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What are the advantages of the mail delivery system? How to choose a tool that won’t fail


 mail delivery system
mail delivery system

Email is a common communication tool that many people have used, whether at work or in private.
In addition, email marketing using email is widely used by many companies, and it is as effective as video marketing and owned media.
This time, for those who have not used email marketing yet, we will introduce the outline of the email delivery system that is indispensable for email marketing, its main functions, advantages, and how to choose a tool that will not fail.



table of contents

  • 1. What you can do with the mail delivery system
  • 2. Main functions of the mail delivery system
  • 3. Advantages of introducing an email delivery system
  • 4. How to choose a mail delivery system that will not fail
  • 5. Effective email marketing by utilizing the email delivery system


What you can do with the mail delivery system

Email marketing is more than just sending emails. It is required to send a large number of e-mails such as e-mail newsletters (e-mail newsletters) in a batch using the e-mail delivery system, to arouse interest in the company while communicating with users, and to link it to the purchase of products and services.

An email delivery system is a tool that supports email marketing, such as introducing products and services, introducing new information, and building relationships with customers. It smoothly manages email marketing operations that tend to be complicated manually.
Specifically, the mail delivery system is used to send the emails scheduled to be delivered in advance at a specified time. The recipients can be listed in advance, and emails can be sent repeatedly to the target list.

In addition to sending emails, it also supports measuring the effect after email delivery. You can measure the user’s email open rate and click rate, and you can make improvements while using it, such as giving a title that you want to open and creating an email body that you want to click.


Main functions of the mail delivery system

With the mail delivery system, all the tasks such as managing the mail delivery list and delivering mail, and sending the mail are automated. Let’s take a look at the main functions of the mail delivery system.


● Delivery according to the type of email

When delivering an email, you can choose between two types: text email and HTML email.
A text email is a text-only email with no images or decorations. Since the information is text only, emails can be read regardless of the user’s receiving environment.
On the other hand, HTML emails are emails that allow you to add text decorations, size changes, figures, etc. in the email. You can compose rich emails like web pages, and you can make the parts you want to click or pay attention to stand out.
Use HTML emails to measure open rates.


● Delivery according to purpose

By utilizing the mail delivery system, you can perform effective mail delivery according to your purpose.

<Step mail>

Step mail is a function to deliver the mail created in advance in stages. For example, we will create an email with the best content to send one day, three days, five days, and seven days after the first email is delivered, and deliver it automatically on each due date. If you do this manually, you’ll need to compose and send an email for each delivery date, but Step Mail will take care of all the tedious work for you.

<Personalized email delivery>

Personalized email delivery is a system that refers to personalized information such as the customer’s gender, age, and hobbies, and sends personalized information to each user. By tailoring the content to each customer rather than the general content, more detailed marketing will be possible.

<Transaction data mail merge delivery>

Transaction data mail merge delivery is a function that inserts data according to the number of transactions that have occurred, such as product purchase, shipping, and application, into an email and delivers it. Emails can also be delivered automatically here.


● Measurement of the opening rate

By measuring the open rate, you can see how many users have opened the email after the email was delivered. Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails, it’s important to open them and have them read. If the open rate is low, it is necessary to improve it by changing the sending time and email title.


● Measurement of click rate

Clickthrough rate measurement allows you to measure how many users are clicking on a URL from a delivered email. The goal of email marketing is to have the delivered email opened, read the email, and click the URL link of the target product to make a purchase. If the click rate is low, we will make improvements such as changing the email body and text structure.


Benefits of introducing an email delivery system

Many companies have introduced mail delivery systems. What are the specific benefits?


● High return on investment (ROI)

Email marketing is a highly returnable investment method. Even small and medium-sized enterprises and companies that cannot afford to market can say that the introduction hurdle is relatively low because only the cost of composing an email is required. Therefore, email marketing is used by many companies regardless of BtoB or BtoC. The mail delivery system operates this smoothly.


● Easy simultaneous mail delivery

Manually delivering emails can be time-consuming and time-consuming. Also, even if you send an e-mail with much effort, it may not be delivered due to a change in the e-mail address or a typo, so it is not possible to determine whether the delivery was not delivered manually or if you just read the e-mail but there is no reaction.
However, with the mail delivery system, pre-created emails can be delivered all at once at a specified time, reducing sending errors and checking the email open rate of users who do not react.


● The E-mail marketing function is included

Another advantage of the email delivery system is that you can use advanced email marketing functions that are not available when manually delivering emails by using a mailer. For example, various marketing measures such as segment distribution, recommendation email, and video email are possible, and you can develop email marketing that suits your company.


● Avoid the risk of information leakage due to delivery mistakes

In the case of manual operation, there is a risk for each transmission, such as the omission of mail delivery target settings or accidental CC of what should be set in BCC and leaking the user’s e-mail address.
In that respect, with the mail delivery system, once you create a mail delivery list and register step mail, the sending process will be completed automatically without forgetting to send the mail. Therefore, it is possible to use the time that was previously used for creating and sending emails to formulate more effective improvement measures such as improving the open rate and click rate.


How to choose a mail delivery system that will not fail

Even if you introduce an email delivery system, it is meaningless if the email does not arrive or is not read. When introducing an email delivery system, if you choose it properly because it is “cheap”, it may fail. So how do you choose?


● Compatible terminals

First of all, it is important to check the compatible terminals. Make sure in advance that your device is compatible with possible devices such as PCs, smartphones, and feature phones. If HTML emails for PCs are delivered to smartphones as they are, the size will be small and the emails will be difficult for users to read. Even if you send an email that is difficult to read, it will not lead to conversion. Be sure to check compatible devices in advance.


● Maximum number of deliveries

The maximum number of deliveries is set by the application plan of the mail delivery system. Even if the number of registered e-mail newsletters increases, it is meaningless if you cannot send e-mails. Check the maximum number of deliveries and select a plan with a generous number of deliveries.


● The achievement rate of the e-mail newsletter

If the sent e-mail is judged to be junk e-mail by the mail server, the arrival rate and open rate of the sent e-mail will drop significantly. By selecting a system that has been certified as a good distributor, you can deliver emails smoothly without being judged as junk emails.


Effective email marketing by utilizing the email delivery system


It is an effective email delivery system for marketing, but if you select a tool that does not match the number of distributors and specifications of your company, you will not be able to use it efficiently.
Choosing an appropriate email delivery system that matches the purpose of email marketing, expected effects, and your company’s specifications can be said to be the key to effective email marketing operations that lead to conversion acquisition.


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