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What are the benefits of smart homes? Start with one light bulb + Style and “Random” way of life

If you are reading this article, you may be interested in smart homes. So what are the benefits of choosing “+ Style” as the platform when purchasing a number of smart home products? Also, what kind of experience can be realized with + Style? In this article, I would like to review this overview.

Easy to make a smart home

When considering the introduction of IoT products to realize smart homes, cost is a problem in many cases. Remodeling is essential to embed it as furniture. Considering the construction work and budget, the threshold is very high, and I am worried about replacing old devices.

On the other hand, even when introducing individual IoT products that do not require construction, if you try to arrange the number of LED lights with high unit prices, the price will be reasonable. Depending on the product, you may have to purchase a wireless repeater called a hub if you want to connect more than one. There may also be a monthly service charge depending on the platform.

For those who have somehow been interested in smart homes but couldn’t take the first step, these price aspects may have been an obstacle. However, the products handled by + Style do not require remodeling work and can be used immediately by installing them in an outlet or plug. It is also easy to set and operate from the dedicated smartphone app.

In addition, there are many products in a relatively affordable price range, and even if you make a smart home with the same budget, you can use it to increase the number of installations luxuriously. For example, you can purchase a “smart LED light bulb (dimming / coloring)” for the 2000 yen range, and you can purchase and use it from one light bulb, and there is no monthly fee.Operate smart LED bulbs with the Style app. Smart speaker cooperation is also convenient

As a specific setting flow, just connect to the Wi-Fi environment at home. When registering a device for the first time with the app “+ Style”, it is necessary to link it with Wi-Fi. However, when registering the second and subsequent devices, pairing is easily completed by simply selecting the device without entering the Wi-Fi password. Even if you install multiple devices, you do not have to repeatedly enter the Wi-Fi password.

In other words, you can buy only one affordable product and turn it into a smart home as soon as you receive it. You can add devices little by little according to your budget. This  easiness” is what makes the + Style platform so attractive.

What can be achieved by making a smart home with + Style

All + Style home appliances are managed by consolidating them in the app “+ Style”. Even when the initial settings are complete, you can perform remote control-like operations such as switching the switch on and off from the app.

For example, if you use + Style’s standard product “Smart Multi Remote Control”, you can use your smartphone to change TV channels even from places where the remote control cannot reach, such as dining tables and kitchens. Since you will be operating infrared-compatible home appliances via a smart remote controller, it is attractive to be able to create a smart home even if you are not an IoT home appliance.

Also, if you use a smart LED bulb, you can turn it off from your smartphone. Lighting without a pull switch string can be a hassle if you find yourself falling into the bed and forgetting to turn off the lights, but if you use smart LED bulbs for the ceiling lights and indirect lighting in your bedroom, you’ll have them even after you’re in the duvet. It is comfortable to be able to adjust on / off with. If you can’t install a light bulb, you can make a similar experience by making good use of bedside lamps.


However, the scenes that can be conveniently used only by such manual operations are limited, and it takes time and effort to start the application every time it is operated. In order to utilize IoT products more like a smart home, it is important to automate various operations as much as possible by customizing the settings.

For example, you will be able to control multiple devices at once, or operate home appliances by voice in cooperation with the voice assistant of smartphones and smart speakers. This finally brings out the true essence of + Style products.

Specifically, you can customize this experience by customizing “Scene” and “Automatic settings” from the “Smart mode” settings. For example, if you say “cold” with a voice command, the temperature will rise. At 7:00 in the morning, the robot vacuum will automatically start cleaning the floor.


In addition, if there is a sensor device, it is possible to control such as “only between 5 and 9 o’clock, the indirect lighting turns on when a person passes through the corridor, and the indirect lighting turns off when a person does not pass for a certain period of time” depending on the setting. Will be.

As a voice assistant, it can be linked with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, so it can support a wide range of smart speakers and smartphone users. You can take on the challenge of creating a smart home regardless of the device ownership.

If you want to try out these smart home experiences, why not start small with + Style products? Why don’t you “leave” your home to a smart home with + Style by introducing smart LED bulbs and smart Wi-Fi plugs that you can try from a budget of 3000 yen?



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