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Useful for work, study, and housework! Sticky note printer “Cubinote PRO”

You often have the opportunity to put together your work tasks, create a shopping list, etc. and write down on your smartphone what you want to look back on later.

However, with “digital” memos, important requirements may be buried, or you may forget that you left the memo … It’s convenient to be able to quickly leave the tasks and schedules you want to remember on your smartphone, but sometimes it’s more convenient to have an “analog” memo that you can stick on your desk or wall.

So this time, let’s introduce the “digital and analog” “Cubinote PRO” that allows you to print notes from your smartphone without sticky notes.

▼ Print sticky notes from a distance ♪

“Cubinote PRO” is a “sticky note printer” that can print notes and photos on a sticky note with a size of 80 x 80 mm. It supports Bluetooth (R) / Wi-Fi connection, and you can print sticky notes even from a distant place. It can be used not only from smartphones but also from PCs and tablets, so you can print ideas and tasks anytime, anywhere.

You can print from a dedicated app installed on your smartphone or tablet, or from a PC browser. If it is a memo with only simple text, you can just send an email to the dedicated address set in advance. No complicated operation is required.

▼ Various print formats

You can print more than just text and photos. Screenshots / captured images / QR codes etc. You can “sticky notes” a wide variety of data.

It is also possible to print different data together, such as “photo + memo”. It will be useful in situations such as “I want to keep my favorite cooking recipe with the completed photo!”.

▼ No ink required & paste immediately!

There is glue on the back of the sticky note, which can be attached immediately after printing. Since it is printed on thermal roll paper, it is also convenient that there is no need to prepare or replenish ink.

The main body is a compact size of 120 x 120 x 80 mm, and it does not take up space even if it is placed on a desk. There are two color variations, black and white. With a simple and minimal design, it seems that it can be used naturally in the workplace without being noticeable.

Work / housework / study etc. “Cubinote PRO” can be used for various purposes depending on the idea. If you would like to know more about the features and prices, please visit the page below.



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