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Waterproof IoT goods perfect for summer




The height of summer. When it’s so hot, you’ll want to cool off at the waterside, such as in the sea, pool, or playing in the river, but it’s hard to accidentally drop your IoT device, such as Po-chan in the river or Po-chan in the sea. On the other hand, there are many products that say, “It’s convenient because you have it on your skin!”, So you may be worried about “I want to take it to the sea, but I’m worried that it will break …”.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce a product that is waterproof for daily life, which will prevent you from getting a little wet. However, since it is waterproof for daily life, it does not mean that it is OK to soak it in water all the time. Please be careful.

Waterproof like iPhone7!
iPhone7 case type second screen “InkCase i7”

A popular product that is a second screen with E Ink technology and is also a tough iPhone 7 case. You can browse various information such as e-books and daily news on the second screen.

The second screen with E Ink technology is not only easy on the eyes but also easy to read. Furthermore, if you have a good battery life, it’s a great thing with three beats.

Such “Ink Case i7” is perfectly waterproof for daily life. Since it is a waterproof iPhone 7, it can be said that it is an indispensable specification as a special case. It can be used safely near the water, and it seems that you do not have to panic in the sudden rain.

Waterproof Bluetooth (R) tracker “Chipolo Plus”

A very small Bluetooth (R) tracker that can be paired with a smartphone. If you attach “Chipolo Plus” to “important but easy to lose” such as bags, keys, and wallets, you can rest assured in case of emergency.

You can check the location of lost items on the map by using the dedicated smartphone app. If it is within 60m (it may be shorter depending on the surrounding environment), you can operate “Chipolo Plus” with a Bluetooth (R) connection and play a melody at a loud volume of 100 decibels.
By the way, in the opposite case, that is, if you have “Chipolo Plus” but you can’t find your smartphone, double-click “Chipolo Plus”. You can make a sound from your smartphone. It sounds good even in silent mode. If this is the case, it seems that you can easily find the inadvertent lost items.

This product, which you want to carry with you without taking your skin off, is also waterproof. The standard is IPX5. If you get wet with splashed water while playing in the sea or river, there is no problem.

You can operate your smartphone without touching it!
Button type smart controller “Qmote S”

If the music player on your smartphone suddenly plays (* 1) even though no one is touching it, you’ll be a little surprised. “Qmote S” made such a magical operation possible. In addition to music, you can perform various operations such as using the shutter button of the camera (* 2) and sending location information using the click pattern of the “Qmote S” main unit and its variations.

Up to 9 types of click patterns can be registered. The “Qmote S” has a simple structure with only one button, but when combined with a long press, so many operations are possible.

This also boasts waterproof and dustproof performance equivalent to IP57, so you can use it safely near the water. For example, you can put your smartphone a little far away and operate the music player with “Qmote S” from the poolside. However, please refrain from operating underwater as it may cause a malfunction.

* 1 Not all music apps can be operated.
* 2 The camera can be started and stopped only with android & trade ;.

We have introduced three waterproof IoT goods that are perfect for summer. Did you have anything to worry about? More information can be found on each product page. Please visit and check out more detailed features and designs.



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