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We are also looking for opinions on the topic “drone parasol”! Participatory product planning “planning”

At + Style, in addition to “shopping” that sells the latest IoT products, we are developing user-participation-type product planning “planning”. The content here is that products in the development stage are posted on this site, and companies solicit opinions and ideas from consumers.

As of mid-June 2018, 13 products are listed in “Planning”. This time, I would like to introduce three of them: an umbrella that you don’t have to hold in your hand, a smartphone facial device, and a loudspeaker for smartphones made of earthenware.

▼ Umbrella that floats like a drone

First, let’s introduce the umbrella “free Parasol” that you don’t have to hold by hand. It was announced that it would be commercialized in 2019, and it was a product that attracted a great deal of attention as a “drone parasol” in TV programs and online media.

The mechanism is very simple. A propeller is mounted on the main body, and its buoyancy raises it like a drone. Of course, it also has the ability to move forward, so you can walk without an umbrella.

In “Planning”, we are soliciting your opinions on where you would like to use “free Parasol”. Please send us your ideas such as golf courses and tourist attractions from the link below!

▼ A device that becomes a facial device when sandwiched between smartphones

Next, I would like to introduce “NOFL Smart,” a facial device that can be attached to a smartphone and used. It stimulates facial muscles with a weak low-frequency current, giving the skin firmness and elasticity.

The appeal of “NOFL Smart” is that you can control your device from a dedicated app on your smartphone. You can finely set the voltage and low frequency, set the timer in minutes, etc. Unlike general facial equipment, you can customize the settings to your liking. You can also expect to use the app to record the usage time and frequency, and use the built-in camera of the smartphone to shoot / compare the effects of care.

The following page is soliciting ideas and opinions about the new features of “NOFL Smart”. If you have an idea, such as a function to propose a skin care product that suits your skin condition or a function to give a lecture on how to care for it, please comment ♪

▼ Pottery loudspeaker for smartphones

A special product of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, “Hakuun Pottery”. Finally, we will pick up the “Seto sound”, a loudspeaker for smartphones that uses this material.

“Seto sound” is characterized by a curved form like a horn. Due to this shape and the reverberant effect of pottery, the sound flowing from the smartphone is amplified to about 4 times the volume without using electricity.

What features do you think this product would be useful for? Use as an indoor monitor equipped with a camera / Use as an AI speaker in cooperation with a smartphone app etc. Please send us various opinions from the link below.


In addition, “Planning” introduces the automatic fire extinguishing device “Kesjan” and the marketing support AI robot “ZUKKU”. We sincerely look forward to your ideas in order to brush up the products in the development stage.



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