the impact of falling. It is about 34% off the list price and can be purchased for 16,000 yen (tax included).

The “Petrone” that I will introduce next is a very unique drone. In addition to being able to play battle games with two or more aircraft, custom changes to radio-controlled cars are also possible. The content of the game is to shoot a laser on the screen against an enemy drone while manipulating the aircraft with a smartphone. The laser is invisible to the eye, but when shot, the smartphone vibrates and makes a sound, so you can enjoy a thrilling battle. Furthermore, if you install parts such as “DRIVE KIT” and “FPV (camera) KIT” sold separately, you can transform it into a radio-controlled car or a drone that can take aerial shots! The main unit price is about 18% off the list price, 7,800 yen (tax included). Each part is also cheaper, so please check it as well.

▼ Smart watch that generates electricity at body temperature

* The photo is “MATRIX PowerWatch X”

Have you ever felt that “smartwatches are convenient, but it is troublesome to charge them one by one!”? “MATRIX PowerWatch” is a product that eliminates such inconvenience. It generates electricity at the user’s body temperature, so no charging is required. Even after removing it from your arm, it will be driven by the stored power. The function as a smart watch is perfect, such as being able to measure calories burned / steps / sleep data. You can check those data on your smartphone app. During the sale period, the silver “MATRIX PowerWatch” will be priced at 26,568 yen (tax included) instead of the regular price of 35,424 yen (tax included). For the all-black special model, the regular price of 40,824 yen (tax included) will be the special price of 30,618 yen (tax included).

In addition, + Style is also selling the top model of the product, “Matrix PowerWatch X”. In addition to the power generation by body temperature of the conventional model and the measurement function of exercise amount and sleep data, it is equipped with an incoming call notification function. It also has excellent waterproof performance that can withstand water pressure at a depth of 200 m. Currently, you can purchase it for 34,668 yen (tax included), which is about 25% off the regular price of 46,224 yen (tax included). Please take this opportunity to consider purchasing.

▼ You can appreciate the paintings in your room ♪

Finally, we will pick up IoT goods that will enrich your life. First, let’s introduce the electronic canvas “Meural” equipped with a 27-inch display. It is a Suguremono that can project famous paintings built into the main unit and favorite photos taken with a smartphone with high image quality. To change the displayed picture, just hold your hand over the bottom of the canvas. If you want to change the paintings in your room according to your mood, please check the sale price from the link below.

The popular “Sticky Note Printer” “nemonic” is also one of the products on sale. It is about 13% off the list price and can be purchased for 14,800 yen (tax included). You can quickly print out the memos saved on your smartphone or computer on the sticky note on the back side. You can print the ToDo list to decorate the schedule book, print the cooking recipe and paste it in the kitchen, and so on. It also supports photo printing, and you can create mosaic art by dividing a large photo into multiple sticky notes and printing it.In addition to the items mentioned above, at Christmas sale, the tracker “tracMo” that prevents the loss of valuables, the automobile equipment “ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor” that can monitor the tire pressure, etc. , There are a lot of attention products. Please check out what other products we have in our lineup.

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